Evil Shades Gel Liner Swatches And Review

I received my order from Evil Shades today and was able to play with the new gel liners!   *muppet flail*   I ordered Bawdy, TIAL (Taupe Is A Lie) and Delirium and received samples of Blithe, Bedevil, Paladin, Havoc, Archeron and Empyrean for my consideration.   Gel liners happen to be my very favorite type of liner to use so I was super excited to try these out.

These swatches were done with a small eyeliner brush over bare skin and photographed inside under a bright light with no flash.

Aren’t they freaking gorgeous?!?   The stand outs for me are NTMS, TIAL, Delirium and Bawdy.  But I also really love Paladin and Havoc.

Never Too Much Sparkle (NTMS) is described as “blue, green, pink and purple sparkle in a sheer base. Wear over a dark liner for mega sparkle effect or build to create a pearly line of sparkle madness.”  This pretty much describes it and I think it would look gorgeous over Paladin.  Very easy and smooth application and achieved a solid color with one layer.

Taupe Is A Lie (TIAL) is described as “beyond description, it is brown/grey neutral with multicolor shimmer in one light/angle then it will switch to a muted metallic looking greyed purple with gold edges….in essence it is a lie, is it taupe which does not exist, or grey, brown, it is up to you to decide.”  This is like a very light cocoa with some mega sparkle and some champagne shift.    It would be so pretty for a spiced up neutral eye.  Very easy and smooth application and achieved a solid opaque color with one layer.

Blithe lived a short life…haha!  It’s already being pulled to be reformulated so I don’t have the description for you.   I would say it was a very light grass green with a golden shift.   It was very pretty, but the formula was so…..ummm….’fluffy’ that it was hard to apply evenly.  When I would try to make an opaque coat it would remove some of the product already placed.   I can’t wait to see what the owner comes up with in a tweaked formula!   Uneven and splotchy application but seemed opaque in the areas it stuck.

Bedevil is described as “bright hot pink with warm undertones and subtle blue violet shimmer *Please note this does stain*.”    First off, this didn’t stain my arm at all and I left the swatches on for a good hour whilst I drank my adult slurpee and ate a couple hot dogs.   I would call it a nice rose pink with a cool violet shift.   I also felt this color was just a bit ‘fluffy’ and could do with a minor tweak to the formula.  A bit uneven in application but was opaque with one layer.

Delirium is described as a “bright bold orange with very subtle hint of pink shimmer *Please be warned this does stain*”.  Originally the owner wasn’t going to offer this due to staining but I begged and pleaded and she gave in.   OMG, I LOVE it!   This one also didn’t stain my arm at all, but it did arrive pretty runny.  I popped it into the fridge for a half hour or so and it firmed right up.  I’d describe this one as a true orange with a soft pink shift.  Just my kind of color and it was very easy and smooth to apply and achieve opaque application with one layer.

Bawdy is described as a “rust/copper with golden shimmer and subtle green shift”.   Yep, that pretty much describes it.   I was expecting a more neutral color from the photos on the site but this is WAY better than I thought it was going to be.  I would say it’s a light green/brown duochrome and that’s one of my favorite combinations.   It’s simply gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear it on my eyes.    Very easy and smooth application and achieved a solid opaque color with one layer.

Paladin is described as a “bright blue velvet matte base with a strong teal shift”.   That description is pretty much right on.   It’s a nice deep cobalt blue with a very subtle but thorough teal shift.   It’s a blue that blue eyed gals can also wear and look nice it.   It’s *almost* a warm blue if that’s possible.   Very easy and smooth application and achieved a solid opaque color with one layer.

Havoc is described as a “bright red based purple with blue shimmer”.   I would call this an intense lilac with a cool blue shimmer.  Very easy and smooth application and achieved a solid opaque color with one layer.

Acheron  is described as a “blackened purple with pink shimmer *This one has hidden magic, when smudged it will turn to a deep black base with purple shift. **Please note this does contain carmine and is not vegan.**”  To me this is a lovely golden plum color.  I think this would look good on a lot of different colored eyes, especially blue, green or hazel.  Very easy and smooth application and achieved a solid opaque color with one layer.

Empyrean is described as a “black base with blue shift and blue shimmer  **This one contains a little magic, you can blacken it to pitch black with subtle blue shimmer by smudging it.”  This is a nice, matte not quite black color and perfect for every day wear.   Application was a little more picky but I was able to achieve an opaque application with just a bit of fiddling.

And I took some photos outside in the natural light just as the sun was starting to set.

So unfortunately there was an issue with one of the components in the gel eyeliners and they are being recalled and replaced with product that the owner is more comfortable with.  I’m sad that I won’t be able to use my lovelies but very happy at the quick and honest action and communication of the company.   This is the recall notice posted on the site:

Please, throw samples and full size away! I will be contacting customers individually to ensure everyone is made aware and I am happy to refund if you prefer.  I am pulling ALL of the gel liners due to an error with one of the base ingredient combinations from a new supplier. The preservative they used is not what I requested and leaves the product open to bacterial growth in humid conditions. I have tossed all of the product and will be individually contacting those who have recieved/purchased to ensure it is disposed of. The correct ingredient complex has been ordered from my regular supplier and I will be replacing and sending the corrected products as soon as possible. Please contact customer service with any questions. Thank You!



Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

5 thoughts on “Evil Shades Gel Liner Swatches And Review

  1. I’ve been waiting for someone to review these!! I’ve never used a gel liner before, I was tempted to add one to my order during her sale…but I didn’t…and now I need 2 or 4 lol. They look great!!!

  2. They are amazingly easy to work with. I’m wearing Bawdy today and so far it’s very long wearing with no smudging or fading.

    1. Good….yay! And I’m also glad to hear that you’ve liked what you’ve ordered. That makes me feel good. 😀

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