BFTE Rainbow Set Swatches

This was my very first BFTE purchase and it was a good one!   You get to try a variety of their really amazing colors and it comes in a handy tin.   These colors were swatched over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash. The first set features Lemon, Tangerine Wacky, AddictedContinue reading “BFTE Rainbow Set Swatches”

Meow Swatches

All swatches done over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.   First up we’ve got Bahia Solano, Bora Bora, Hanalei Bay, End Game and Hysteria.  My favorite is Hysteria. Then we’ve got Pina Colada, Mimosa, Jungle Juice, Lazy Days and Chaos.  I’m loving Pina Colada and Jungle Juice.  Pina Colada isContinue reading “Meow Swatches”

Darling Girl Ghost With The Most Swatches

This is a really fun collection.  I enjoyed swatching these and can’t wait to put them on my face.  As usually I’ve swatched these over Detrivore primer and photographed them under a bright light with no flash. Here we have Never Trust The Living, Delia’s Song, Married In Red, It’s Showtime and Prince Valium.   IContinue reading “Darling Girl Ghost With The Most Swatches”

Darling Girl Zombies Swatches

I was sooper excited to receive my Darling Girl order today.  First up, I’ve swatched the Zombies collection for you.  I purchased a mini set of the pigments and two of the glosses.   All swatches are done over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.   Enjoy! First we have the blushesContinue reading “Darling Girl Zombies Swatches”

Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette Swatches & FOTD

At the low, low price of $13 I just couldn’t pass up the Urban Decay Rollergirl  palette.  I love trashy and I love the 70’s so it was a no brainer for me.  It features four colors of shadows, one eyeliner and one lip gloss.     The shadow colors are Woodstock, Verve, Suspect and Darkhorse.   ItContinue reading “Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette Swatches & FOTD”

Virus Insanity Swatches

I’ve had these gorgeous babies around for a while and always enjoy playing with them.   Virus Insanity is kind of known for their duochrome shadows and I seem to have picked some beautiful ones in this order.   Pigments are swatched over Detrivore Primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash. Below we haveContinue reading “Virus Insanity Swatches”

Geek Chic Cosmetics Swatches

I’ve been terribly remiss in posting lately so I’ve planned several swatch posts with lots of photos to make up for it!   I started working out again (yay!) but I’ve also been exhausted (boo!) and had put off the swatches until I caught up on some other stuff.   Today I present to you, Geek ChicContinue reading “Geek Chic Cosmetics Swatches”

Violette Market Diablo Canyon 2012 Reviews

I received my Violette Market order including two bottles from the Diablo Canyon 2012 LE.    I think I chose well because so far I’ve liked them both upon bottle sniffing. Chocolate Mallow Pumpkins:  Dark chocolate, cocoa absolute, plump pumpkin, gooey vanilla marshmallow and golden amber dust. In bottle:  It smells a little bit like chocolateContinue reading “Violette Market Diablo Canyon 2012 Reviews”

Brazen Cosmetics Perfume Oil Reviews

I had a great opportunity to review some of the Brazen perfume oils recently so I figured I would share my thoughts with you all! Redhead:  A bold, fresh ginger base, citrus notes of juicy-ripe orange and vibrant clementine, sweetened with sticky comb honey and mellowed by the soft, woodsy tones of sensual sandalwood. InContinue reading “Brazen Cosmetics Perfume Oil Reviews”

FOTD Using BFTE Fall Collection

Face:  Holika BB cream in Peachy Girl.   Evil Shades matte powder and Brazen Fierce & Flawless to finish. Cheeks:  Meow’s Iced Watermelon Lips:  Make Up Forever red Aqua liner under Geek Chic’s Once Bitten. Eyes:   TFSI under T:T Infinity base in Milky Way.  BFTE colors used:  Sassafras on lid with Silver Maple in outer VContinue reading “FOTD Using BFTE Fall Collection”

BFTE Fall Collection Swatches

Whoo-hoo got my order today!  These are Beauty From The Earth limited edition Fall Collection swatches.  I swatched these over Detrivore primer and photographed them under a bright light with no flash.  The colors include Sassafras, Sycamore, Silver Maple and Sweetgum.    Sassafras is my favortie….it’s a very complex antique gold.  There are only a coupleContinue reading “BFTE Fall Collection Swatches”

Free Brazen Samples!

Did you know that if you’re a new customer to Brazen you can get free samples?  Well here’s how you do it: Are you a BRAZEN VIRGIN? Never tried our makeup? Get some free samples to try us out, we know you’ll love us. We’ve gotten a ton of mail so far, what are youContinue reading “Free Brazen Samples!”

Brazen One Hot Summer Swatches & Contest!

You heard it here first…..a Brazen Contest!   What do you win?  Samples of the limited edition One Hot Summer collection.   You’ll get sample baggies of Enigma, Indiscretion, Liaison (which I spelled incorrectly in the photos, d’oh!), Plunge, Skinny Dipping, Tryst, Villain and Wrecked.   This is a gorgeous collection and the winner is going to beContinue reading “Brazen One Hot Summer Swatches & Contest!”

The Day FB Blew Up & The Sexist Asshat

Today started out totally normal until a shared blog post blew up Facebook.   Yesterday I read a heart wrenching blog post about a girl being systematically and regularly harassed whist riding on public transportation.    You may have already seen it but in case you haven’t, here it is: I was so utterly and totallyContinue reading “The Day FB Blew Up & The Sexist Asshat”