Today started out totally normal until a shared blog post blew up Facebook.   Yesterday I read a heart wrenching blog post about a girl being systematically and regularly harassed whist riding on public transportation.    You may have already seen it but in case you haven’t, here it is:

I was so utterly and totally appalled by the victim blaming that was going on that I just couldn’t take it any longer and had to post about it.  What follows is screen caps of the FB conversation between myself and some random guy I don’t know.   He thinks he can’t get a date because women are all oversensitive and hostile.  No dummy, you can’t get laid because you’re kind of a sexist douche.

So yes.  I totally wasted my day arguing with this silly sexist stranger.     I did think that it raised awareness to what women sometimes have to deal with on a day to day basis.  This dummy has NO CLUE!   He blames the women he asks out for his failure to easily score dates.  Um, no….I’m pretty sure it’s your personality ass hat.