Brazen Cosmetics Perfume Oil Reviews

I had a great opportunity to review some of the Brazen perfume oils recently so I figured I would share my thoughts with you all!

Redhead:  A bold, fresh ginger base, citrus notes of juicy-ripe orange and vibrant clementine, sweetened with sticky comb honey and mellowed by the soft, woodsy tones of sensual sandalwood.

In bottle:  Bright citrus.

Wet on skin:  The ginger is prominent with orange citrus bringing up the back.   The honey comb is hovering in the background.

Dry on skin:  As it dries down the sandalwood comes out and softens the whole blend with a bit of spicy citrus.

Verdict:  This blend does indeed evoke the feeling of a redhead.  It’s red and bright and softly spicy.   This is a feminine blend without being cloying or two little girl sweet.   I can’t wait to see how it ages!



La Patisserie de Paris:  Oh la la… it’s breakfast in the city of love! Sugary, creamed almonds crammed into a sweet shortbread pastry sprinkled with granulated rock sugar and a hint of succulent cherry, blended together with smooth, velvety Chantilly cream and the strong punch of a well-brewed espresso. Bon appetit!

In bottle:  Almond pastry!

Wet on skin:  Like a fresh almost tart and a cup of cafe au lait!

Dry on skin:  So this is a very straight forward foodie scent.   I get the almond, pastry, coffee and bit of creamy cherry.

Verdict:  Delightful!


Described as grapefruit, lemongrass, cranberry, fig, lily and a hit of spice.

In vial:  Grapefruity goodness!

Wet on skin:  Definitely citrus and grapefruit.   As it blooms I can definitely pick out the spice and cranberry.

Dry on skin:  As it settles in it really reminds me of a lovely pick me up summer scent.   It’s very citrusy with just a hint of a bite from the fig and spice.   I would describe this as a *bright* scent.

Verdict:  Perfect for those hot days or just when you’d like a nice smelling pick me up.


Malice:  This is a mystery scent because Sandi was nice enough to write the notes on the invoice but I three it away!  D’oh!   I do know that it’s a preview of a Halloween scent.

In vial:  I shit you not but it smells like dill pickles to me.

Wet on skin:  Ok, yeah…I get just a whiff of dill pickles at first.  But then it because a nice and sharp gingerbread scent.   Like sniffing allspice or powdered ginger.

Dry on skin:  Oooh, this smells pretty much just like pumpkin pie.  It’s amazing.

Verdict:  Perfect if you want to smell like cream, delicious pumpkin pie.


May 27th:  Inspired by the date May the 27th. This day is special as it is our Sandi’s birthday! And like our Sandi, this fragrance is as sweet as sugar and pink, pink, PINK! Perfect for all you girls out there looking to sport a tiara and find a Prince Charming. We began by trying to envisage what that fairytale princess would smell like… so we baked a giant vanilla birthday cake, topped it with some strawberry sugar buttercream frosting and finished it with sugary cotton candy. So cute, enticing and indulgent.
In vial:  Like pink strawberry candy.

Wet on skin:  Pink, sugar and cotton candy!

Dry on skin:  This is a very straight up pink sugar scent.  It’s lovely, like light bubbly perfume that smells like cake!

Verdict:  Definitely for those that love pink, sugar or candy scents.   It’s a nice creamy and spicy foody that doesn’t go plasticy on me.   Yay!


Calliope:  This one’s for the floral lovers out there. Don’t get the wrong idea, this is NOT your grandma’s floral perfume (sorry G-ma!), this is a dainty subtle floral scent that is flirty and feminine.  Lovely rosehip is superbly blended with heady jasmine for a light, fluffy feel. Satsuma (spicy Japanese tangerine) then kicks it up a notch to give it a whole new dimension. Then we add an undercurrent of earthy sandalwood to bring it over the edge into a complex, multi-faceted fragrance.

In vial:  Soft rose.

Wet on skin:  Citrus and rose.  After just a few seconds you can pick up the sandalwood lurking in the background.

Dry on skin:  White the sandalwood becomes more prominent the florals ramp up on me pick time.  The jasmine and rose completely take over.

Verdict:  I tend to amp florals to an unbearable level but this should be lovely on someone who likes white florals with just a hint of spicy citrus.

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

One thought on “Brazen Cosmetics Perfume Oil Reviews

  1. If I ever have any money again I definitely want to try some of these; the first 4 to be specific. It’s really difficult for me to find scents that work for me. I can pretty much only wear foody/citrus/fruity scents; most other types are an instant migraine for me. I can actually wear so few things that ordering online is almost a waste of money most of the time since things usually have a note in them that gives me a migraine. But if nothing else, I need Redhead just for the name!

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