Month: October 2012

Halloween 2012 Carves #10-13

Carve #10  Hulk


Carve #11  Thor


Carve #12 Mjolnir


Carve #13 Nevermore




Halloween 2012 Carves #6-9

First up is Redrum:

Carve #6

Carve #7 Iron Man

Iron Man

Carve #8 Sparky


Carve #9 Captain America

Captain America

Halloween 2012 Carve #5 SHIELD

Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division:


SHIELD pattern by Zombie Pumpkins

Halloween 2012 Carve #4

I love a good grinning Jack, so I did Age Of The Zombie Pumpkins last night.

Pattern by Zombie Pumpkins

Halloween 2012 Carve #3 Dracula

I bring to you Dracula!

Halloween 2012 Carve #2 Creepy Doll

And with carve #2 I wanted something a little more unsettling.  And what’s more unsettling than a creepy doll?


Carve #1!

Hotties, I’ve gotten a late start but now I’m ready to carve some hearts out.   First up is Zombie Hello Kitty, I’ve been meaning to carve her for a couple of years and never seemed to have time so she’s first this year:

Pattern by Zombie Pumpkins

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