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Carve #1!

Hotties, I’ve gotten a late start but now I’m ready to carve some hearts out.   First up is Zombie Hello Kitty, I’ve been meaning to carve her for a couple of years and never seemed to have time so she’s first this year:

Pattern by Zombie Pumpkins

MOI Minerals Halloween 2012 Swatches

Hotties, it’s been too long!   I had a GREAT vacation and will post photos up when I get the chance.  For now however, I bring you MOI Minerals Halloween 2012 swatches!  These were swatched over a secret tester primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.


Smell Bent Sunset People Reviews

My very first order from Smell Bent came yesterday.  I mean come on…..they came out with a disco collection.  I love disco (well, more specifically funk but that’s another conversation for a different day) so it was a given that I check it out.  I was sold when I saw the sample pack with shipping included for $18.

Disco Nap:  A dreamy blend of caramelized vanilla and ambergris softened with almond, coconut, and snuggly musks.

In vial:  Soft and perfumy.

Wet on skin:  Coconut and a little soft musk right at first.

Dry on skin:  This has softened down and I can definitely pick up the caramelized vanilla and almond.

Verdict:  I love this!   It’s a really soft and sexy kind of foodie but not scent.


Walk Of Shame:  Overcast skies, the chill of cold concrete, a waft of bodega blossoms and a bit of morning-after musk.

In vial:  Gritty pavement and perfume.

Wet on skin:  I can smell concrete and musk.

Dry on skin:  There is something in here that smells like the almond note that I love from a really expensive Guerlain perfume.  I don’t remember the name but it reminds me a bit of Playdoh.

Verdict:  I love this and will be picking up a bottle.


Tipsy Social Blah Blah:   The banter of boozy cocktailers against the backdrop of a dim, crowded bar.

In vial:  Like fizzy soda with a dash of citrus.

Wet on skin:  It’s dirty and just a little bit musky? Maybe that’s supposed to be a smoke vibe.   It does smell of carbonated adult beverage at this point.

Dry on skin:  I’m having a hard time putting this is words but I really like it!  It’s dark and boozy without the heavy buttery booze note that you get sometimes.  So  a little bit citrus, a little bit of clear booze and some bar smell laced with just a bit of desperation.

Verdict:  I like it and this would be equally good on a girl or a boy.


Mirror Ball:  Dark incense, shadowy woods, spiced hyacinth, and night-blooming jasmine.

In vial:  Sharp green floral.

Wet on skin:  Right off I get a big whiff of the incense and woods.

Dry on skin: As it dries down the sharpness eases off and I get a really gorgeous warm soft incense with just a bit of spicy floral and I swear I pick up some honey in there.   The floral isn’t bad at all and I think I can actually wear it!

Verdict:  If you know me, you know I have a love of all things disco ball and I was really disappointed when I read the scent notes for this oil.  Thankfully it turned out gorgeous and I love it!


Lady Gogo:  A double dose of sheer jasmine enlivened with orange flower, mandarin, fresh pepper and sexy sandalwood.

In vial:  Orange and bright citrus.

Wet on skin:  Very citrusy with just a whiff of pepper in the background.

Dry on skin:  As it dries down the jasmine comes to the front and is surrounded by lightly wafting citrus and just a bit of sandalwood.   I don’t really get any of the pepper.

Verdict:  A little too much jasmine for me but if you love jasmine then you should pick this up.  It’s a nice softly spicy floral.

FOTD With Evil Shades Nymphette & Potion

With my new hair color, I have been branching out a little with my makeup and reaching for colors I don’t typically wear.   I really liked this combination of colors.   It was actually more wearable than I expected!

Face:  Smashbox Photofinish primer under Urban Decay NAKED foundation in 1.0.   Set with Evil Shades matte powder.

Cheeks:  Darling Girl Zombie Supermodel blush

Lips:  Urban Decay gloss in Crush

Eyes:  UDPP Eden primer under Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way.  Evil Shades Nymphette on outer V and Potion applied to rest of lid and under lower in on inner corner. Frosty’s Intervention used to blend out Nymphette and up to brow.   Brazen brow powder in Jane.    My lashes are extensions done by Tara at Trieva’s Spa.   It’s so cool…no mascara needed!

FOTD with Geek Chic Eldritch & Darling Girl Viral Viola

Today I really wanted to play with some of the new Halloween collection colors.  Now that my hair is a little darker and a different tone, I have a whole new bunch of eye shadows I can try!  I’ve been reaching for the greys, purples, pinks and greens a lot.   Well, it seemed like perfect timing for Halloween colors!

Face:  Smashbox Photofinish primer under Urban Decay NAKED foundation in 1.0.   Set with Evil Shades matte powder.

Cheeks:  Darling Girl blush in Dead Rising

Lips:  Brazen gloss in Paint The Town

Eyes:  UDPP primer under Tick:Tock Infinity base in Black Hole.   Geek Chic Eldrich all over lid with a little of Darling Girl’s Viral Viola on inner corner and used to blend Eldrich out of crease a bit.    DG Zombie Queen used under brow bone to highlight.   I used a black pressed shadow as a light liner and one coat of black mascara.   I used a custom mix of Brazen brow powder in Jane and Jessica to fill in my brows.

A shot of the new hair color with flash.

Geek Chic Strange Aeons Swatches & FOTD

I had the great honor to receive and swatch Geek Chic’s new Halloween collection, Strange Aeons!  Picked out of the mailbox and swatched onto my arm in less than an hour, that’s how excited I was to check these out.   These were all swatched over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.

First up are Antequarian, Antediluvian, Madess and Eldritch.   I think Antequarian would be better suited to a sticky base.  Antidiluvian is amazing and my favorite out of this bunch.

In this next group we have Daemoniac, Blashphemous, Non-Euclidean and Cyclopean.  As with Antequarian, I think Daemoniac would work better with a sticky base or better yet, as a liner.  I played with it over a pink base and it was super fun!   I love both Blasphemous and Cyclopean.

Face:  Smashbox Photofinish primer under Cargo foundation in sunny yellow.  MAC concealer in NW15 and finished with Brazen Fierce & Flawless.

Cheeks:  Darling Girl blush in Dead Rising.

Lips:  Magenta liner under Geek Chic Lipstick Of The Shifting Sands

Eyes:  UDPP under T:T Infinity base in Milky Way.   Evil Shades pink Spectrum Pot all over lid and brushed lightly under bottom lashes.   Geek Chic colors used:   Daemoniac patted all over lid and up into crease a bit, Blasphemous patted in outer corner and blended out a bit in the crease.  Sexy In Suspenders used to soften the edge of Daemoniac and Touched By Darkness used just under brow bone to highlight.   Kingslayer placed just on inner corner and Non-Euclidean foiled with Duraline as liner.  One coat black mascara.