Geek Chic Strange Aeons Swatches & FOTD

I had the great honor to receive and swatch Geek Chic’s new Halloween collection, Strange Aeons!  Picked out of the mailbox and swatched onto my arm in less than an hour, that’s how excited I was to check these out.   These were all swatched over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.

First up are Antequarian, Antediluvian, Madess and Eldritch.   I think Antequarian would be better suited to a sticky base.  Antidiluvian is amazing and my favorite out of this bunch.

In this next group we have Daemoniac, Blashphemous, Non-Euclidean and Cyclopean.  As with Antequarian, I think Daemoniac would work better with a sticky base or better yet, as a liner.  I played with it over a pink base and it was super fun!   I love both Blasphemous and Cyclopean.

Face:  Smashbox Photofinish primer under Cargo foundation in sunny yellow.  MAC concealer in NW15 and finished with Brazen Fierce & Flawless.

Cheeks:  Darling Girl blush in Dead Rising.

Lips:  Magenta liner under Geek Chic Lipstick Of The Shifting Sands

Eyes:  UDPP under T:T Infinity base in Milky Way.   Evil Shades pink Spectrum Pot all over lid and brushed lightly under bottom lashes.   Geek Chic colors used:   Daemoniac patted all over lid and up into crease a bit, Blasphemous patted in outer corner and blended out a bit in the crease.  Sexy In Suspenders used to soften the edge of Daemoniac and Touched By Darkness used just under brow bone to highlight.   Kingslayer placed just on inner corner and Non-Euclidean foiled with Duraline as liner.  One coat black mascara.

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

4 thoughts on “Geek Chic Strange Aeons Swatches & FOTD

    1. Thank you! The Geek Chic collection should be up any time now and they are also rereleasing their Rocky Horror inspired collection as well. w00t!

      1. !?!! ROCKY HORROR !!?! WOO-HOOOO!!! Oh GODS I need to watch for that one. I spent as much of my youth as possible dressed as Magenta! My parents were very patient (actually, they were both arts people too, so they understood). Heeee! One of my thespian buddies in high school used to go out to the Roxy and hang out with the cast of the show. That’s who I learned the Time Warp from!

        BTW, have I complimented you on your new background yet??? I LOOOOVE eeeet!!!! Is that logo done in fabric?

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