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The Sexist Asshat Was Wrong

Hello Hotties!   I’m so sorry that I’ve been lax in updates lately.  Sadly my camera battery and charger went missing so I haven’t been able to do swatch posts, but the new replacements should be delivered today.  Yay!  Instead I’m going to post about something that happened on Halloween.   A couple of months ago, a woman made a blog post about repeated harassment on public transit.  This one single post blew up and everyone was talking about it.  I was involved in a conversation with a clueless gentleman on FB and posted about it.  If you missed it or would like to refresh your memory, it can be found here:
It’s long, but worth the read and also links back to the original post that sparked the whole debate.  The gist of the asshats argument was that if women were just more nice and polite whilst we turned men down, then we wouldn’t get such bad reactions from men.   I know, I know….just take a deep breath.   It’s funny how the men that got the most worked up about her blog post were most likely the ones that should have taken it most to heart.  This previous post is important, I promise you.

Ok, fast forward to Halloween night.  My friend and I decided to head out to a costume contest with another large group of friends, so there were about eight people total in our group.   I was dressed as Wonder Woman and my friend was Frost and we were with all of the Avengers (really!).  I headed up to the bar with a friend to order drinks and while there got into a discussion about Wonder Woman’s armor.   One of the people that I was speaking with mentioned Wonder Woman’s origins and I explained that they had changed her origins recently in the comics.   His eyes got all wide and he said something to the effect, “OMG you’re dressed and Wonder Woman AND you’re a comic geek?”  I replied yes, politely excused myself and then gathered our drinks and headed back to our groups table.  That was the extent of my conversation with this person.  I know he was interested but I wasn’t, I’m married and was wearing my wedding rings….so I excused myself and pointedly made sure not to make contact with him the rest of the night.

We all had a great time and the night came to an end.   Frost and I said good-bye to our group and left.  About one mile down the road I realized that I’d left my credit card at the bar so I turned around and went back to grab it.  I head in, close out my tab and start heading towards the door.  I run into the man who had been so impressed with my Wonder Woman knowledge and he asks me if I’m leaving.  I reply that yes I was, I tell him to have a good night and turn to leave.    This is where it gets creepy.  As I turn, he grabs my arm, pulls me into a full embrace and plants an open mouthed kiss (with tongue) on me.  I’m shocked.  I’m stunned and I’ll admit that I’m a little afraid because none of my group of friends are anywhere to be seen.  I felt isolated and vulnerable.   As soon as he lets go I bolt for the door and I hear him say behind me, “What you’re just going to leave after that?”   Um, yes.


I’d be interested in hearing people’s thoughts on this.   I’m terribly mad at myself for not just punching him in the dick but I was shocked and scared and just wanted to get the hell out of there.   I’m creeped out by the fact that he seemed to wait until he knew I was alone to prey upon me and I can’t help but doubt myself and my behavior.   It’s funny that I did exactly what the sexist asshat said women should do to avoid bad confrontation and it got me assaulted.

I’m very, VERY interested in hearing what you all have to say on the subject.   Thoughts?  Advice?  Personal experiences?  Dirty limericks?

Smell Bent Holiday Happening Reviews

Well Smell Bent has put out another really chic limited edition collection.  I do so enjoy a sanely sized LE collection so I really appreciate this collections well curated petite size.  I ordered the full sample set which is $18 including shipping and had my order in about a week.  I have reviewed for you, the entirety of the Holiday Happening collection!

Lady Dreidelhiba and sandalwood spun with vanilla, chocolate gelt, orris and soft musk.

In bottle:  Sandalwood and sugar.

Wet on skin:  The sandalwood is right up front with the chocolate following closely behind.  The soft musk makes a strong appearance a couple of minutes in.

Dry on skin:  Upon dry down this smells likes a room with really good expensive incense after someone has had sex in it. (did you just read that?  Yep.  I must be feeling saucy today)

Verdict:  This is a bottle must have for me.


Dead Of Winteranise liquor, vanilla, heliotrope, cedar and zombie musk.      smellies …. arrrrhhgggggg

In bottle:  Slightly spicy black jelly beans.

Wet on skin:  It smells ‘cold’ and black licoricey.  I can definitely pick out the heliotrope but the vanilla really grounds it and gives it a creamy vibe.

Dry on skin:  This scent is almost…….velvety smelling.  What does velvet smell like?  This!  Plush and rich and it’s got a dark and cool edge to it.  I can definitely smell the anise but it’s softened by the vanilla and what I think is the zombie musk.

Verdict: Anise/licorice lovers rejoice!   I love this and it will be bottle purchase for me.


Bolshe Vixenhazelnuts roasted with vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg and creamy woods.

In bottle:  Cocoa and soft spice.

Wet on skin:  Hmmm…a little bit of all the notes!   I get nuts, some luminous cocoa and soft wood.

Dry on skin:  This smells like rich, real cocoa and tasty spices have been stored in a wood box.  It’s soft and luxurious though.  This would be equally amazing on a boy or girl.

Verdict: Um, yet another bottle buy for me!


Ice Station Zebrahowling arctic winds, cracking ice, frozen earth,  and crisp evergreen buried under a drift of snowy musk.

In bottle:  Mint and evergreen.

Wet on skin:  Brisk and green right up front.  The two mixed together definitely gives it a frozen and icy feel.    And a little like menthol or Ben Gay!   (which I kind of like)

Dry on skin:  Everything has softened considerably but it’s still very brisk and wintery smelling.   I get the icy, cold and evergreen feel for sure.

Verdict:  I would love to smell this on a boy.  It’s a bit brisk for me all on it’s own, but it would be really nice layered over a sweet candy scent.


Winter Lovevintage red patchouli mellowed out with incense, tonka, blood cedar, vetiver and sandalwood.

In bottle:  Hippy dippy patchouli!  (this oil is very thick!)

Wet on skin:   Oh yeah, calling all hippies!  I get patchouli right up in your face with blood cedar and vetiver lurking off to the side.

Dry on skin:   The patchouli is still ‘right there’ and this is a very in your face head shop type of patchouli.   With the incense and sandalwood it’s earthy and very grounded.

Verdict:   Straight up hippie, head shop but done in an expensive and thoughtful way.  Patchouli lovers take note!


If you are interested in any of these oils, you can check them out here:

Conjure Oils Wu Xing Reviews

I finally got my grubby little hands on samples of the Conjure Oils Wu Xing collection.


Yellow DragonAged vanilla resin, ginger infused red patchouli, seductively sweet Medjool dates and exotic Silk Road spices.

In bottle:  Soft and spicy.

Wet on skin: Right at first I get a blast of ginger red patchouli.   The vanilla resin and silk spices are very quietly lingering in the background.

Dry on skin:  The ginger has disappeared and the vanilla resin has amped and taken it’s place.   The lushness of the dates is a nice counterpoint.

Verdict:   Very nice although most likely not bottle worthy for me.   I’m betting it will age well.


Azure DragonMirabelle plum, coconut husk, lemon honey, cedar wood, aged amber resin, sandalwood musk, crushed moss and tonka bean.

In bottle:  I swear I smell a juicy peach.

Wet on skin:  Hmmm…I get something sharp right off the bat.  Maybe it’s the moss and wood together?

Dry on skin:  This has an almost masculine vibe to it.   I think I’ve amped the woods and amber resin.   The coconut  is softly adding to the blend and softening it.

Verdict:  I can’t make my mind up about this blend.  I think I’m going to put it away and try it again in a month or so.


Vermillion Bird-Apricot nectar, honeysuckle blossoms, vanilla musk, creamy white amber, heliotrope, basmati rice and a drop of sweet clove.

In bottle:  Vaugely floral.

Wet on skin:  Honeysuckle is right up top with the heliotrope and white amber revolving around.

Dry on skin:  This is a very pretty floral.  It’s mostly honeysuckle and heliotrope but I can definitely pick up some of the vanilla musk and clove.  I don’t get much of the basmati rice or apricot.

Verdict:  A gorgeous floral if that’s what you like.


White TigerBlack tea, crushed violet petals, peach sugar, red sandalwood, aged amber resin, cured tobacco, soft suede and threadbare linen.

In bottle: Peachy and floral.

Wet on skin:  At first it’s all peach and tea.   Then the amber resin and suede emerge and add a nice deep grounding note to the blend.

Dry on skin:  Dried down violet and tobacco waft out to add a bit of richness.   I don’t really get much of the red sandalwood but maybe as it ages?

Verdict:   This is a very pretty blend and probably my favorite of the bunch.  It’s soft and feminine without being too girly.


Black TortoisePomegranate fruit, blood musk, black vanilla orchid, dark patchouli, sugared amber, black currant and deep myrrh.

In bottle:  Musky.

Wet on skin:  Pomegranate is up front with the myrrh and musk whirling around.

Dry on skin:  The pomegranate is still at the front of this blend but there’s also a very light dusting of patchouli mixed in.    The myrrh is peeking out in the background.

Verdict:   Very pretty!  It’s most definitely a darker and heavier blend but the addition of the pomegranate fruit keeps it from being too incensy.


If any of these sound good, you can find them here:

Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick Swatches

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Morgana Cryptoria makes the best vegan lipstick around.  I’ve been happy with every single color I’ve tried.   These were all swatched over bare skin and photographed under a bright light with no flash.

Bees Knees in action over Makeup Forever Aqua Lip in 14C (my go to liner).  I got a ton of compliments when I wore this!

Moxie Nouveau Reviews

I recently branched out into a new perfume oil company for me, Moxie Nouveau-artisan perfumery.   I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing what might work for me so I got down with one bottle and a bunch of samples.  I picked up a sale bottle of Carol Of The Bells and samples of Barefoot, Beachsand, Boardwalk, Coquette, Dirty Little Secret, Flaunt It, Moxie, Night Owl, No Tanlines, Red Lipstick, Tomboy and received freebie samples of Ladybug and Little Dove.


Barefoota true skin blend of sweet amber, skin musk, and a rich patchouli CO2, with pale amyris, and wreathed with dogwood blossoms.

In bottle:  Smells like hot sand!

Wet on skin:  It’s all sweet amber and something lightly floral at first….maybe the amyris or dogwood blossom?   As it settles down I get a lot of the skin musk.  This combined with the amber definitely gives it the ‘sandy’ vibe.

Dry on skin:  This has dried down to a soft and sweet amber scent.  At this point I don’t get any patchouli or florals.

Verdict:  If you like amber but not with a heavy touch then you will like this.   It’s settled into a pretty generic amber on me so I don’t think I need a bottle.


BeachsandReminiscent of the hot scent of sand. Agarwood, dry amber, Egyptian musk, patchouli, dry earth, sandalwood, sea salt, and cardamom.

In bottle:  Spicy and firey.

Wet on skin:  The agarwood is right up from with the patchouli and sandalwood hovering in the background. The dry earth and amber bring up the back with maybe just  a touch of the sea salt in the very background.

Dry on skin:  The woods and amber have combined to create a bit of a waxy vibe.   Combined with the sea salt and cardamom it’s dry, hot and waxy smelling at the same time.  Weird!

Verdict:  Hmmm….I’m not sure about this one.  It’s got kind of a strange waxy/plasticy note in the background that I’m not sure if I like.  I’m going to let it age for a little while and try it again.


BoardwalkThe tourist’s experience is sea salt and weathered wood, with the open ocean on one side, and the cotton candy shop on the other.

In bottle:  Salt water taffy!

Wet on skin:  Ooh, this is all candy and salt…..two of my favorite things!  Oh man, the ocean water has made an appearance and mixed with the candy it’s amazing.  I swear I can actually smell the sea spray (without the nasty low tide!).

Dry on skin:  Whoa.  This smells exactly like it’s described.  Like I’m standing on a boardwalk and the wind is blowing  the sea spray over to the salt water taffy stand.

Verdict:   A truly unique perfume that would be an amazing hot weather scent.   An aquatic that I like!


Carol Of The BellsThis scent is serene, dark blue sky and sparkly stars and silver bells, sweet and cold night air. Vetiver, applied with a very light hand, serves to deepen the blue musk and ebony base. A bit of moss and sweet fennel, paired with winter plum, lilac, and fig complete the Christmas fantasy.

In bottle:  Mostly musk, sweet and light.

Wet on skin:  At first it’s all lilac and green….that must be the moss.   As it settles down, I get the blue musk and just a bit of the sweet fennel.

Dry on skin:  Now I’m pick up the winter plum and very light vetiver.   It’s soft with the fig softly wafting around in the background and the ebony base grounding the whole thing.

Verdict:  I will freely admit that I bought this soley because of Mr. Mackey singing the song on South Park.  It makes me giggle every time.   This is a really beautiful oil and I was a little worried about the lilac but it hasn’t gone weird on me at all.  This oil is frozen yet deep and dark smelling without being heavy or masculine.  Gorgeous!


CoquetteSatiny French vanilla cream, pink cotton candy, and a mischievous touch of pink pepper. But this flirtatious little perfume has a mean streak and her darker side comes out with black pepper, black vetiver, and the lightest touch of red chili pepper.

In bottle:  Ooh….peppery!

Wet on skin:  Black  and chili pepper are right at the front and in your face.  The pink pepper and sweetness of the cotton candy start making an appearance and softening the whole blend.

Dry on skin:  The peppers and the sweets are blended perfectly in this oil.   The lightest bit of vetiver and chili pepper keep this from being cloying or too girlish.

Verdict:  Bottle worthy for sure!


Dirty Little SecretVanilla, cream, and vanilla musk can’t hide the rumor of clove, the dirty sexiness of sweet patchouli, or the warm, smoky embrace of copal.

In bottle: Spicy!

Wet on skin: Patchouli is the first thing I notice with a little bit of the smoky copal and maybe just a hint of something spicy….most likely the clove.

Dry on skin:   As it dries down I can pick up the vanilla cream and maybe just a hint of vanilla musk?  The smoky copal is grounding everything at this point.

Verdict:  This is a nice, sexy vanilla blend without being too foodie or little girlish.   Gorgeous and I think it’s only going to get better with age!


Flaunt ItThis is sultry bordering on erotic.  Provocative sugar musk plumped with cognac, sweet fennel, sweet myrrh, and the blatant sexuality of orange blossom.  You know what they say, if you’ve got it….

In bottle:  Spicy and musky.

Wet on skin:  Whooo…this is all sweet myrrh and cognac at first.

Dry on skin:  The sweet fennel is the fist thing I pick up with sugar musk wafting around in the background.  I think I can just pick up a hint of the orange blossom.

Verdict:    Gorgeous!   It’s a very evocative and sultry scent….perfect for a tryst on a humid night.


Ladybuga playful and earthy blend of white patchouli, red musk, strawberry and rhubarb, a hint of green leaves, and daisies.

In bottle:  Generic and perfumy.

Wet on skin:  Ugh, I’m getting a white floral and it’s sharp and rather off putting.

Dry on skin:  Yuck, this was sour and terrible on me, I had to wash it off.

Verdict:  Typically anything with green or floral doesn’t work for me so it’s no surprise I hated it.


Little Dovecreated to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday. Pretty and innocent without being babyish or floral.  A powdery base of oakmoss and agarwood, with the kiss of clean skin, creamy vanilla, the sparkle of heliotrope and sweetpea, and a drop or two of thyme.

In bottle:  Perfumy.

Wet on skin:  A soft spicy…..maybe the agarwood and thyme?  After that the oakmoss and powder make an appearance.  I’m not a huge fan of powdery scents so we’ll see what happens.

Dry on skin:  It turns to straight powder on me.

Verdict:   Off to swaps.


MoxieHoneyed figs and cream, chocolate amber, and a rosy heart, over a base of vanilla, benzoin, and soft woods, with a bracing dash of clove. Moxie’s Signature Fragrance!
In bottle:  Strong and masculine.
Wet on skin:  This is really rosy and manly at the same time?   lol
Dry on skin:   This is all rose on me sadly and rose just doesn’t work.   This would be great for someone who can wear rose and wants something a little darker.
Verdict:  Off to swaps!

Night OwlHappiest in the black of night.  Black musk, black vanilla, a hint of smoke, and a dark violet. Incredibly smooth and velvety, only a bit sweet. This is what black velvet would smell like.

In bottle:   A little bit like Paydoh.

Wet on skin:  Black musk and smoke are at the front.  This is followed up  by something slightly almondy to me….I wonder if that’s the dark violet?

Dry on skin:  Well, this does go a little Ben Gay right in the middle but I kind of like it?  I think it’s the black musk and the smoke together that gives it a little of this vibe.

Verdict:  I like it and it does really and truly smell like what I imagine black velvet would smell like.


No TanlinesSun worshipers know that the best tans come from the sun, and summer smells like skin kissed by equal parts sun and coconut, lounging on a warm cotton towel, with the cool hints of green grass and dandelions in the background.

In bottle:  Green grass.

Wet on skin:  Very green and a little perfumy at first.    I get the fresh laundry smell of the cotton towel as well as the green grass.

Dry on skin:  As it’s dried I still get that laundry and green smell but the coconut has made a brief appearance and it’s definitely of the suntan lotion variety.

Verdict:  I’m generally not a fan of ‘green’ anything in my perfume oil and unfortunately this isn’t an exception.  Off to swaps!


Red LipstickA bit of ambrette seed, sweet amber, beeswax, and myrrh, rounded out with nutmeg, stained with pomegranate and mulberry juice.

In bottle:  Like juicy candy or gum.

Wet on skin: Hmmm…it smells a bit of liquor with a bit of wax tossed in.  Then something spicy and slightly red starts appearing.

Dry on skin:  This has dried down to a very fruity and spicy scent.  I can definitely pick up the mulberry juice and nutmeg.

Verdict:   It’s a little craft store Christmas section for me but it would be lovely oil burner scent.


TomboyNot one for a girly perfume, this scent has a wild side. Dark, exotic woods, tonka bean, bourbon and black pepper with the softness of vanilla bean, vanilla musk, and honey.

In bottle:  Tonka bean and bourbon!

Wet on skin:  Wood and tonka bean are at the forefront with just a bit of the black pepper wafting around.  Soon the vanilla bean swoops in  with the vanilla musk and honey.

Dry on skin:  Oh the honey has come out and really pulled all these notes together.   With the woods and the vanillas and black pepper it’s just gorgeous.

Verdict:   LOVE it and will be ordering a bottle.


If you like the sound of any of these, you should check them out here:

Morgana Cryptoria Swatches

I picked up some of the new Morgana Cryptoria Halloween shadows and swatched them up for you.  A couple of the shadows are the new silicone coated formula and I like them a lot.  I find they work well if you break the shadow up a bit with your bush and then apply on top of a primer or base.  Alexandria is beautiful layered over Medusa’s Magic.

All swatches were done over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.


Venomous Cosmetics Pressed Shadow Swatches

I really love the Venomous Cosmetics shadows and glosses.  Today I’ve swatched the pressed shadows that I have.   So far I’ve been pretty impressed that all the VC pressed shadows have arrived intact!  As I work with them I have noticed that the more sparkly they are, the softer they are and the more likely they are to crumble a bit.   All of these swatches were done over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.

Geek Chic Cosmetics Science Fiction Double Feature Swatches

Hello hotties!   It’s been so very long since I’ve updated with a lovely swatch post so I’ll have a few in a row for you.    This one shall feature the loveliness that is Geek Chic Cosmetics Science Fiction Double Feature collection.  There are four shadows, one blush and one lippie.   (there’s a rouge color in there as well that I forgot to swatch in the appropriate collection)

All shadows are swatched over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.  Lippies are swatched over bare skin.

First up are Sane Inside Insanity, Rose Tint My World, Yellow Jumpsuit, Madness Takes It’s Toll, I’m Going Home and Touch Me blush.

Yellow Jumpsuit is the rogue shadow!

Sweet Transvestite is part of the SFDF collection but Kaos and Chrysalis are not.  Kaos is definitely more of a creamy color with a lot of slip whist Sweet Transvestite is on the more dry side.  Chrysalis is somewhere in the middle.

If you like what you see, you can check them out here: