Conjure Oils Wu Xing Reviews

I finally got my grubby little hands on samples of the Conjure Oils Wu Xing collection.


Yellow DragonAged vanilla resin, ginger infused red patchouli, seductively sweet Medjool dates and exotic Silk Road spices.

In bottle:  Soft and spicy.

Wet on skin: Right at first I get a blast of ginger red patchouli.   The vanilla resin and silk spices are very quietly lingering in the background.

Dry on skin:  The ginger has disappeared and the vanilla resin has amped and taken it’s place.   The lushness of the dates is a nice counterpoint.

Verdict:   Very nice although most likely not bottle worthy for me.   I’m betting it will age well.


Azure DragonMirabelle plum, coconut husk, lemon honey, cedar wood, aged amber resin, sandalwood musk, crushed moss and tonka bean.

In bottle:  I swear I smell a juicy peach.

Wet on skin:  Hmmm…I get something sharp right off the bat.  Maybe it’s the moss and wood together?

Dry on skin:  This has an almost masculine vibe to it.   I think I’ve amped the woods and amber resin.   The coconut  is softly adding to the blend and softening it.

Verdict:  I can’t make my mind up about this blend.  I think I’m going to put it away and try it again in a month or so.


Vermillion Bird-Apricot nectar, honeysuckle blossoms, vanilla musk, creamy white amber, heliotrope, basmati rice and a drop of sweet clove.

In bottle:  Vaugely floral.

Wet on skin:  Honeysuckle is right up top with the heliotrope and white amber revolving around.

Dry on skin:  This is a very pretty floral.  It’s mostly honeysuckle and heliotrope but I can definitely pick up some of the vanilla musk and clove.  I don’t get much of the basmati rice or apricot.

Verdict:  A gorgeous floral if that’s what you like.


White TigerBlack tea, crushed violet petals, peach sugar, red sandalwood, aged amber resin, cured tobacco, soft suede and threadbare linen.

In bottle: Peachy and floral.

Wet on skin:  At first it’s all peach and tea.   Then the amber resin and suede emerge and add a nice deep grounding note to the blend.

Dry on skin:  Dried down violet and tobacco waft out to add a bit of richness.   I don’t really get much of the red sandalwood but maybe as it ages?

Verdict:   This is a very pretty blend and probably my favorite of the bunch.  It’s soft and feminine without being too girly.


Black TortoisePomegranate fruit, blood musk, black vanilla orchid, dark patchouli, sugared amber, black currant and deep myrrh.

In bottle:  Musky.

Wet on skin:  Pomegranate is up front with the myrrh and musk whirling around.

Dry on skin:  The pomegranate is still at the front of this blend but there’s also a very light dusting of patchouli mixed in.    The myrrh is peeking out in the background.

Verdict:   Very pretty!  It’s most definitely a darker and heavier blend but the addition of the pomegranate fruit keeps it from being too incensy.


If any of these sound good, you can find them here:

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