Wild Hybrid Valentine LE Reviews

I had the opportunity to review the new LE Valentine’s Day collection from Wild Hybrid, a lovely company from New Zealand.   Courtier’s Tea–Raspberry jam and clotted cream, genteel perfumes and black tea. In bottle: Jam and a very softly floral perfume. Wet on skin: I can smell the jam and clotted cream, it’s quiteContinue reading “Wild Hybrid Valentine LE Reviews”

Entire Arcana General Catalog of Perfume Oils Review!

Yes Hotties, it the Arcana review post of DOOM!   I have gone through and reviewed the current general catalog of oils.    Of course, different note work on different people so if you have a different experience with a particular oil, feel free to leave a comment.  It helps readers trying to decide which oils toContinue reading “Entire Arcana General Catalog of Perfume Oils Review!”

Brazen Dark Side Swatches

Hello hotties!  I apologize for being MIA lately but things are a buzzing at The Rhinestone Housewife.  What is The Rhinestone Housewife you ask?    Well it’s a brand spanking new online retail store dreamed up by me!   I hope to open by February 1st so stay tuned for updates and teasers of featured products. OneContinue reading “Brazen Dark Side Swatches”