The Rhinestone Housewife Blooddrop Exclusives Reviews

Hello hotties!    Well I’m finally getting around to reviewing the exclusive perfume oils from Blooddrop for The Rhinestone Housewife.   I was so thrilled to be able to try them all, I love them!

Amethyst-A lush purple blend with scintillating highlights; wine notes, black cherry, sugared blackberries, tender violet, breathy heliotrope.
In bottle:  Wine and a breathy floral.
Wet on skin:  It’s a green floral right at first, then the wine note comes out and softly wafts with the black cherry.
Dry on skin:  As it dries down the sugared blackberry comes out.  It starts to blend seamlessly with the wine and and florals.   The floral is very soft and just hides quietly in the background, adding just a *touch* of femininity.
Verdict:  I love this!  Normally florals don’t work on me but this blend is just perfect and quite lovely without smelling of wine or straight up flowers.
Garnet-This lustrous, cranberry red stone’s blend is bright and enchanting; red mandarin, chrysanthemum, raspberry, rose, rooibos tea leaf, a wee touch of cassia, and adorable lychee.
In bottle:  Cranberry and red!
Wet on skin:  I get a definite red vibe with herbal tea leaf.  As it settles a bit fruits come out and dance a bit with the lychee.
Dry on skin:  This dries down to a sexy fruit/floral scent.   The rose is quite soft and blended perfectly with the fruits and tea leaf.
Verdict:  Surprisingly I love this!  It’s very rare that a rose blend works for me but this rose is so perfectly blended it smells fantastic on me.
Jade-Blended to imitate a silky, smooth, palest of green nearing white; white amber, matcha powder, vanilla, sandalwood, cyclamen, fern, and green tea.
In bottle:  Fern and a pale soft amber.
Wet on skin:  Bone white amber with a fresh green note….I’m assuming that’s the fern.  The sandalwood makes an appearance and it’s just gorgeous with the pale amber and vanilla.
Dry on skin:  The vanilla and sandalwood are right up front, followed closely by the vanilla and fern.    As it dries down the green tea and matcha powder waft ever so softly around, creating a mesmerizing blend of wafting deliciousness.
Verdict:  Oh my how I love this.   Normally I’m not a fan of green scents but Astrid has outdone herself with this one.   Drop dead sexy.
Moonstone-A cool, lunar, dreamy, luminous blend for this goddess stone; white tea, apple meat, moonflower, blue agave, wintergreen, jasmine, and white ginger.
In bottle:  Slightly soft and minty apple.
Wet on skin:  A soft wintergreen is the first thing I notice with the blue agave.   The apple meat and moonflower show up shortly and swirl around with the mints and white ginger.
Dry on skin:    The tea and apple are gorgeous together with the mints and white ginger.    I don’t get any of the jasmine but the agave and moonflower give it a nice grounded feeling.
Verdict: This blend definitely evokes a lunar vibe.   It’s cool and soft without being bracing.

Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

3 thoughts on “The Rhinestone Housewife Blooddrop Exclusives Reviews

  1. THANK YOU for reviewing these!!! Should make it easier for me to choose…but then again, I AM a Libra. May just have to acquire them all…relentlessly…one by one. *gigglesnort* Wait! Are they going to be around forever, or do they run out???

    1. They are all really lovely! They will be a limited and exclusive rotating collection. Basically they will be around for a while, then new ones will come in. We haven’t really decided on a time frame or what not but unless a component runs out, I don’t see why blends wouldn’t come back in time.

  2. P.S. Just moseyed over to TRH to browse these again…and you have Rhinestone Mummy already!!! SQUEEE!!! We should have news on an influx of bucks this evening. Will be ordering SOON. 🙂 *fans self* Am exciterated to order!!!!!!!!

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