What Are These Tart Warmers Anyway?

Good morning, hotties!   Wondering what the heck these tart warming things are?   Don’t worry, I didn’t know anything about them either until I was contacted by a friend who owns a business making them called Two Timing Tart.  She was kind enough to send me some samples to try out to see if they were something that I wanted to feature at The Rhinestone Housewife.

As a pet owner in the rainy and damp Pacific Northwest, I’m always looking for ways to keep the house fresh and yummy smelling.   As someone who once had a cat catch his tail on fire with a candle (kitty was fine, I noticed it the very moment it happened and shook it out!) I have a definite aversion to open flames and candles and such.    The tart warmers seemed like the perfect solution for my home.

How do they work?   Simple!   There are two different types of tart warmers that you can purchase.   One utilizes a tea light to warm the wax and the other uses a small light bulb.   Due to my aversion to fire (hey, I did play the Bride Of Frankenstein!) I chose to purchase the type that requires an electrical outlet.   There are many places that you can purchase them but I got mine at Hobby Lobby and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Once you decide where to put your warmer  you simply plug it in (or light the tea light), place one or two wax tarts on the bowl and sit back and enjoy the lovely scent wafting through your living space.   Each wax tart should provide 12 hours of scent.  How do you know when it’s time to put a fresh tart in?   As soon as  you can no longer smell it, it’s time to replace the wax tart.   The easiest way to replace the tart is to let it cool down and solidify, place the bowl in the freezer for ten minutes or so and then just pop the wax out. I generally use a bamboo skewer to nudge it out without scratching the bowl.    Remember to let the bowl warm up to room temperature before using again to avoid breakage.

Here is my cute little owl tart warmer that I found at Hobby Lobby for $15:


Frankly, My Dear is available here:


Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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