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Space Prostitute FOTD #2

I had a chance to play with the new Space Prostitute set some more so I bring to you FOTD redux!

Face: Brazen Triple Threat primer under Urban Decay NAKED foundation in 1.0 with a little Benefit Hellow Flawless in Petal mixed in.  Set with custom powder.

Cheeks:  Geek Chic blush in Touch Me.

Lips:  MAC lip liner in Subculture under Meteor Madame.

Eyes:  TFSI under MOI primer.  Pangalactic Painted Lady applied all over outer 2/3 of lid and up and out above crease a bit.   Oldest Profession In The Universe applied to inner 1/3 of lid as well as up to brow.   Cosmic Cathouse foiled with Duraline and applied as liner.   One coat black mascara and Brazen’s Joan brow powder.

P1140428 P1140430

P1140432 P1140438



Space Prostitute Swatches

And for round two, here are the swatches for the Space Prostitute set available (soon!) exclusively at The Rhinestone Housewife.  Geek Chic Cosmetics was kind enough to work with the madness that is Hottie McNaughty and together came up with a fun and surprisingly relevant set for spring!

These are swatched over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.  From left to right we have shadows in Oldest Profession In The Universe, Pangalactic Painted Lady, Cosmic Cathouse and Meteor Madame gloss.



P1140425 P1140426

Space Prostitute FOTD

I’m super excited to bring you guys a sneak peek at the exclusive set from Geek Chic Cosmetics for The Rhinestone Housewife called “Space Prostitute”.   Why that name?  I have no idea it just struck me as funny and it seemed to really facilitate some fun names and gorgeous colors.   The set will feature three shadows and a gloss all conceptualized by myself and the mad genius behind Geek Chic Cosmetics.  Here’s a break down of the colors:

Pangalactic Painted Lady-Sateen robin’s egg blue, easy to blend with a nice pop.
Cosmic Cathouse-Antiqued sparkly gold, dirty and lush in texture and look.
Oldest Profession In The Universe-A gorgeous neutral with hints of pink and taupe and not too much sparkle.

Meteor Madame-Honeysuckle pink with a ton of gold shift and cherry flavor.

Face:  Brazen Triple Threat primer under Cargo foundation in 1.0 and set with custom finishing powder.

Cheek:  Brazen Frenzy blush

Lips:  Meteor Madam gloss

Eyes:  UDPP primer.   Pangalactic Painted Lady all over lid and just a bit up into crease.   Cosmic Cathouse applied to outer V and blended well into crease.   Oldest Profession In The Universe blended up to brow and also applied  to inner corner.   Black liner softly applied to upper lid only and one coat of black mascara.   Brazen brow powder in Joan.

P1140406 P1140408 P1140409



Brazen FOTD Mischief & Blatant

Yay an FOTD post after a while!

Face:  Holika Holika BB cream, under Triple Threat Primer and set with a custom powder.

Cheeks:  Brazen Frenzy blush

Lips:  Super secret new lip product from Brazen!

Eyes:  UDPP under primer.   All Brazen shadows used:  Mischief all over lid, with Blatant swirled into crease and blended into outer corner.  Immaculate applied to brown bone and to blend out other two colors with Ice Queen right under brow as highlight.   Joan brow powder.

P1140381 P1140382 P1140386 P1140389 P1140397

Brazen Get Lucky! Swatches

I was disappointed that I missed out on the Get Lucky! set last year so I made sure to pick one up this year.   I’ve swatched these over Detrivore primer and photographed them under a bright light with no flash.

From left to right we have shadows in Charmed, Get Lucky, Fortuitous shadows and Kiss me, I’m Irish gloss.




MOI Cosmetics Prototype Swatches

I got the chance to play with some fun new prototypes today.    These are swatches over Detrivore Primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.



I also had change to swatch the Aphrodisiac lip gloss on my lips, if you like the way it looks you can purchase it on the site :


FOTD with Brazen’s Sweet Affair

Face:  Brazen Defy Gravity under Urban Decay Naked foundation in 1.o.

Cheeks: Brazen Abandon

Lips:  Venomous Jolly Rancher gloss

Eyes:  TFSI primer under T:T Infinity base in Milky Way.   Brazen’s Sweet Affair applied to entire lid and blended softly into crease.  Brazen’s Immaculate applied to brow bone, all the way up to brow.   Brazen’s Millennium applied under brow and inner corner.   Brazen’s Don’t Stop foiled as liner on upper lid only.  One coat black mascara.   Brazen’s Joan brow powder.




Shop Updates

Hello hotties!  We’ve got some great new stuff available in the shop and I thought I’d let you know about it.

Domestic Goddess bath salts have landed!


We also have a whole new line of Two Timing Tarts wax tarts based on embarrassing things we do whilst drinking.   Drunk Tweeting, Drunk Texting, Drunk Status Updates and Drunk Photography.   You know you’re guilty of at least one, right?


We also just listed a TON of Nocturne Alchemy perfume oils as well as our exclusive, Rhinestone Mummy:

Happy shopping!

Free Shipping Sale At The Rhinestone Housewife

We’ve got lots of new goodies listed from Naiad Soap Arts and Two Timing Tart.    Free shipping on domestic orders over $50 and $10 off all international orders over $50. No coupon code needed, shipping will be credited back with 48 hours and the sale ends tomorrow at 6pm PST. Happy shopping!

FOTD With Geek Chic’s Portal Orange and All The Rage

It’s been so long since I’ve done a FOTD, I hope I remember how!

Face:  MOI primer under UD NAKED 1.0 and Addiction NV foundation in Michael, set with a custom finishing powder.   MAC concealer in NW15 under eyes.

Cheeks:  My Pretty Zombie blush in MDA

Lips:  Brazen Lola gloss

Eyes: UDPP under Tick:Tock Infinity Base in Milky Way.  Geek Chic colors used:  Portal Orange on outer portion of lid, blended well up and out into crease.  All The Rage on lid and blended with Portal Orange.  Kingslayer on brow bone, used to blend Portal Orange.   Meow’s Vixen used just under arch of brow to highlight.  One coat black mascara.   Brazen brow powder in Joan.