Space Prostitute FOTD

I’m super excited to bring you guys a sneak peek at the exclusive set from Geek Chic Cosmetics for The Rhinestone Housewife called “Space Prostitute”.   Why that name?  I have no idea it just struck me as funny and it seemed to really facilitate some fun names and gorgeous colors.   The set will feature three shadows and a gloss all conceptualized by myself and the mad genius behind Geek Chic Cosmetics.  Here’s a break down of the colors:

Pangalactic Painted Lady-Sateen robin’s egg blue, easy to blend with a nice pop.
Cosmic Cathouse-Antiqued sparkly gold, dirty and lush in texture and look.
Oldest Profession In The Universe-A gorgeous neutral with hints of pink and taupe and not too much sparkle.

Meteor Madame-Honeysuckle pink with a ton of gold shift and cherry flavor.

Face:  Brazen Triple Threat primer under Cargo foundation in 1.0 and set with custom finishing powder.

Cheek:  Brazen Frenzy blush

Lips:  Meteor Madam gloss

Eyes:  UDPP primer.   Pangalactic Painted Lady all over lid and just a bit up into crease.   Cosmic Cathouse applied to outer V and blended well into crease.   Oldest Profession In The Universe blended up to brow and also applied  to inner corner.   Black liner softly applied to upper lid only and one coat of black mascara.   Brazen brow powder in Joan.

P1140406 P1140408 P1140409



Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

10 thoughts on “Space Prostitute FOTD

      1. 😀 Alrighty then: I shall stalk REGULARLY!!! Love all the new stuff you’ve been adding in The Rhinestone Housewife. Just about spit chamomile tea all over the computer last night when I saw the tw*twaffle stuff in the exclusives!!! Dude, I am loving *every single thing* I’ve gotten from you! I tried to post a review for the Moi HD powder the other day, but realized after the fact that I wasn’t logged in so I don’t think it worked. Will go back and try sticking reviews in whilst LOGGED IN. Heh.

      2. THANK YOU for trying to review. I really need them. I’m going to start adding mine but I think people like it better when it’s actual customers.

      3. I found your review! Apparently I have to approve them all, and I thought I was supposed to be getting notices. Sorry but it’s up now!

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