Geek Chic Les Femmes Tragiques Reviews

Recently I had an opportunity to review Geek Chic’s latest fragrance collection, Les Femmes Tragiques.  These are presented in a sold scent form, in a traditional slim line lipstick or gloss tube and they are perfect for toting around in your purse.   They are labeled as a net weight of .07 oz and these were to sent to me for my consideration.

Pithos Of Curiosity-Sure, curiosity killed the proverbial cat… but long before that was coined, curiosity unleashed evil and destruction on humanity. Pandora, the first human woman in Greek mythology, just wanted to know what the jar (pithos, in Greek) contained. It was hardly fair… Zeus gave it to her under strict orders never to open it. What did he think was going to happen? Why give it to her at all? Oh, of course. Sigh, Zeus.

Pithos of Curiosity is a rich and mysterious blend of smoky, yet sweet aged vanilla beans and ooey-gooey toasted marshmallow, swimming in a pool of decadent and herbal absinthe.

Top notes: Rich, Herby Absinthe
Middle notes: Smokey Vanilla Bean
Base notes: Roasty-Toasty Marshmallow

This is my absolute favorite out of the whole bunch.  I don’t get absinthe but I do get a lovely burst of citrus back up by spices wafting around.  Have you ever made one of those clove spiked oranges?   It’s like that.  A gorgeous warm and spicy blend with a blast of herby citurs.


Benevolent Destroyer-Kali seems to be one complicated goddess. We’re not going to make fools out of ourselves trying to understand and describe the whole backstory because it’s almost guaranteed we’d get many things wrong. Here’s an example. According to some legends, Kali is one of 10 or more incarnations of Parvati, who is an aspect of the “Great Goddess” Mahadevi. She appears in a time of need to destroy evil and protect creation but doesn’t always stop her rampage on her own. In a handful of the stories where Kali shows up, she is only pacified by her husband, Shiva, who sacrifices himself to calm her. And that’s just the tip of iceberg. Loving and maternal, fierce and bloodthirsty, but these days more often just misunderstood, Kali’s stories are some of the most dire.

Benevolent Destroyer is a clean and exotic mix of temple offerings; garlands of fresh orange blossoms, bowls of crushed melon and fruit, on a bed of fresh cut rose blossoms and sweet dried cannabis, all fit for a goddess.

Top notes: Fresh Orange Blossoms
Middle notes: Crushed Melon
Base notes: Cannabis, Rose and Amber

As I wear this, I imagine I’m walking into a temple and upon the alter are food offerings of fresh fruit and floral decorations of orange blossoms and roses.   The rose is very soft and nicely tempered by the small bit of sweet dried cannabis.   This is a perfect summer time scent of contemplation and perhaps a bit of mayhem.


Queen Of Shades-Persephone’s story can be read perhaps as a cautionary tale about taking pomegranate seeds from strangers. Especially when that stranger is Hades and kind of has a thing for you. Next thing you know you’re trapped in the underworld every winter. I guess the better lesson to learn from Persephone is: hide better from Hades.

Queen of Shades is a lush mixture of juicy jewels of pomegranate and sweet pearls of acai berry on a bed of sweet, fresh cut roses, just opening their blossoms. Queen of Shades is a dark yet sweet floral fit for a queen.

Top notes: Tiny Jewels of Pomegranate
Middle notes: Fresh, Juicy Acai Berry
Base notes: Fresh-Cut Roses

Right at first I get a bit of spicy rose and I think it’s the rose combined with the pomegranate.   It’s a very lush scent and if you like rose, then you need this!  It’s very ladylike without being a bit heavy or old fashioned.


Mortar & Pestle-Baba Yaga seems to really need some “public relations” help. She’s one of the most well known figures from Slavic Folklore, and as is typical in legends, there is some confusion on if meeting her is a good thing. In some stories, she’s a predator of lost children in the forest; a hideous old woman. In others, she aids those who come across her in the forest, or imparts her aged wisdom to wandering travelers. Only one thing is relatively certain… no one really seems to know if you’ll meet the carnivorous “Iron Tooth” or the benevolent “Forest Mother.” If she really is just a benevolent samaritan, she’s certainly gotten some bad press.

Mortar & Pestle is a robust melange of freshly ground spices with an emphasis on fresh ginger, sprinkled over a hot caramel apple baklava, drizzled with creamy white icing. While it is a foody scent, it’s not overtly “baked goods” as the ginger adds an earthy and spicy overall note to the perfume, making it less sweet.

Top notes: Fresh Ginger & Spices
Middle notes: Rich Caramel Apple Baklava
Base notes: Creamy Icing Drizzle

Sweet, foody caramel apple is the first thing I pick up.   This is followed by a softly creamy note and backed up by something that smells a bit like butter cream icing.   I love this and it’s the most foody out of all the blends.  It’s like a warm hug by old Iron Tooth herself!


Stone Gaze-As always pride cometh before the fall. Once upon a time Medusa was the fairest in the land and wasn’t afraid to let you know it. So full of herself she challenged the goddess Athena’s beauty to her face…and that was the last time Medusa’s face was looked upon without turning them to stone.

Stone Gaze is a cold, crisp blend of leafy eucalyptus and fresh spearmint. Soft wafts of cool sea air drift through stone ruins where only the bold leave offerings of heliotrope blooms, over-ripe pears, and crushed honeydew melons.

Top notes: Crisp Eucalyptus
Middle notes: Sea Air and Heliotrope
Base notes: Sweet Green Fruits

At first sniff this is a clean and cold scent.   I definitely pick up the floral aspect and I’m assuming that’s the heliotrope.  The combination of the floral, fruit and mint gives this a soft and slightly musky feeling.  Like pear musk, if pears had musk.   This would be a perfect hot weather scent.


Original Sin-You had one job to do, Eve! Ok, not really. Being the first woman ever and living in utopia came with plenty of responsibility, chief among them being birthing the entire human race. Then there was this thing with an evil snake and forbidden fruit and then it’s all farming, painful childbirth, and a persistent battle with evil for all of eternity. But c’mon, to be fair why was that tree even there in the first place and why are humans so curious?

Original Sin is a sweet and feminine mix of ripe and juicy red apples nestled in fragrant sweet pea blossoms and fresh pruned english ivy. Original Sin is both a green and sweet scent, mixing nicely together to make neither the green notes or the sweet notes too overpowering.

Top notes: Red Delicious Apples
Middle notes: Bouquet of Sweet Pea
Base notes: Fresh-Pruned English Ivy

Bright, juicy red apple….hanging there just ripe for the picking!  I love a great apple scent and this one is beautiful.   There is a light and fresh floral note that hovers just behind the apple and a bit of a green note that peeks in and out.   This is beautiful and if I had been Eve I would have picked that damned apple too!

If any of these sound good to you,  check them out here:

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