Rhinestone Housewife Arcana Exclusives Reveiws-Genteel and Vulgar

I am so excited to share these with you!  Julia spent months working on them and we’ve finally got them ready for you in the shop.  Genteel and Vulgar-celebrating the dichotomy that is the housewife.   I’ll admit that I’m a mix of the two and I do enjoy wearing one blend on one arm and the other on the other arm.

Genteel is the well-bred housewife who pens perfect thank you notes and always matches her carpet to her drapes.   Aniseed, 2 vanillas, dry amber, sugar, and cashmere musk with wisps of fine sandalwood and cedarwood.

In bottle-Soft aniseed and amber.

Wet on skin-The aniseed is stronger but but it’s tempered by the sugar and vanillas.  It’s quite soft and not at all a sharp or green.  It’s almost velvety and creamy. Lush.

Dry on skin- The woods have really amped up and I can pick out the cedarwood and sandalwood.  I think it’s the cashmere musk that’s making everything so velvety.  I like it.  This isn’t a licoricey aniseed at all.  There’s no black jelly beans here.

Verdict-This blend is both sexy and lady like and it’s perfectly captured it’s name.   I’ve been reaching for this almost daily since I got it.




Vulgar is the tatted up housewife who swears like a sailor and plays punk rock at all times “so the kids will be smart.”  Dirty cherry with dark chocolate, vanilla-infused marshmallow, honey, pepper, patchouli, and a hint of smoky bacon.

In bottle-Cherry and pepper.

Wet on skin-Cherry and pepper marshmallow is what I get right at first.   It’s ever so slightly medicinal right now as it starts to dry down but I don’t find it off putting at all…more sharp.

Dry on skin-The cherry settles down but the vanilla and chocolate amp a bit.  It’s a deep dark and not sweet chocolate.   The honey and patchouli dance around for a bit and then….believe it or not, you get just a bit of smoked bacon.  With whatever magic Julia uses, this actually smells hot and sexy.

Verdict-I can already tell that this is going to age really well.  It’s a thick oil and you have to mix it to get the dark sludgy stuff rolling around in there.  That’s the good stuff.  Bawdy and brass I love this oil.  Fuck ya.



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