Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour Available At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hotties!  Mr. Hotties!   We got some really nice colognes in for your swanky smelling pleasure.   This is our first presentation from Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour but I can guarantee it won’t be our last.  These colognes are very classy and swanky smelling.  Light and crisp these are soft enough to wear to work but have a very pleasing appeal to them.  *Swanky* is the word I keep coming back to.   If everyone likes these enough they also have some shave oil and beard oil as well as aftershave that sound amazing.

Absinthe Eau de Cologne-I created Absinthe for the man who has a taste for the peculiar has notes ranging from Wormwood, the distinctive ingredient that makes Absinthe what it is, to Cardamom and black pepper to make up its base. Glints of citruses like blood orange and grapefruit brighten the middle elements, while the truest of green Anise and Fennel take the tops. Sophisticated, bold, and complex, this is the essential fragrance for the man who is looking for something different. A definite must for Absinthe and black licorice fans.


Fougere Eau de Cologne-The very first fougere fragrance was created in 1882 by Houbigant and has been interpreted time and time again…as is the case with most classics. Fougere, literally “fern” in French, is the truest take I have discovered of crisp foliage. One can’t help but become transported to a lush trail surrounded by green in every direction…Dirt. Earth. Life. In the land of aquatic and musky fragrances, this Fougere is for the man who can redefine what masculinity means on his own terms.

Herbally masculine and powerfully aromatic. This one takes top notes of earth, grass, and tea leaves. Black Pepper, tea leaves, sage, and heliotrope level out the middle. Finished off with cedarwood and sawdust…just to punch home the outdoors that are encapsulated in this one fragrance. Wear it in the dead of winter to remind yourself that life and regrowth is always near.


Monsieur Jameson-A gentleman shows exemplary qualities of what it is to be a man. He is noble, well spoken, well traveled, and courteous. It is up to him to create his own legacy. It is he who does what it right, regardless of the classes surrounding him, be they of sound mind or not.  Monsieur Jameson is on the brink of mythical, but he is absolute.  Monsieur Jameson carves the path for his subordinates and he is  admired. He is not a man of many words, however, each one is precisely  chosen. If desired, he could have led the grandest, world-traveling circus…and perhaps he has, but that was his past and is now a passage in his internal memoir, a part of his composition. This fragrance is his conundrum.

Monsieur Jameson is comprised with base notes of black pepper and smoke grasping tightly to middle notes of sandalwood, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  Taking the top- sweet tobacco, fresh cut wood, and sawdust. Monsieur Jameson is rich, almost buttery, created for the gentleman inside you. Fans of pipe tobacco or a fine cigar will appreciate this one the most.


Montenegro Eau de Cologne-When I reflect on my journeys…the sights I’ve seen…the experiences I’ve had…there is one thing I’ve learned. Sometimes the myriad of wonders that envelop my senses, while beautiful and perfect in their own unique ways, are not always better. Sometimes, I am happy with where it all began. Like the emotions that overcome me after a long vacation, the feeling that home has never felt so good. Montenegro takes me back to where it all started. This is why I started creating. Each time I breathe in its simple bouquet, I recall when I began to pay attention to colognes. Montenegro evokes tradition. Deep, strongly rooted tradition. Crack open an old leather bound book and settle in.

You asked for a classic musk, and The Parlour was happy to answer. Montenegro, meaning “Black Mountain” is our take on a classic staple for every true gentleman. Dominating notes of Oakmoss, leather, pine, and black tea…it’s exactly what the most classic of gentlemen smells of. Enjoy.

Mouchoir Eau de Cologne-Mouchoir means “handkerchief” in French. Way, way back…when men still tucked in their shirts and combed their hair, women who were bold enough would douse a handkerchief in the fragrance that was their signature and wave it not so subtly as their dapper dans passed in hopes to catch their eye. Whether this display of peacock feathers worked or not is unknown to me, but it’s time we take back some appeal. Mouchoir, the fragrance, is light and breezy…clean like the ocean air. Regardless of the wearer, Mouchoir is here to give anyone a healthy dosage of fresh. The truest of gentlemen will go for this one, but it smells just as grand with leather and dirt.

Top notes of linen and various citruses. Sea salt, ginger, and bergamot linger in the middle, finishing off with lemongrass, a bit of ocean air, and a hint of vanilla for a twist. For men looking to purify the world around them. Fresh, ocean air and bright citrus bottled.


Sapera Eau de Cologne-Streets of Delhi. The year? I can’t recall…worldly travels in pursuit of anything new. If my sight, taste, smell, and hearing couldn’t fully understand it, I was interested. Exotic spice blends in a myriad of colours line the markets. I close my eyes. The chatter of the local merchants bartering over fruits I’ve never seen and the faint, beguiling sitar playing in the distance leaves me in constant total amazement. The only thing that can extract me from this moment is this smell…almost indescribable and yet, pure India. I follow it and I’m led to a Sapera…this means “snake charmer” in Hindi. His eyes are locked with the serpent and it’s impossible to tell which one is being controlled. A local explains to me that they are connecting on a spiritual level, devouring each others energy. Next to the basket that the snake has emerged from, I notice a small copper bowl filled with oils and what looks like leaves, seeds, peppercorns, and some other things I couldn’t quite place…It’s blackened around the edges and there is smoke drifting from it…my new guide once again bridges the cultural barriers and tells me that this is part of the man’s enticement of the snake.

This is the intoxicating aroma that I spent years trying to replicate. It wasn’t easy to do…there are so many layers, so many notes…but once I hit it, I knew immediately. My absolute favourite fragrance by far, Sapera is exotic in every way. Sweet frankincense and myrrh dominate the top notes and play well with smoky patchouli and peppery sandalwood middles. Cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla with the slightest hint of blood orange take the role of the bottom notes. Over a dozen notes in this stunner of a fragrance. Every time I wear it, I’m asked about it. Mystery, allure, and intrigue are bottled in this current favourite of mine. Unisex. Perfect for any wearer that doesn’t want to smell like anyone around them, Sapera demands attention.


Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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