Savor Now Available At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hotties!  What is Savor, you ask?  Only a fabulous indie soap company out of San Francisco.   They’ve a delectable assortment of soaps, scrubs and other yum-yum smellies.    For the shop I chose an assortment of bar soap, shaving soap and whipped soaps.

The Creme Fraiche Whipped Soaps are available in:

Boomstick:  This scent is a strong masculine scent — inspired by Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness/Evil Dead 3 (a true cult classic, a great movie!). Boomstick is a “cologne” type scent with fresh greens, ozone, pepper, and mahogany.

Sex Appeal:  Mellow, feminine rose is blended with a sweet kiss of ripe strawberry. This is the ultimate seduction soap — he’ll pull you close to him and whisper in your ear!

Red Velvet Cake:  Fresh baked and warm from the oven! Red Velvet cake is a rich and buttery bakery scent with hints of red sugar scent and a very small bit of coconut.

Black Honey:  This is a smoky, deep scent — strong black tea with a dash of sweet and pure honey. Black Honey is suitable for both men and women — definitely a scent for tea lovers, as the aroma is just like a strong cup of black tea.

Pineapple Buttercream:  Tangy pineapple blends with warm, rich buttercreme in this amazing, gorgeous whipped soap.  This is like thick chunks of fresh pineapple swiped through a rich frosting.



The Bar Soaps are available in:

Princess Bride:  Princess Bride is a decadent floral — mostly notes of Gardenia, with a dash of vanilla and white lily, and a breath of amber to warm up the scent. Very pretty, maybe this soap could lead you to your true love!


Coconut MochiThis luscious, luxurious bar of Coconut Mochi soap has an amazingly complex scent and a rich, frothy lather. There is no sweet, fake coconut scent here — the notes are deep, rich and velvety.


Strawberry Taffy shaving soap:  Like strawberries n’ cream — candy-like red, ripe strawberries and smooth cream swirl around in this pretty bar. Contains strawberry seeds.


Banana Pancakes shaving soap:  Bananas with a little bakery scent thrown in — flour, egg, a dash of sugar and vanilla. Delish!!


Published by Hottie McNaughty

Hottie was a local burlesque performer and producer in the Seattle area. She now spends her day rallying for pet health insurance and here evenings running The Rhinestone Housewife.

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