After months and months of waiting……I am so happy to present three Violette Market exclusive perfume oils just for The Rhinestone Housewife.  When I first approached Lori she immediately thought of vintage motorcycles and leather and cherry.  Hmmmm…do you think that says something about me?   Anyhoo, I just let Lori do her amazing thing and this is what we present to you.  Should you guys decide that you love these, we have every intention of adding to the line.   Enjoy!

1913 Henderson: Dark vetiver, black honeycomb, sun-scorched highway grasses, blond patchouli, honeyed black figs, russet amber, exhaust smoke, black vanilla, honeysuckle leaf, oat pods, and well-oiled antique dark brown leather. 
1916 Traub: Aged powdered dragon’s blood, peppered weathered wood, sweet exhaust smoke, black musk, patchouli root, chrome metal, conifer cone incense, and aged, cracked black leather. 
1920 Indian Sidecar: Red Merlot cherries, Black Bavarian cherries, vanilla-infused sandalwood, shimmering ruby musk, patchouli flower, golden honeysuckle, summer sun-scorched asphalt, new black tires, and bright red leather.