Arcana Astrid The Cold Review

Hello hotties!    Today’s review will be another selection from the Arcana Queens Of Snow and Ice LE collection, Astrid The Cold. Astrid the Cold:  The mystical, enigmatic queen of air. Neroli, chilled vodka, rich amber, oak moss, coconut husks, lavender. In bottle:  Neroli and lavender. Wet on skin:  The neroli is up front andContinue reading “Arcana Astrid The Cold Review”

Arcana Astrid’s Diadem Review

Hello hotties!   Today’s review is going to come from the new Queens Of Snow and Air collection from Arcana.  This collection is based upon an obscure fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm and it’s just a wonderful and whimsical collection of goodness now available at The Rhinestone Housewife. Astrid’s Diadem:  The Queen of Air’sContinue reading “Arcana Astrid’s Diadem Review”