Oooh, a troll perfume oil to review.  How exciting!   This is the third installment in the Queens of Snow and Air collection, Gehern The Troll to review.

Gehern the Troll:  He lives high in the mountains in his frozen cave. Fresh gingerroot, warm gingerbread, nectarine, bergamot, sweet orange.

In bottle:  Spicy ginger!

Wet on skin:  It’s a blast of fresh ginger sprinkled on top of fresh gingerbread.   Yum.   The bergamot and citrus round it out and keep it from being too foodie or sweet.

Dry on skin:  As this blend dries down, the gingers and citrus blend together perfectly and the nectarine takes center stage for a bit.   The bergamot is creamy and rich, supporting the gingers and citrus notes to perfection.

Verdict:  The was a surprise hit for me.   The bergamot grounds this blend and keeps it from being too sweet, cloying or foodie.    A fresh blend of ginger and citrus makes the oil appropriate for both boys or girls with a sophisticated spice.  Who knew a troll oil could smell so good?   Give this one a shot….it’s amazing!

Queens of Snow and Air-Gehern The Troll

Queens of Snow and Air-Gehern The Troll

This blend and the rest of the Queens of Snow and Air can be found at The Rhinestone Housewife.