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Manicure Featuring Be Loco and Fuuuudge

Hello hotties!   I bring to you a rare manicure post…..crazy!   Normally I go out to have my nails done but today tried to do them myself so no pointing and laughing.

This manicure features one coat of Cult Nails Be Loco topped with one coat of Darling Diva Polish Fuuuuuuuudge.   I used Cult Nail Base Coat and Cult Nails top coat.



Hottie’s Hot Pick Of The Week-Filthy Viking Soap

Hello hotties!

For my hot pick of the week this week I have picked a cult favorite, the hardest soap to keep in stock at The Rhinestone Housewife, Filthy Viking soap by Arcana.

When I first opened the shop, I got one lonely bar of Filthy Viking soap, that’s all there was.  I decided instead of listing it I’d just keep it for myself as I hadn’t tried it before.




Filthy Viking soap is described as:   Between the sea voyages and the pillaging, it must have been difficult for Odin’s henchmen to stay fresh.

Too bad they didn’t have this fiercely cleansing bar with scrubbing pumice, deodorizing coffee, and the scents of the Viking world: bracing Norwegian juniper and frigid Icelandic mint.

Handmade using traditional cold-process techniques in Portland, Oregon, Arcana Soaps are some of the most interesting, wonderfully textured and delightful soaps we’ve ever found.

This soap is a gorgeous fresh green with fine pieces of scrubby pumice.  It’s everything you could hope for in a viking fantasy….err….soap.



This soap is a best seller at The Rhinestone Housewife and it’s impossible (and I mean impossible) to keep in stock!   Boys love it.  Girls love it.  Dogs love it.  Ok, I made that last one up but you get what I mean.  And before you ask, yes…..we DO currently have some in stock but not much.  So if you want it…..get thy Filthy Viking soap now before it sells out again!  We also have a bevy of other amazingly gorgeous soap crafted by Julia of Arcana Soaps and we’ve got something for everyone….check them  out!

Arcana Small Cottage In A Clearing

Arcana’s Queens Of Snow And Air collection has been a huge hit at The Rhinestone Housewife!  Today we are reviewing Small Cottage In A Clearing.

Small Cottage in a Clearing:  The cozy scent of milky coffee with white sugar, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and a faint undercurrent of dangerous black musk.

In bottle:  Cinnamon coffee!

Wet on skin:  Milky cinnamon coffee at first.   As it settles down the spice come out to play, and the cinnamon is gorgeous….not craft storish at all.  It’s a deep, rich spicy and I think the milk helps to soften and richen it up.

Dry on skin:  This is so comforting and pretty.  It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket of fuzzy coffee and warm inviting spices.   Just at the very edges you catch a whiff of the black musk.

Verdict:  Warm, rich, comforting and lovely.  The perfect cold weather scent to keep you feeling hot!

Arcana Small Cottage In A Clearing
Arcana Small Cottage In A Clearing

Hottie’s Hot Pick Of The Week-Shaving Soap

Hello hotties!    Our hot product pick of the week this time around is shaving soap.    Oh, what’s that you say…you’ve never tried shaving soap?  Well, let me explain what you’ve been missing!   Shaving soaps are generally made with all sorts of good things like goat’s milk (our vegan versions omit this ingredient), Kaolin clay and honey.   Kaolin clay is great for purifying the skin and adding a great ‘slip’ to the bar, thus making the razor glide smoothly over the skin for a smoother and more comfortable shave.

Additionally, shaving soaps will come in all sorts of colors and fragrances like Pink Cupcake, Sweet Blueberry, Lavender Honey,  and everything from Banana Pancakes to Strawberry Taffy, Winter Grapefruit, Pear and Mandarin Plum.

To use these soaps you simply work up a good lather and go at it with a razor!    I find that you can make these last a lot longer if you slice off small chunks at a time to use as the more it sits in the watery shower, the faster it will melt away.  Once you’ve switched to shaving soap, I can guarantee that you will never go back to regular soap or shaving cream again!

Savor Shaving Soap
Savor Shaving Soap
Dr. K Soap Company Lime Shaving Soap
Dr. K Soap Company Lime Shaving Soap
Rachel Rene Sweet Blueberry Shaving Soap
Rachel Rene Sweet Blueberry Shaving Soap

All sorts of great shaving soaps can be found at The Rhinestone Housewife!

Arcana Sigrid The Wise Review

Today we have a new review of the Arcana Queens Of Snow And Air collection  at The Rhinestone Housewife and this time it’s Sigrid The Wise.

Sigrid the Wise:  The beautiful, merciful queen of snow. Labdanum absolute, smoky frankincense, myrrh, and glorious, golden vanilla.

In bottle:  Dark, sultry frankincense.

Wet on skin:  Smoky and resinous right off the bat.   The frankincense is right up front and smoky….just like a camp fire.  The smoke softens a bit and the vanilla shows up.

Dry on skin:  As this has dried down, I’m picking up a hint of Labdanum blanketed in the golden vanilla (a deep, rich vanilla) and swirled with the frankincense and myrrh.

Verdict:  This is the perfect blend for someone who wants something deep, rich and resinous.  It’s gloriously thick and would be amazing on a boy as well.  This is a serious, no nonsense blend….prepare to be impressed.  It’s like a vanilla marshmallow on fire next to a camp fire in church!

Queens Of Snow And Air-Sigrid The Wise
Queens Of Snow And Air-Sigrid The Wise

Arcana’s Seven Apples Grow In Ice Review

Arcana is a highly regarded and respected indie perfume oil company out of Oregon.  Having just released a new collection, Queens Of Snow And Air, we are bringing reviews to you as we can.  Today we are reviewing Seven Apples Grow In Ice.

Seven Apples Grow In Ice-Honeyed winesaps and green apples with pearl musk, skin musk, white pepper, and a tiny hint of frozen grapefruit.

Seven Apples Grow In Ice
Seven Apples Grow In Ice

In bottle:  Apple and a dash of white pepper.

Wet on skin: The apple and pearl musk are right up front with just a touch of the frozen grapefruit.   As is settles down the skin musk makes an appearance and the apples mellows a bit.

Dry on skin:  The pearl musk is front and center as this blend dries down with the crisp apple just hovering around the edges.  The cold citrus and  skin musk are the perfect compliments for this blend and the white pepper is a stroke of pure genius.

Verdict:  It’s no secret that I love a great apple blend and this is one of the best.  Not cloying for fruit spray smelling, it’s a gorgeous and grown up blend.  Spicy, rich and luxurious smelling….you need it!

This is a limited edition collection so be sure to get it while you can!

New Savor Soaps Available At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hello hotties!    We’re so happy to let you know that we’ve got some delicious new soaps available at The Rhinestone Housewife.   Savor has a cult following and for good reason.  These aren’t just bars of soap, they are useful, usable and disposable works of art.   From foodie to pop culture to shaving soaps, Savor can satisfy all the soapies out there.    Here’s what we are presenting to you:

Shaving Soaps

Winter Grapefruit-Wow, is this scent an eye-opening, refreshing, get out of bed scent!  Crisp, mouthwatering white grapefruit is mixed with a fresh spray of pine, a squeeze of tart lemon, and tart little currants. *contains wheat*

Pear-This might need a newly invented vocab.  Is lush-delish a word?  Luciouslicious?  A not too sweet fresh pear fragrance.  It is so crisp and juicy!

Mandarin Plum-A fat, juicy, ripe summer plum-punched up with a spark of mandarin orage!  The earthy, delicate plum fragrance and the citrus of the orange combine to make a wonderfully sunny, fresh scent.

Savor Shaving Soap
Savor Shaving Soap


Snowflake Soaps

Stunningly detailed snowflake soaps, in a variety of winter scents.   Please, please, please don’t miss out on these, they are the most decadent and gorgeous soaps I have ever seen!

Cinnamon Snowflakes: Sweet, sugary, with a hint of cinnamon (not for sensitive skin). Pink.

Satsuma: Bright citrus, mandarin oranges. Yellow.

Angelico: Warm and inviting cocoa and hazelnut blend. Brown.

Winter Grapefruit:  Wow, is this scent an eye-opening, refreshing, get out of bed scent!  Crisp, mouthwatering white grapefruit is mixed with a fresh spray of pine, a squeeze of tart lemon, and tart little currants. *contains wheat*

Each snowflake crafted from shea butter soap

Savor Snowflake Soaps
Savor Snowflake Soaps

Dread Pirate Roberts Soap

Dread Pirate Roberts is a big chunky bar scented with a warm blend of amber, freshly washed linen, a wisp of musk and a velvety finish. Great for both men and women.

The coloring is inspired not only by the Man in Black’s outfit but also by his mysterious blue eyes — “eyes like the sea after a storm.” The bar contains a delightful blue shimmer, giving this bar a complexity and richness that match the scent.

Dread Pirate Roberts Soap
Dread Pirate Roberts Soap

Creme Brulee Soap

Creme Brulee is a slighty custardy, caramelly, gentle and creamy scent, with a velvety richness you find in a decadent dessert.  This is one of Savor’s top-sellers! Everyone who has tried it remarks on the delicious and unusual scent.

Ingredients:  There’s no added coloring to the bar — just rich, golden sugar for the topping. The sugar is organic and vegan.

Creme Brulee Soap
Creme Brulee Soap

Ginger Icing Soap

Nutmeg. A sprinkle of cinnamon. Ginger, but of course. Sweet sugar. Allspice. A hidden dash of clove.
The spicy cinnamon in this scent might not be suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
Size: 4 ounces/113 grams

Ginger Icing Soap
Ginger Icing Soap