Hottie’s Hot Pick Of The Week-Shaving Soap

Hello hotties!    Our hot product pick of the week this time around is shaving soap.    Oh, what’s that you say…you’ve never tried shaving soap?  Well, let me explain what you’ve been missing!   Shaving soaps are generally made with all sorts of good things like goat’s milk (our vegan versions omit this ingredient),Continue reading “Hottie’s Hot Pick Of The Week-Shaving Soap”

Arcana Sigrid The Wise Review

Today we have a new review of the Arcana Queens Of Snow And Air collection  at The Rhinestone Housewife and this time it’s Sigrid The Wise. Sigrid the Wise:  The beautiful, merciful queen of snow. Labdanum absolute, smoky frankincense, myrrh, and glorious, golden vanilla. In bottle:  Dark, sultry frankincense. Wet on skin:  Smoky and resinousContinue reading “Arcana Sigrid The Wise Review”