Arcana The Sighing Bridge Review

Hotties!  At last, our final review in the Arcana Queens Of Snow And Air collection presented by The Rhinestone Housewife, The Sighing Bridge. The Sighing Bridge:  Dark, sweet pipe tobacco with 3 precious ambers. In bottle-Sweet tobacco! Wet on skin-Very sweet tobacco right at first, like sniffing tobacco in it’s tin…the old fashioned kind. Dry […]

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Arcana The Old Forest Review

Next to last in our reviews of the Arcana collection, Queens Of Snow And Air we have The Old Forest at The Rhinestone Housewife. The Old Forest:  Smoky resins with Bourbon vanilla bean, wild honey, dragonsblood, dark musk, kush, a hint of fir needle, and a drop of antique vetiver. In bottle-Soft pine and honey. Wet […]

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Arcana Snowflake Palace Review

And next in our installment of reviews of Arcana’s Queens Of Snow and Air collection is Snowflake Palace. Snowflake Palace:  At last. White tea leaves, white amber, silvery soft musk, and a swirl of wood smoke. In bottle-Chilled melons. Wet on skin-Strong tea right at first quickly followed by silvery musk.   After just a […]

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