Atomic Cosmetics Review

Hello hotties! It’s been so long since I’ve done a review that I thought I’d jump right in and review a somewhat new but local brand to Seattle called Atomic Cosmetics.  Several of my friends who are also performers endorse this company and rave about the products.  I had been hesitant to purchase because aContinue reading “Atomic Cosmetics Review”

Arcana 2014 Halloween Collection At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hotties!  I’m so sorry for my long absence from posting but I’m back with a bang!  The summer was super busy:  new hair, promotion at my day job and one of my dogs had TPLO surgery.   Whew!    What I can tell you is that I’m ready for fall and all that comes withContinue reading “Arcana 2014 Halloween Collection At The Rhinestone Housewife”