Arcana Yule 2014 Reviews

Hello hotties!  I know you’ve been waiting for this so here it is, the Arcana Yule 2014 review post of DOOM!  These Arcana limited edition scents are available only while supplies last at The Rhinestone Housewife so grab them while you can!


Come to Krampus:  An intoxicating invitation to the underworld. Blackest musk, charred vanilla beans, kush, thick opium, and oudh.

In bottle-Dark and brooding.

Wet on skin-Kush, kush all the way!   The kush is wrapped up in a thick whirl of blackest musk and the charred vanilla beans.

Dry on skin-The vanilla beans are the first thing I notice, and they are accompanied nicely by the opium and oudh.   The musk and kush have really settled down and add a nice balance.

Verdict-This is a serious dark and brooding blend.   If you like dark and intoxicating then this is for you.    This would also smell divine on a boy.  I’m betting this will get even better with age.

Krampusnacht Old leather, infernal smoke, vintage patchouli, cubeb, ho wood, a drop of fir oil, and a touch of brisk Alpine night air.

In bottle-Fir and crisp night air.

Wet on skin-Crisp fir and ho wood are the stars right at first.   The old leather and smoke make an appearance and add to the woodsy feel of this blend.

Dry on skin-The notes in this blend have lent a bit of an incensey feel to this oil.  Like really nice fir incense kept in a nice wooden box and when lit, magic!

Verdict-A rich and brooding evergreen blend that’s perfect for a boy or a lady that might like a less frivolous and sweet blend.   A ton of throw and I bet this will last forever and age beautifully.

Krampus Nog Eggnog with vodka, rum, sweet cream, nutmeg, and wicked amber.

In bottle-Spiked eggnog (the song of my people)  😉

Wet on skin-Whoa, booze!   Booze surrounded by sweet cream and nutmeg.

Dry on skin-The nutmeg is commanding attention but it’s swirled in a lovely cloud of the sweet cream and eggnog with a dash of amber.   The booze has taken a backseat and is just enough to make sure this scent isn’t cloying at all.

Verdict-A very warm and rich, snuggly scent.   I grabbed a bottle for me.   *Pro tip* This is wonderful layered with McNaughty Nog!


Lebkuchen Krampus Gingerbread Krampus? Yes please! Blood red musk flows through intense gingerbread, chai spices, cardamom, white pepper, incense, and sweet clove.

In bottle-Foody spicy clove.

Wet on skin-The cardamom is right up front and quite creamy, followed by the chai spices and white pepper.  The gingerbread get more prominent as the blend dries down.

Dry on skin-As it has dried down the blood red musk is in the spotlight and it really grounds this blend and keeps it from being too foody or sweet.    The sweet clove and incense have blended nicely with the gingerbread to support the red musk.

Verdict-A must have for me….I snagged a bottle for myself.  If you like spice then you need this.


Ribbons & Teddy Bears What remains after Krampus takes the children. Remnants of French vanilla and pistachio ice creams, apricot jam, sugared peach, melty chocolate, sticky candy canes, orange peels, and sweet coconut.

In bottle-Peach candy!

Wet on skin-A nice splash if citrusy peach with a drizzle of the pistachio ice cream.  Just a bit of French vanilla and apricot jam is peeking out at this point.

Dry on skin-Now I’m getting the sticky candy canes and coconut and it’s absolutely brilliant with the various sugared fruits.   A gorgeous cloud of sweet, bright and delicious notes.

Verdict-Love.  I stole a bottle of this for myself.  This blend isn’t what I was expecting, not cloying sweet or little girlish.  It’s a bright and cheerful oil that’s perfect if you like candy, fruity or feminine scents.


Schnaps mit Krampus:  If Krampus comes to your house, you’d best pass him the bottle. A boozy, rummy blend of apple, tangerine, and pear schnaps over woodsmoke, labdanum, and a hint of Arcana’s Growl blend.

In bottle-Apple!

Wet on skin-Tangerine and apples are dancing around the pear schnaps in a delightfully boozy way.

Dry on skin-As it’s died down the labdanum cuts through the fruits and booze.   There is just the merest whiff of woodsmoke and it’s a perfect compliment to the bright fruits.

Verdict-I love the brightness of this blend.  It’s not heavy or boozy but comforting and quite pretty.


Gersemi:  Beautiful Gersemi is the daughter of Freyja and the Norse goddess of precious objects. Perfect vanilla, frozen honey, white chocolate, oudh, skin musk, and one drop of patchouli.

In bottle-Chocolate!

Wet on skin-The chocolate and skin musk are shimmery and pretty with the frozen honey oudh sparkling in the background.   The vanilla is just the merest hint.

Dry on skin-As it dries down the skin musk amps a bit as does the oudh.   The white chocolate starts to peek out and adds a really nice sweetness to this blend.  I don’t get any of the patchouli but that might change as it ages.

Verdict-Gorgeous, hoard worthy and hypnotic.   I think it will age very nicely.   Good throw.


Hnossa:  Lovely Hnossa is Gersemi’s sister and the Norse goddess of desire. Sugar cookies with frosted tuberose petals, white tiare, gardenia, star jasmine, skin musk, ivory musk, and pink sugar.

In bottle-Pink sugar!

Wet on skin-The pink sugar is the star right here with a supporting cast of delicate white florals, the skin and ivory musk are keeping the florals soft and wispy.

Dry on skin-The tuberose and gardenia have really blossomed now and they are softened and warmed up with the sugar cookie and musks.  The pink sugar is the perfect compliment and while prominent doesn’t steal the show.

Verdict-This is the surprising one of the bunch for me.  Whilst I love florals and in particular white florals I typically can’t wear them on my skin but this blend seems to be working for me.  If you love florals or ‘pink’ scent, grab this one while you can…’s brilliant!


McNaughty Nog:  Exclusive to The Rhinestone Housewife! Eggnog, Arcana’s beloved yellow cake note, rum, fresh milk, nutmeg, and a drizzle of toasty caramel.

In bottle-Rum and yellow cake.

Wet on skin-Delicious, delicious yellow cake wrapped up in nutmeg and a creamy caramel.  Briefly wafting in the back ground is fresh milk and eggnog.

Dry on skin-This blend dries down to a beautiful, rich and gourmand scent.  It’s all yellow cake iced with spiked eggnog caramel frosting but dusted with nutmeg for just enough spice to keep it grounded.

Verdict-It’s named after me so of course I love it!  *Pro tip* Layer this with Krampus Nog for the ultimate olfactory experience!


Oscura:  For the long, dark nights. Vanilla oleoresin, pure sandalwood, benzoin, balsam of Peru, 10 year aged labdanum absolute, cassia, Omani frankincense, and white cognac oil.

In bottle-Sandalwood and balsam.

Wet on skin-It’s a dark colored oil, full of balsam of Peru and redolent with frankincense.  The white cognac oil and vanilla oleoresin make me want to lick my arm.  It’s a true, gorgeous and not artificial smelling vanilla.

Dry on skin-The woods are the most prominent notes with the rich vanilla adding to the really wonderful blend.   The cassia is just a hint of spice and the labdanum and frankincense are taking a back seat here.

Verdict-This is a thick, rich and lush scent.   I’m sure it’s going to age beautifully and will be equally wonderful on a boy or girl.


Winter’s Wolves:  The scent of the Great Forest itself: a silent blanket of snow, fir needle, juniper, black spruce, cold white violets, and a small howl of peppermint.

In bottle-Icy and brisk.

Wet on skin-The cold white violets are nestled underneath firs and spruce, with fresh snow swirling around.

Dry on skin-The violets are the silent star of this blend, beautiful and creamy.  The evergreens are the perfect compliment and add such a lovely base for the snow and just a suggestion of peppermint.

Verdict-Lovely and surprisingly pretty and wearable.   A beautiful icy and refreshing floral without being too precious.



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