Arcana The Beast Collection Reviews

Hotties!  I’m still catching up on the Arcana collection reviews and I’ve got another one for you.  This is an unbelievably sexy collection with just a few bottles left here and there at The Rhinestone Housewife.

The Beast Collection-Lascivious scents for libertines.

 Afterglow:  It exists between ecstasy and quietude. The soft euphoria of white amber, vanilla bean, vanilla milk, Malbec grapes, Arcana’s own Lust blend, cognac absolute, and a drop of cool peppermint.

In bottle-Grapes!

Wet on skin-The grapes are at the front door, knocking.  There’s just the briefest whiff of peppermint before the white amber shows up.

Dry on skin-The grapes stay the star of this blend.    The peppermint is perfect for keeping this from being grape candy.   The cognac absolute shows up as this dries down and adds a great component to the vanilla and amber, both of which are very soft.

Verdict-If you like grape scents then I would definitely recommend picking this up.   It’s a grown up grape, lush and ripe for the picking and ready for whatever shenanigans you might be up to.


Coitus Captivus:  An ensnarement of smoky, boozy sugarcane syrup with tiny hints of peach, red apple, pumpkin, and a warm grip of treacle.

In bottle-Smoky sugarcane….interesting!

Wet on skin-Super smoky right off the bat!  Kind of the way the cane fields smell when they burn them.   Takes me back to Hawaii!  Right now it’s all boozy, smoked sugar richness.

Dry on skin-The fruits do eventually make an appearance but they are definitely just hints.  This is a warm swirling cloud of thick rich sugared smoke and treacle.

Verdict-If smoky foodie scent are your thing, they grab this while you can!

Coitus Captivus
Coitus Captivus

Limerence: Blind hope buoyed by fixation and obsession. White tea, cotton candy, marshmallow, kush, blush musk, hibiscus blossoms, and a slash of dragonsblood.

In bottle-Candy tea.

Wet on skin-This is a tough one, I’m pretty sure I’m picking up the dragonsbood first, but it’s not super strong.  The tea floating around but it’s a soft hibiscus tea.  The dragonsblood really starts to amp up here and there’s just the briefest hint of kush.

Dry on skin-The dragonsblood stays the star in this blend.  The white supports it nicely and the cotton candy and marshmallow are super soft, floating around the edges.

Verdict-This is incense-y and herb-y with a bit of candy and tea.   A totally unique oil that I’ve never come across before.


Nymphomania:  Lusty Victorian ladies who foolishly admitted to liking sex wound up with this diagnosis. Eating too much chocolate, reading too many books, and wearing enticing perfumes were all among the causative factors. (Which explains a lot, no?) An indulgent blend of smoked frankincense, golden amber, warmly spiced vodka, thick myrrh, ruby guava, black tea, tobacco leaf, and pink pepper.

In bottle-Guava and pepper!

Wet on skin-A bright cloud of pink pepper surrounded by myrrh and frankincense.   As it settles in the black tea comes pouring out and it’s a great grounding note for all the spices and pepper.

Dry on skin-As this blend dries down it’s warmed up by the golden amber and it’s just lovely.  The ruby guava makes an appearance here as well as the spicy vodka.

Verdict-This is a really gorgeous oil!  The fruits combined with the spices and pepper are very sexy and warm and grown up.


Papillon D’Amour:  The butterflies of love. Warm skin musk and noir musk over apricot, dry ginger, a pinch of cinnamon, a nibble of mint, a bite of mace, and a tiny scratch of blackseed.

In bottle-Dried apples and pepper.

Wet on skin-The dried ginger is an interesting scent and it’s combined with the little bit of mint but it’s fresh like a sprig of mint.  The apricot is hovering just around the edges at this point and there’s just a bit of skin musk.

Dry on skin-Now I’m picking up a bit of what I thought was tea but must be either the mace or blackseed.  The skin musk has developed and is now softly mingling with the apricot.

Verdict-A soft, pretty and very comforting oil.    It’s beautiful, just like a butterfly!

Papllion D'Amour
Papillon D’Amour

Tumescence:  Dragonsblood resin engorged with smoked labdanum, incense, blood amber, crimson musk, peru balsam, tree sap, and black pepper.

In bottle-Red musk.

Wet on skin-Resins all the way, along with dragonsblood and tree sap.    The incense really starts to amp as this blends dries down.

Dry on skin-As this settles down the balsam and black pepper combine with the blood amber for a deep and rich cloud of fragrance.   The incense is still the star.

Verdict-This would be equally sexy on a boy or girl.  This is the kind of oil you wear when you’re on the prowl.


And a bonus review of once scent from the New Orleans trio:

Simbi D’l’Eau:  A Loa with the unpredictability and immense power of the oceans, he is pleased by offerings of water and green ribbons. A fresh, aquatic mix of tart raspberry, rainwater, green musk, clematis, osmanthus, tiare blossoms, and ambergris.

In bottle-Salt water and flower blossoms.

Wet on skin-This starts out with a creamy floral and aquatic vibe.  Like being on the beach and smelling fresh tropical flowers in the air.  There’s a hint of green musk wafting around, giving it an herbal bend.

Dry on skin-The florals and definitely the star here and they are gently supported by the rainwater and green musk.  I don’t ever really pick up the raspberries.

Verdict-A beautiful, feminine and pretty blend, perfect for a day in the tropics or if you love soft florals.

Simbi D’l’Eau

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