Arcana 2015 Honey And Venom Collection Reviews

Finally!  At last!   They are here!  Reviews!   Can you tell I’m excited?    Well, you guys have been waiting long enough so here they are……dun dun dun….the reviews.  This Arcana collection will be available at The Rhinestone Housewife while supplies last!

The Honey and Venom Collection

And in a chair of state was there beside,
With shiny wings, all plumed, except his face,
There saw I sitting the blind god Cupid,
With bow in hand, that bent full ready was;
And by him hung three arrows in a case,
Of which the heads were ground full sharp and right,
Of metals various fashioned fair and bright.

And with the first, that headed was with gold,
He softly smites, and that has easy cure;
The second was of silver, manifold
Worse than the first, and harder to endure;
The third, of steel, is shot without a cure;
And on his yellow locks, so long and sheen
A chaplet had he, all of leaves so green.

Cupid the Archer: Gold:  Bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, cocoa absolute, spiced rum, 10 year aged cruelty-free beeswax absolute, and a pinch of blood orange.

In bottle:  Dark chocolate and light orange.

Wet on skin:  Wonderful rich chocolate and just a hind of the blood orange.  As it blooms the beeswax starts buzzing around and the blood orange is gloriously hovering in the background.

Dry on skin:  Ugh, this is a beautiful blend of beeswax and chocolate.  The chocolate isn’t cloy or sweet but deep and rich and it’s perfectly paired with just the barest hints of blood orange.    The rum is the perfect base for this pairing.

Verdict:  If you love bittersweet chocolate and blood orange, don’t pass this up.

Cupid The Archer: Gold
Cupid The Archer: Gold

Cupid the Archer: Silver:  Petitgrain, sweet coconut, Omani frankincense, tiare petals, and silvery narcissus.

In bottle:  Petitegrain and tiare.

Wet on skin:  The petitegrain is front and center and the tiare petals and swirling around with the narcissus.   As the oil blooms on the skin the frankincense shows up and is the perfect note to ground the florals.

Dry on skin:  As it dries down the florals blend beautifully with the frankincense, creating a beautiful cloud of perfume around me.  The sweet coconut gives it a much need slight hint of sweetness.

Verdict:  Great for those that love florals or tropical blends.   It reminds me of being in Hawaii and smelling all the fresh flowers in the air.

Cupid The Archer: Silver
Cupid The Archer: Silver

Cupid the Archer: Steel:  An abundance of violets, true Egyptian jasmine grandiflorum, and hints of white musk, stephanotis, tuberose, dark opium, German chamomile, and forget-me-nots.

In bottle:  Florals and white musk.

Wet on skin:  The violets are right up front and they are glorious!  As this blend settles down the white musk makes an appearance but it’s soft and pretty.   The chamomile is a much needed note to soften this blend and makes sure the florals aren’t cloying.

Dry on skin:  Violets, violets and more violets!   The violets are definitely the star of this blend.  The jasmine is very soft is the tuberose.   The opium and chamomile are perfect to add an earthy touch to this floral wonderland.

Verdict:   If you’ve read my reviews before then you know that florals can be tricky for me.   That said, I LOVE this oil.  It’s sultry, rich and sexy and it smells expensive, I can’t stop huffing my arm.   *Note:  if you are interested in this blend, pick it up now.  It’s comprised with a component that it difficult to obtain and the ten bottles that we got in are all that we will get. (Unless this is HUGELY popular and we can see what we can do to get more.)

Cupid The Archer: Steel
Cupid The Archer: Steel

Honey and Venom:  Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus.  An ode to the abundant sweetness and bitterness of love. Honey amber, black amber, smoky oudh, black vanilla, and kyphi.

In bottle:  Honey and kyphi.

Wet on skin:  The kyphi is right up front with the smoky oudh not far behind.  The black amber saunters in after about five minutes and it’s dark and naughty.

Dry on skin:  The ambers and the kyphi and playfully wafting around with the oudh close by.  The black vanilla is a party crasher that shows up right at the end.

Verdict:  If you like dark, smoky or incensy blends then this is for you!

Honey And Venom
Honey And Venom

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