Arcana 2015 Meow Collection Reviews

Hello hotties!   The long awaited Arcana Meow collection has landed at The Rhinestone Housewife and we are pleased to bring you reviews.

The Meow Collection
Scents inspired by the art of female masturbation

Fanning the Fur:  Almond, vetiver, luxuriant amber resin, coconut milk, peru balsam, and whiskey.

In bottle:  Almond and coconut.

Wet on skin:  The almond and vetiver are right up front and it’s amazing.  As it settles the amber resin and whiskey are wafting around in a cloud of perfection.

Dry on skin:  The vetiver and coconut are the stars and the amber resin and peru balsam are the perfect support.   The whiskey is a naughty party goer, knocking at the back door wanting in.  Let whiskey in because it’s perfect.

Verdict: Well, what a gorgeous and feminine vetiver blend this is. Deep, sultry and succulent. I have a feeling this will age well.   If you like Villainess Mudslide, then you will love this and I have worn them layered together and I’ve gotten several compliments.

Fanning The Fur
Fanning The Fur

Fluffing the Bunny:  Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, apricot, white musk, skin musk, and a tiny tickle of mint.

In bottle:  Vanilla and soft mint.

Wet on skin:  The vanillas are right up front with soft mint a perfect compliment.  The white musk and apricot saunter in and it’s a beautiful soft pairing.  Lovely.

Dry on skin:  It’s a sensuous cloud of vanillas, musk and mint.  The mint is soft and pretty, not too sharp and the apricot adds just the right hint of fruitiness.

Verdict:  Beautiful.  Soft, pretty and it’s no wonder this has been the best seller of this collection.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Fluffing The Bunny
Fluffing The Bunny

Jabberwocking:  Fresh gingerroot with ginger grass, strawberry, satsuma, raspberry, ruby grapefruit, apricot, chai, and green musk.

In bottle:  Grapefruit and strawberry.

Wet on skin:  The first thing I pick up is the ruby grapefruit and gingerroot.  The satsuma is juicy and ripe smelling and is really nice with the ginger grass.

Dry on skin:  The citrus are the stars of this blend and it’s definitely the first thing you notice.  This is tempered perfectly with the ginger and green musk while the chair and apricot are soft and subtle in the background.

Verdict: This blend isn’t getting the love it needs.  It’s beautiful, succulent, lush and so pretty.  If you like fruity and bright blends, this is for you!  (I snagged a bottle for myself as well.)


Paddling the Pink Canoe:  Dragonsblood, vintage patchouli, citron, pink salt, pink musk, and amber.

In bottle:  Dragonsblood and pink musk.

Wet on skin:  Wow, the pink salt is the first thing I notice with the citron close behind.  The dragonsblood and pink salt are really nice together, it’s not something I have experienced before.

Dry on skin:  As this blend dries down the pink musk really blossoms.   The pink salt intensifies a bit here and it’s superb with the patchouli.

Verdict:  If you like pink, girly and bright scents, then this is for you!   It’s girly without being too precious or cloying and I think the dragonblood and patchouli are responsible for that.   Typically dragonsblood doesn’t work for me but I LOVE this blend and highly recommend it.  I grabbed a bottle for myself.

Paddling The Pink Canoe
Paddling The Pink Canoe

Twirling the Pearl:  Rich, golden honey, marshmallow, lavender milk, soft musk, and a tiny hint of green galbanum.

In bottle:  Lavender milk.

Wet on skin: There’s a soft honey right up front and it’s swirling around with the lavender milk.  This is a really soft lavender, more of a lavender marshmallow.

Dry on skin:  The green galbanum has really blossomed and it’s softly supported by the musk and honey.   The lavender milk and soft musk together with the hint of green really give this blend a ‘pearl’ vibe.

Verdict:  Really pretty.  It’s fresh and girly and clean smelling….refreshing!

Twirling The Pearl
Twirling The Pearl

Two Finger Ballet:  A delicate blend of French vanilla creme, white amber, sugared vanilla beans, caramel, and the smallest dab of opium.

In bottle:  Vanilla creme.

Wet on skin:  The sugared vanilla beans are intoxicating and they are dancing around with the caramel.   The vanilla creme and white amber are perfect to add to this combination.

Dry on skin:  Warm and inviting the vanillas and caramel have wrapped me in a cloud of amazeballs.   The slight touch of opium is perfection here…not really noticeable but just enough to ground the blend a bit.

Verdict:   If you’re a fan of vanilla, foody or gourmand scents then pick this up!  Now, right now.    And don’t worry, we only have one bottle left but more will be stocked.  😉  This is the best selling blend of this collection.

Two Finger Ballet
Two Finger Ballet

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