Carpet Afterlife Stain Remover Review



Hello again, hotties!  You know what’s sexy?  Well, it’s not carpet cleaner.  BUT clean carpets and upholstery can be pretty sexy.  I’m sure you can tell from the photos on the blog but we are very pet friendly around here.   I work at a pet friendly office and drive dogs around all the time so when I had a chance to test and review Carpet Afterlife I jumped at the chance.   I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review.

Dash-one of the reasons I need Carpet Afterlife in my world!
Dash-one of the reasons I need Carpet Afterlife in my world!

The ironic thing is that I don’t have a bit of carpet in my house.   What I do have is a really disgusting, stinky chair that my husband loves and refuses to get rid of.    It’s so ugly I’m not even going to show you a photo of it.  When my husband isn’t in the chair, then the dogs like to get in there.  Needless to say was neither pretty nor fresh.

Of course you’re always supposed to test a small spot of fabric to make sure it doesn’t do anything weird like change the color or damage the fabric.  Frankly, I just didn’t care.  I hauled the Chair Of Smells out onto the porch, sprayed it generously with the product and let it sit out there and dry.    After about four hours, I brought it back in and vacuumed it.   I couldn’t believe the difference…it actually looked clean!  Well, as clean as this thing can look anyway.

The smell of this Carpet Afterlife if more pleasant than others that I’ve smelled, not too chemically or strong.   The scent of the product clung to the chair for about 24 hours after I treated it but now it just smells clean.  Like honestly smells fresh and looks so much brighter and cleaner.  In fact don’t tell anyone but I’m sitting in it right now and I’m not disgusted.  The bottle is 32oz which is pretty generous.

Carpet Afterlife
Carpet Afterlife



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