Shine Whitening Teeth Whitener Review

Brighter teeth?  Yes, please!  I’m always hesitant to try teeth bleaching kits because my teeth are really sensitive already.  I tried some strips a while ago and those really irritated my entire mouth.   I figured I would try a different type and see if it worked.

I received Shine Whitening   and immediately got to work.   It comes packaged in two syringes (without needles) and two trays.  You’re supposed to apply the gel to the trays and then wear them around for twenty minutes or so.  But FIRST you have to prepare the trays.

I’m going to admit that the mishap with the trays was totally my fault.   The idea is that you soften them up while holding them briefly in boiling water and them molding them to your teeth.  Well, I accidentally dropped them both into the boiling water and they turned into gelatinous goo and I had to throw them away.  DON’T DO THIS.

I decided I’d just paint the product onto my teeth and try to keep my lips off my teeth and this worked well enough.  Due to my sensitivities I left the product on for about five minutes a day, five days a week.   I rinse my mouth really well with warm water to make sure all the product is removed.

Did it work? Yes.  I think my whitening was a little less dramatic than others but I also used the product pretty conservatively.   I think it’s a great value for the price and I’d definitely buy another kit and this time not mess up the trays.

This was right after I got my braces off.
This was right after I got my braces off.

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