Arcana Summer Constellation Reviews!

Hello hotties!  We have a lovely new Arcana collection that is perfect for those magical sultry summer nights.   Summer Constellations will be available in the shop on July 1st but we wanted to make sure you had some reviews to check put so you can decide what’s on your hot list.   These will be available while supplies last so if you see something you can’t live without, get it while you can!

These will be available at The Rhinestone Housewife, Arcana’s Ebay shop and also at Pretty Indulgent.

Summer Constellations

Cygnus: The Swan. Of all the myths surrounding Cygnus, our favorite is that he is vain Queen Cassiopeia’s pampered pet. Soft, antique amber, rose petal syrup, rose-infused cupcakes, and fluffy white frosting.

In bottle: Rose candy.

Wet on skin:  The amber and rose are soft and delicate yet warm and snuggly.  It’s very sweet and wholly lady like.

Dry on skin:  The rose really blooms towards the end but it’s not a sharp floral at all.  The amber and frosted cupcakes really take the edge off of what can be a sharp floral.

Verdict:  It’s rose!  And foodie!  But not too rose!  And not too foodie!


Delphinus: This matchmaking dolphin convinced beautiful sea-nymph Amphitrite to marry Poseidon. Peach sorbet, sugared coconut milk, and a tiny drop of Key lime.

In bottle:  Sugared lime!

Wet on skin:  It’s like peach sorbet with lime squeezed over the top right at first.  The lime fades a bit and the peach really shines!

Dry on skin:  The peach and coconut milk have combined to give it a bit of a vanilla vibe.   Definitely a sweet peach sorbet scent.

Verdict:  Perfect if you love peach and are looking for the perfect warm weather scent!


Draco: The bold dragon who stood sentry over Hera’s golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides. Crisp apples, black amber resin, pineapple, black tea, and cognac absolute.

In bottle:  Apple tea.

Wet on skin:  The black amber resin is super in your face right at first. Then the apples and tea swirl around with just the briefest hint of pineapple at the edges.

Dry on skin:  Apple and pineapple black tea with a shot of cognac to richen everything up.  The resin is the perfect note to ground it.

Verdict:  This is a gorgeous apple scent.  It’s not foodie at all, and not spicy either.  It’s a lovely new way to showcase the apple note!


Lacerta: The Lizard. Ancient Greeks identified no constellation in this spot, but Native American Chumash astronomers saw a lizard, while Chinese astronomers recognized Tengshe, the flying dragon-snake. Cassis, strawberry, watermelon, blackcurrant, opium, white musk, and a hint of luminous green scales.

In bottle: Watermelon!

Wet on skin:  It’s very freshly fruity right at first with the watermelon and strawberry right up front.  The musk and cassis are very subtle in the background at this point.  The white musk is creeping around and it’s really pretty with all the fruits.  The blackcurrant is also adding just a bit of a spicy note.

Dry on skin:  Ahh, the green scales are curling around now….and the fruits have taken a back seat to the musk and soft opium.

Verdict:  This turned out much different than I expected!   It’s less fruity and more grounded and grown up than I thought it would be.  Very soft and appropriate for work.


Lyra: Containing the bright star Vega, Lyra represents the enchanted lyre of gifted, tragic Orpheus. Smoky oudh with cool vanilla, caramelized apricot, golden woods, rich musk, and honeyed osmanthus.

In bottle:  Cold, smoky oudh.

Wet on skin:  Woodsy but in a wearable soft way….not masculine.  The smokiness of the oudh softened right away and now I’m getting just a bit of the caramelized apricot.

Dry on skin:  The musk has shown up and it’s a sexy one but not too swarthy and it’s *perfect* with the cool vanilla.   The osmanthus is just barely there, peeking in.

Verdict:  This is lovely and warm and rich, but not cloying in any way.  Just the right amount of dark and light.


Ophiuchus: The snake-handler holds the constellation Serpens in the night sky. Blackest vanilla, sweet cream, and patchouli wind around mandarin, tangerine, petitgrain, ginger, citron, and bright frankincense tears.

In bottle:  Citron and patchouli.

Wet on skin:  The sweet cream and petitgrain start this off warm and creamy.  Then the patchouli and citrus just barely start wafting around.

Dry on skin:  The patchouli steps up and it’s a nice, creamy patchouli and a nice balance with the black vanilla.

Verdict:  This is gorgeous and my favorite of the collection. If you like patchouli then you need this and if you’re hesitant about citrus, then this will be perfect for you because it’s not in your face citrus but soft and creamy.  Not gonna lie, keeping one of these for myself.


Piscis Australis: The Southern Fish gulps water flowing from the urn of Aquarius. A clean, airy handful of acacia blossoms, neroli, tuberose, asphodel, and native gardenia petals are scattered over banana fruit and white amber.

In bottle: Gardenia and just a hint of banana.

Wet on skin:  Gardenia and banana and ohmygodiloveit!  I actually really enjoy the smell of gardenia but it tends to be a note that I can’t wear.   It’s very airy as the banana fades out a bit and the tuberose blossom.

Dry on skin:    The gardenia is lush and creamy and it’s so unexpected with the banana!   It’s not green or sharp in any way…..very succulent.

Verdict:  A beautiful floral without the green herbal note that you often get with florals.  It’s lovely!


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