Corvus Cosmetics Swatches

Hello hotties!  I’ve got some new swatches for you presented by Corvus Cosmetics!     I chose the Kinder-und Hausmarchen collection because of all the various lovely oranges that were in it.

First up are: (The light was changing at this point so the lighting is inconsistent in these first couple…sorry!)  

These are swatched over a primer and photographed with no flash in natural light.  I just realized that I forgot He Was No Frog so I’ll be adding that swatch!

The Devil Told You That-A soft white highlight shade with a gold sheen.

Jersey Devil (free sample-the Cryptolozoology Collection)-A light golden brown with a strong red duochrome.

Let Down Your Hair-A soft, sheer nude-pink with lots of shimmer.

The Thirteenth Gift-A coral pink with a gold shift.




Next up are:

Golden Slipper-A champagne gold with a slight shimmer.

Goodbye Hans-A bright orange with gold shimmer.

Gingerbread Haus-A matte tan with a complex indigo-purple-red shift.

Barely A Bite-An apple red with a poisonous green shift.




P1160906And now we have:

Death At His Feet-A dark chocolate brown with a satin finish.

The Better To Eat You With-An antique silver with deep brown undertones.

The Summer Garden-A midtoned rosy purple.



P1160913And to finish up:

Nightingale-A mid-toned aubergine with subtle shimmer.

Bluebeard-A velvety navy blue.

Three Ravens-A satiny black with strong blue undertones.



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