Wig & Headpiece Blog Sale!

I’m destashing a ton of my costume stuff pretty cheap.  I’m always willing to combine and accept other, reasonable offers.   Leave a comment or email me at h.mcnaughty at gmail dot com

Christmas headpiece. $10 plus $5 for shipping. Head and wig not included

Orange and white feather head band. $5 shipped, wig and head not included.

Black feather headband with flower and rhinestones. $10 shipped. Wig and head not included.

Red and gold showgirl headpiece. $20 pus $10 for shipping, head and wig not included.

Pink and yellow feather clip. $15 shipped, head and wig not included.

Medusa snake cap, $15 shipped, wig and head not included.

Super cheesy handmade hat, $5 shipped, head and wig not included.

Short flippy brown wig, $7 shipped, head not included.

Platinum beehive wig, $7 shipped, head not included.

Drag Marilyn wig, $7 shipped, head not included.

New Tick: Tock Swatches (& day 9!)

I got my Tick: Tock order with the new colors and couldn’t wait to swatch them all!  All swatches done over Detrivore primer and photographed under a bright light with no flash.

Friday the 13th In Austin (& day 77!)

Austin has been great so far.   Last night the Mr. and I went out to a Brazilian steak house and had a great dinner.  I treated myself to two martinis (which were delicious!) and boy did I feel it the next day!   The restaurant was called Fogo de Chao and it’s an interesting way to experience meat, lemme tell ya.  They have good looking boy walking around with skewers of meat and you just take what you want.   They had everything from bacon wrapped chick breast to pork loin to lamb chops.   We ate.  A lot.   Which leads into my FOTD post….

My face us puffy from all the salt and meat!   Puffy and swollen I tell you!  Anyhoo, I soldiered on and have some pics for you.  They’re not the prettiest but well here they are.

Face:  Holika Holika BB Cream in Baby Bloom, Tick: Tock Face Time powder.

Cheeks:  Meow Ginger Torch

Lips:  Venomous gloss in Hypnotize

Eyes: MAC pain in Untitled, then Tick: Tock tester primer.   Tick: Tock pigment in Salvador Dali in crease and Venomous Pegasus on lid and up to brow.  Meow Sexpot just under brow.   One coat of black mascara.

Some delicious smelling flowers outside the hotel.

Today we went and had lunch and drinks.   We had fried pickles and blood may’s at Jackelope then went and did some shopping and checked out the museum of the weird.   In the back they have a side show performer and a cool little room with horror movie stuff in it.  There was the Mummy, Wolfman and Kind Kong!

I got some photos during and after the performance.  It was kinda cool because we were the only ones in the audience.

After that I needed another bloody mary so we stopped at Casino El Camino and had verde chilli cheese fries.

I got salad with my bloody mary!

Tonight is more food and another burlesque show….whoo-hooo!

Haute Under The Collar at Vampire’s Masquerade Ball PDX & 90 Days Of Beauty Challenge!

Today kicks off my 90 days of beauty challenge that I’m going to try to finish.  Although not makeup related I thought this post was filled with beauty none the less!

Emily and I were very excited to head down to Portland for the Vampire’s Masquerade Ball to vend for Haute Under The Collar.  It was the tenth anniversary of the event so it was expected to be bigger and better than ever and we’re always down for a road trip.    The place was packed by 9:30!  There were some amazing costumes and tried to get photos of our client in our ties.

Emily all set up and ready to go!

Here I am, ready to sell some sparklies!

A fellow vendor and happy customer!

We had a lot of time to sit around and take pics of ourselves while we were waiting for the bar to open and for them to let everyone in!

Emily got TONS of compliments on her lashes. I think her lashes were the most popular of the night!

A happy customer couple with the devil photo bombing in the background.

Another happy customer and stunning couple.

Mad Marquee came down to visit us and keep us company for a while. Oh and he bought us drinks!

Another client and amazing looking couple!

And we found Iva's long lost brother.

Dear Continental Airlines

Dear Continental Airlines,

First off let me say that I really don’t normally get upset about travel SNAFU’s.   There are so many minute details that all have to come together to make for flawless travel that it’s pretty rare when it happens.    Not to mention having to remove shoes and jackets, and still requiring the extra Hottie hair pat down after the cosmic ray scanner.   When I was little, traveling was fun and kind of glamorous, now it’s all about getting from point A to point B with as little hassle as possible.   So I try really hard to be patient and just go with the flow.

On my recent trip to New Orleans with Iva Handfull we traveled via Continental Airlines to the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. With the exception of the hour long baggage drop at SeaTac the trip down was a breeze with no delays and our luggage made it no problems.    The trip back proved a little more problematic.   It started out innocently enough and we got to the bag drop, all checked in online.  The line wasn’t too bad and we get to the counter and our luggage is whisked away.  It wasn’t until we were heading to security that we realize the lady didn’t ask for our ID.  I’m pretty sure I have ID checked whenever I check luggage, and Iva agreed as well.   We breeze through security(with the exception of the enhanced Hottie hair pat down and subsequent cosmic rays) and wait to board.

We were about forty minutes late taking off from NOLA which then caused us to miss our connecting flight in Houston.    After much running around from Terminal C to B, back to C and then landing at Terminal E (and a VERY nice Alaska Airlines agent-wish we’d flown Alaska!) I was informed by a surly Continental/United gate agent that I had to check in with Continental/United customer service.  We head to customer service and the agent tells us that there is room on the next flight out at 9:05pm and we’re all booked.  Yay!   We ask about our luggage and were informed that it would go out on the next flight as well.  Double yay!  We board the plane and land in Seattle on time.

We head to the baggage claim and wait.   And wait.   And wait.   No luggage so we head to the Delayed Baggage Information agent desk which is through the hobbit door and takes you into the Land Of Lost Luggage.    Without saying hi or can I help you? the customer service agent holds out her hand and says, “baggage ticket”.  Oh, that’s how you want to play, huh?   I whipped out and slapped down my baggage ticket and she informs me that our luggage should be landing in Houston shortly.  Huh?   I thought it was already in Houston?   She told me it hadn’t even left NOLA on the correct flight in the first place.   Three huge suitcases containing our burlesque costumes and the entire inventory of ties that we took to vend at NOBF.   We are issued a Delayed Baggage Information file reference number and told that it our bags should land in Seattle in the AM and they would be couriered out to us.

The next day, I call the Continental Airlines Baggage Resolution Center (aka The Land Of Lost Luggage) and am informed that my bag will be landing in Seattle at 1pm and will go out on the 3pm truck for delivery.  I confirm my address and am told it will be delivered between 3pm and 9pm.    10pm rolls around and nothing to I once again call the Resolution Center.   The agent that time acted shocked that I didn’t have it because according to the courier company it was delivered.   Uh no, it hasn’t been.   She contacts the courier company and they tell her it’s on the truck for delivery.   I ask about compensation and the agent said I could get some ‘vouchers’.  I tell her that I just want my $35 fee back that I paid for the bag and she tells me that’s not possible.   Midnight rolls around and I finally just call the courier company directly and the lady that answered tells me the  drivers said they couldn’t deliver it that night because they all had to be back by 2:30am to pick up bags at hotels.   What the what?   I have no clue what she was talking about but she promises my bag will be delivered between 9-11am the next morning.   Because it’s now a work day for me, I tell them they need to change the delivery address to my place of work since that’s where I’ll be during the ‘guaranteed delivery’ window.

I get to work and the hours roll by.   At 10:30 I call the courier service again and am told that the lady last night gave me the wrong window, it’s supposed to be 9am to 1pm.   I inform her that my place of business closes from 1-2 for lunch so the driver would have to make sure it was before 1:00.   I ask the agent to let the driver know that we were closed at that time and she assured me she would.    12:50 rolls around and no suitcase.  This time, just for shits and giggles I call the Airlines Baggage Resolution Center again and thankfully the agent I got this time was the only person during the whole FUBAR situation that seemed to know what she was doing.  I don’t know her last name, but her first name was Donna and she was an angel. I’d like to take a moment to thank Donna and Continental/United should thank her as well because she single handedly kept me as a customer.  She was appalled that I didn’t have my bag, immediately contacted the driver of the courier company who assured her he’d have it to me by 1pm.   Donna told me to call her after I got my bag back and she’d make sure my compensation was significantly higher than my $35 bag fee.

1:05 rolls around and I clock out and we lock up for lunch.    At 1:35 my cell phone rings and it’s the delivery driver with my bag.  He tells me that he was never informed that we closed at 1pm for lunch and agrees to wait until we’re back in the office at 2pm.   At 2:20 he shows up and I’ve got my bag back.   I call Donna and she issues me a generous travel voucher good for a year on Continental/United Airlines.

Congratulations Continental for the single worst luggage experience I’ve ever had.     It’s actually quite impressive that although my luggage was never technically ‘lost’ there didn’t seem to be a single person that could deliver one suitcase 45 minutes north of Seattle in less than two days.    Bravo.

Boobies for Woobies

BOOBIES for WOOBIES! – A Fundraiser for the Women/Children’s Shelters of Snohomish County, Produced by Discontinued Trim Productions!

The Non-Profit, Women/Children’s Shelters of Snohomish County, serve to meet the physical and emotional needs of Women and their children, by providing nutritious meals, a warm and safe shelter, and as much strength and support the volunteer staff have to offer.

Help us raise funds, by joining us for one night, and one night only of a spectacular mix of Burlesque, Boylesque, Cabaret, Comedy, Drag and Bellydance . This Variety Show is one that you won’t want to MISS! Come see an incredible array of talented performers express themselves in so many different ways and all for the same cause.

Pre Sale Tickets $15 – Tickets at Door $20
Location: Theatre off Jackson
409 7th Avenue S., Seattle, WA
Must be 21+ to attend

Doors open at 6:30 pm
Show starts at 7:00 pm

Hosted by None other: “The Man, The Mystery, The Mustache” Ernie Von Schmaltz
– Christine Anne
– Heidi Von Haught
– Hottie McNaughty
– Iva Handfull
– Jo Jo Stiletto
– Kendra Hayes
– The Luminous Pariah
– Maggie
– Miss Elaine Yes
– Pinky Shines
– Ruby Whiines

Raffle Tickets can be purchased at the show, or bring an item to donate and receive a Raffle ticket. REMEMBER….. WE RAFFLE AMAZING GOODIES donated and/or made by our very own talented performers and other folks from our community.
Greatest needs for the shelter are listed below.
1. Toiletries (such as lotions, deodorants, feminine products, towels)
2. Gently used or new Blankets
3. Gently used of new coats
4. Kids games, books, and clothing

Pinups & Pasties!

PINUPS & PASTIES Burlesque Entertainment presented by Bachelor Pad Magazine and The Pinup Angels. Hosted by Java of Bachelor Pad Magazine, featuring performances by a cast of Seattle’s most talented stripteasers, and a parade of pinups by The Pinup Angels.
Event Dates: Feb 19, 2011 7:00 PM
Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/143736
Performer Line-up:
Bella Jovan
Sydni Deveraux
Polly Wood
Jesse Belle Jones
LuLu Belle
Hottie McNaughty
Lucky Penny
Iva Handful
Octavia Sexton
Evilyn Sin Claire
Bunny Monroe
Black Cherry
Miss Kitty Baby
Hosted by Java
Featuring The Pinup Angels in the Parade Of Pinups

PINUPS & PASTIES presented by Bachelor Pad Magazine and The Pinup Angels.
Hosted by Java of Bachelor Pad Magazine. Featuring performances by a cast of Seattle’s most talented and sexiest stripteasers. Showcasing a parade of pinups by The Pinup Angels with signed pinup prints available. Local designers will be on site providing all of your showgirl needs for sale.
Bachelor Pad Magazine is the nation’s premier publication dedicated to ‘Booze, Babes, and Burlesque’. It features models, performers, and contributing writers from the pinup, burlesque, and mid-century fanatic scenes. Java regulary donates copies to Bachelor Pad Magazine to the Pinup Angels to be sent to our troops overseas.
The Pinup Angels are a group of local and national Pin-up Girls who use their pinup images to raise funds to send care packages to our troops serving overseas. The Pinup Angels were founded by U.S. Marine, Pinup Girl, and Burlesque Performer Miss Kitty Baby.

The Pinup Angels: Pinups Supporting Our Troops


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