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IMAM Colab FOTD Featuring Planet Mercury

Hello hotties!   I had a fun collaboration this week with the ladies on IMAM (Indie Makeup And More) featuring the planets and I chose Mercury.  Now Mercury is interesting because if you google pictures of it, you get two very different looks.  One is all reds and gold and hot looking and the other is a beautiful azure, gold and white vibe.  So I decided to do two looks.

The first was done with Brazen shadows in Cheeky, Immaculate and Tree Hugger and this represents the hot Mercury.




The next FOTD is to represent the other images of Mercury that you see.  Here I used Brazen shadow in Music Box and Ice Queen and Geek Chic shadows in Oldest Profession In The Universe, Cosmic Cathouse and Pangalactic Painted Lady.  Lippie is Meteor Madame.


Cool Mercury
Cool Mercury


Cool Mercury
Cool Mercury
Cool Mercury
Cool Mercury


Arcana Grotesquerie Reviews

Hello hotties!   Today I bring to you a review post a year in the making.  I know, I know….it’s al ittle late for Hallowe’en reviews but in the honor of A Christmas Carol I’m trying to bring you reviews of collections past.   I feel like this Arcana collection didn’t get as much love as it should have at The Rhinestone Housewife and we still have stock available so I’m encouraging you to pick any up that sound good to you as once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Bean Sidhe-The red-eyed Irish fairy who wails of death’s approach. A delicate blend of dark vanilla and sugared milk is spiked with woodsmoke, pale apple, porter, and glowing red musk.

In bottle:  Vanilla and apple.

Wet on skin:  Warm and yummy vanilla milk with a touch of red musk.  There is a very faint wisp of woodsmoke and just a bit of porter.

Dry on skin:  The sugared milk and dark vanilla are super tasty together.   The red musk and softened up and the smoke and porter add just a touch of edge so that the whole isn’t too cloying.

Verdict:  Delicious!  It’s a soft, warm and snuggly scent.

Bean Sidhe
Bean Sidhe

Bright Pink Giant SlugsAren’t you glad to live in a world where these exist? Guava, caramel, pink musk, smoke, damp wood, turbinado sugar, slug musk, and honey.

In bottle: Pink sugar.

Wet on skin: There is just the briefest whiff of delicate wood smoke all wrapped around the caramel and pink musk.   I don’t know what slug musk is but I assume that’s the earthy musk that is grounding all the sweets.

Dry on skin:  This is a touch scent to describe.   I’m getting the sugar first and foremost but it’s not a sickly sweet kind of sugar, it’s like taking a big whiff of a bag of Sugar In The Raw.  The smoke, damp wood and musk are VERY lights but add a nice depth to the blend.

Verdict:  I really like this oil.  It’s hard to describe but it’s rich and sweet and I think would smell equally nice on a boy or girl.

Bright Pink Giant Slugs
Bright Pink Giant Slugs

Croque-Mitaine-A terrifying French bogeyman who waits under the bed, ready to grab any child who refuses to sleep. Chocolate absolute, gooey marshmallow, vanilla bean, peru balsam, and a hint of clove bud.

In bottle:  Chocolate marshmallow

Wet on skin:  At first this blend is all a swirl of marshmallow, chocolate and vanilla.  As it softens down the clove and basalm come out and really take the foodie edge off.

Dry on skin:  So imagine that a marshmallow had been stored in a yummy smelling wood box and lightly dusted with dark chocolate powder and then swirled in light clove smoke and this is what you’ve got.

Verdict:  Wow, this was a surprise hit for me.   Foodie, but not too foodie and would be equally snuggly on a boy or girl.


Euryale-The second eldest Gorgon, Euryale was famous for her sharp fangs and piercing shriek. Ripe pomegranate and black cherry with hints of ginger, vanilla, and cardamom.

In bottle:  Dark cherry and pomegranate.

Wet on skin:  This is all pomegranate right at first drizzled in black cherry and ginger.  The cardamom is just a slight whisper in the background, telling you secrets of delicious things to come.

Dry on skin:  This is shriek of pomegranate and cherry, amplified by the ginger.  I don’t think there is red ginger but if there was this would be it.   It’s a sexy song of fruit and sensual spice.

Verdict:  This is one of my favorite blends, a top ten for me.   If you love cherry, pick this up while you can!


Gigelorum-The smallest Scottish beastie in existence. Cider, winesap apples, myrrh, oakmoss, black pepper, citron, and patchouli.

In bottle:  Apple cider dusted with black pepper.

Wet on skin:  The black pepper is the star here with the myrrh and oakmoss supporting the apples.  The myrrh really amps up and with the citron gives it a nice punch.

Dry on skin:  As this dries down the fruity aspect of the apples and cider slowly fades to the background and the oakmoss and myrrh really blossom and the black pepper gives it a nice edge.

Verdict:  This would a glorious on a boy!   Sexy, fresh and slightly beastly in the best way possible.


Glashtin-This Manx water horse nicely offers rides, then drags his victims under the waves forever. Astringent black tea, oats, ginger, sea water, and bee pollen.

In bottle:  Bracing tea,

Wet on skin:  Tea and sea water right out of the gate!  The bee pollen is a beautiful compliment to the tea and water and kind of wraps them in a warm cloud.

Dry on skin:  The ginger has made an appearance and it’s the star here.  All wrapped up in tea and softened with the oats this has turned into a nice, snuggly scent.

Verdict:  I really enjoy this.  It’s a rich and snuggly scent which is interesting as it has a bit of an aquatic edge to it.


Kijimuna-A zingy scent for the mischievous prankster wood sprites of Okinawa. Grapefruit, yuzu fruit, rice milk, rice wine, massoia bark, lemongrass, and banyan.

In bottle:  A creamy fruit popsicle.

Wet on skin: Yuzu fruit, bright and sparkling with the rice milk and grapefruit.  As the fruit settles in the massoia bark and banyan add a nice depth and keep it from being too bright or fruity.

Dry on skin:  The lemongrass has made an appearance here and it’s glorious.  It’s a perfect compliment for the sparkly fruits and exotic milk and  rice wine.

Verdict:  A very surprise hit for me! Soft, sexy, grown up and refreshing.


Lechuza– Recite the Hail Mary backwards in Spanish to escape from the shape-shifting witch bird of Mexico. Bergamot, sweet orange, kumquat, bitter cacao, frankincense, tobacco, black pepper, and black tea.

In bottle:  Bergamot and black pepper…all the way!

Wet on skin:  Uplifting bergamot welcomes you in and the bitter cacoa takes your coat and offers you a seat.  As you settle in you smell sweet orange tea all spiced up with black pepper.

Dry on skin:  The bitter cacao blends beautifully with the bergamot and sweet orange with just a hint of kumquat.   All swirled up in black tea and just a dash of the peppers and spices, this is a gorgeous, rich scent.

Verdict:  Wow, what a stunner!  Sexy, warm, rich, grown up.   I love this shape-shifting bird witch of Mexico!


Medusa-Beautiful, horrifying Medusa could turn anyone to stone with a glance. Hot cinnamon and spiced lime with dirty musk and sugar.

In bottle:  Cinnamon and lime!

Wet on skin:  Hot and scorching cinnamon all the way at first with a bright burst of spicy lime.  The musk and sugar and hiding in the shadows, lurking about the edges.

Dry on skin:  This blend dries down to all hot cinnamon and is gorgeously supported by the lime, dirty musk and sugar.  No craft store cinnamon or spice here!

Verdict:  If you like cinnamon then you’ll LOVE this.  This is one of those blends that I always get compliments on when I wear it.


Skookum-The Chinook version of Bigfoot. A Northwest blend of fir needle oil, juniper, hemlock, rain, tiny wildflowers, strawberries, and a pinch of cool earth.

In bottle:  Fir needle oil all the way!

Wet on skin:  Woodsy, evergreen, fir needles, hemlocks and earth.  Like walking through a forest of evergreens in the Pacific Northwest.  Just a hint of rain and wildflowers peek out as it settles in.

Dry on skin:  The evergreens remain the star of this oil, and they are PERFECTLY supported by the ever so soft wildflowers and grounded by the pinch of earth.

Verdict: A gorgeous evergreen blend that doesn’t suffer at all by the ‘Pine-Sol effect’.  You know what I’m talking about but this oil will be perfect for those that love fresh, green, earthy or outdoorsy scents.    Like when you have a fresh Christmas tree in your abode and every morning you wake up and and enjoy the smell.


Stink Ape-Why is Florida’s version of Sasquatch called the Stink Ape despite smelling like warm sugar cookies, vanilla pods, ruby grapefruit, pink pepper, fruity osmanthus blossoms, cedarwood, bergamot, and cardamom? Because of a classic smear campaign by jealous rivals.

In bottle: Citrus sugar cookies!

Wet on skin: Stink Ape is all red grapefruit and bergamot.  It’s refreshing and bright and quite lovely.  The cardamom is just a whisper in the background and adds a nice soft spiciness that is much needed.

Dry on skin:  Osmanthus blossoms have, well…..blossomed and are mingling quite nicely with the vanilla pods and bergamot.   The cedarwood and pink pepper give it a nice base to really let the citrus shine.

Verdict:  The name does NOT fit this oil.  It’s beautiful and while it might stink, the the words of my nephew, “It stinks good.”

Stink Ape
Stink Ape

Strigoi-Unwelcome even in Hell, these Romanian super vampires are disproportionately likely to be redheads. Black rose petals and violets with dragonsblood resin and kush.

In bottle:  Deep, dark blossoms.

Wet on skin:  This is ALL black rose and violets at first.  While the florals are the star, the dragonsblood and kush and softly wafting behind the scenes, waiting to pounce.

Dry on skin:  The rose and violet have blossomed in the heat of night and distracted you from the dragonsblood resin and kush and there’s nothing for it, you’re a goner.

Verdict:  This scent perfectly embodies it’s name.   Dark florals and deadly resins.   You better watch out.


Suvannamaccha-The essence of a Thai mermaid: golden jasmine, coconut, pearl musk, skin musk, and a drop of hyssop.

In bottle:  Jasmine and musk.

Wet on skin:  Pearl musk and skin musk gently dance around a base of golden jasmine.  The jasmine is very soft and quite light and once the coconut makes an appearance really blossoms.

Dry on skin:  A very beachy coconut is right up front and grabbing your attention.  The jasmine is quite retiring now and the musks have really blossomed again.

Verdict:  A warm, beachy scent of all coconut, soft jasmine and gorgeous musks.


Tacky Ornament Swap Photos!

Happy holiday’s, hotties!

Every year I participate in a tacky ornament swap.  This year the goods were too tacky to keep to myself AND my swap partner was supremely generous.   Behold the tack:

Tacky Christmas forever!
Tacky Christmas forever!

My swap partner was very generous and added some amazing extras in my package as well and included a lot of stuff that I haven’t had the change to try before so I’m super excited:

Look at all those extra goodies!
Look at all those extra goodies!

I got fuzzy socks, holiday socks with puppies wearing Santa hats, a goodie bag, candy, jasmine tea, TFSI (a holy grail product), and shower gel and body lotion from Sixteen 92.   Whoo!  Thank you so much reddit user, aumerle!

Baroque Cosmetics A Heart’s A Heavy Burden Swatches

I have another lovely collection from Baroque Cosmetics called A Heart’s A Heavy Burden.  This collection was inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle and the colors are just gorgeous!

These were swatched over Tick Tock’s base in Milky Way and photographed under a bright light with no flash.

First up are Child Who Swallowed A Star, Duck Hat, Good Doggy and I Never Liked Turnips.  I Never Liked Turnips is my favorite out of this bunch.

P1160273 P1160275

Then we have Pepping Bug, Secret Garden, She Likes My Spark and Star Lake.  She Likes My Spark is so, so amazing!  Scroll down for an out of focus photo that really shows it’s sparkles.P1160276 P1160277

Then we have Tackiest Thing Here, Elaking On Air, Wartime and Wizard’s Apprentice.  I really love Tackiest Thing Here…it’s got some really gorgeous subtle red flash that’s hard to see but just beautiful.P1160285 P1160286 P1160287 P1160288

Baroque Cosmetics Viva La Revolution Swatches

Hello all you lovelies!  Today I bring you swatches from a new to me company called Baroque Cosmetics.  This collection is called Viva La Revolution and I’m assuming you can guess the inspiration!

These were swatched over a taupe colored primer by TIck Tock Cosmetics and photographed under a bright light with no flash.   On to the pretties!

First up are Affair Of The Diamond, Death Of Marat, Dictateur Sanguinaire and Madame Deficit.  The stand out for me in this set is Death Of Marat.

Affair Of The Diamond, Death Of Marat, Dictateur Sanguinaire, Madame Deficit
Affair Of The Diamond, Death Of Marat, Dictateur Sanguinaire, Madame Deficit


The next set is National Razor, Sun King, The Republic and Versailles.  National Razor is really pretty and super complex.


National Razor, Sun King, The Republic, Versailles
National Razor, Sun King, The Republic, Versailles

Shipping and TAT were lightning fast and I found these shadows very easy to work with.  I can’t wait to try them on my face!

Darling Girl Who Ya Gonna Call Swatches

Well, I’ve got a lovely swatch post for you today.   Up for your viewing pleasure is Darling Girl’s Halloween collection, Who Ya Gonna Call.  As usual Susan took customers suggestions for names in this collection and I’m happy to say that one of my suggestions made it into a color this year, The Flowers Are Still Standing.  These are swatched over Tick Tock’s Infinity base in Milky Way and photographed with no flash either under a bright light or in natural light.

First up is Don’t Cross The Streams, Ghost Job, He Slimed Me, Key Master and Mass Hysteria.  The stand out for me is Key Master.



And next is Spiritual Turbulence, That’s A Big Twinkie, The Flowers Are Still Standing, There Is No Dana and The Tragic Death Of Mr. Stay Puft.    That’s A Big Twinkie is my favorite.  This is a versatile color that you could wear every day.




P1160149And the two extras are Hellofall and Jaycee-Boo Who.  These were freebies with my order.



Atomic Cosmetics Review

Hello hotties!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a review that I thought I’d jump right in and review a somewhat new but local brand to Seattle called Atomic Cosmetics.  Several of my friends who are also performers endorse this company and rave about the products.  I had been hesitant to purchase because a while back there was some sort of ‘glow in the dark’ or ‘uv reactive’ shadows they were selling.   At this point there is no uv reactive or glow in the dark pigment that’s approved for use on the eyes in the US but those products seem to have been pulled so  I decided to just bite the bullet and try some stuff out.

The Site:  I’m sorry to say this, but I find the web store really clunky and painfully difficult to navigate.  Too much flashy stuff going on and it’s always been slow for me.  I’ve tried on multiple web browsers and never had great luck.  It took me a long time to place my order which is a no-go for me.    That said, she also has an actual retail store in Seattle that I’ve never been to.

The Shipping:  My order was over $75 so it shipped for free.   I did not receive any sort of tracking number and in fact ended up having to go down to the post office and sign for the package.   What a pain.   Everything was wrapped nicely and arrived with no leakage or spills.  It also arrived within a week of ordering.

The Products:

I’ll start with the lipstick.  I ordered Boca which is described on the site:  “ It’s a warm, orange-y red that SCREAMS tropical heat!”  In the tube it looks beautiful, and the color is bright and vibrant and super orangey which I love.   Once I put it on, the color goes hot pink.  Like, “Hi there, how *you* doin’?” pink.  WTF?  The actual formula is nice, with not too much slip, no annoying or cloying fragrance and it seems to have nice lasting power.  For those of you that care, it does indeed stain your lips and makes complete removal difficult.   The price point is $20 which is a lot and I was a little disappointed in the packaging.  The lid doesn’t fit quite right on the tube and wobbles around quite a bit.  Enough so that it makes me nervous to carry it around in my purse because I just know the lid will jiggle off and cause a huge mess.   I would expect better quality packaging for $20.  I would consider purchasing again only if I could try the product on before buying.

Ingredients:  Who the hell knows.  It’s not listed on the web site or on the product.  A big no-no in my book.

Atomic Cosmetics lipstick in Boca.
Atomic Cosmetics lipstick in Boca.
Atomic Cosmetics lipstick in Boca.
Atomic Cosmetics lipstick in Boca.




Atomic Cosmetics Boca Liptick.

Next up we have the face primer, Optimus Primer.  It’s described on the site thusly:   It all begins somewhere! A thin layer of Optimus Primer is the best way to start.  Ingredients:  Again, who knows?  No ingredient list on the site or on the product.  Use at your own risk I guess.

So, I’ve been using this for over a month now and I’m not impressed at all.  I get better makeup wear when I use the Nyx primer or even the Brazen Cosmetics Triple Threat primer which is my favorite.   This product is 4oz and  priced at a whopping $40!  First of all, that’s a lot of money and secondly, it’s a stupid amount of product for which you use very little at a time.   I think the package size needs to be revisited.   I would not purchase this again.

Atomic Cosmetics Optimus Primer
Atomic Cosmetics Optimus Primer
Atomic Cosmetic Optimus Primer.
Atomic Cosmetic Optimus Primer.

The next product I tried was the Curtain Call Makeup Setting Spray.  Described as:  A non-toxic setting spray? YES. Put down that aerosol hairspray and step away from the toxic misters.  Curtain Call’s botanical film formers hold your makeup in place safely and effectively.  Atomic Cosmetics is the dazzling natural make up line for glamazons who care about their flesh. There’s something for everyone: for the fashion forward, and for professional day looks.

Wow, this did NOT work for me.  When I tried to spray it onto my freshly and carefully made up face, instead of a fine mist it came out in huge drops of product that promptly made my mascara smear all over my eyes and caused my makeup to run.  How can this possibly work?  My Urban Decay All Nighter doesn’t do that.  Honestly, I just threw this product away.  I don’t care how good it is for you skin if the application method and packaging doesn’t work.

Ingredients:  An actual ingredient list!  Distilled water, aspalathus lineans (Organic Roobios Tea) extract, camellia sinensis (White Tea) extract, camellia sinensis (Organic Green Tea) extract, phenoxythenol, methylsulfonylmethan (MSM), dimethlaminoethnol, sodium hyaluronate acid, EDTA, citric acid.

I would not purchase this product again and in fact can’t find it on the site anymore so I’m not even sure if it’s still available.



The last product up for review is the Magic Mixxx Shadow Setting Potion.  This is described:  Abracadabra! You just put a spell on your eye shadow to allow for easier applications and once dry… seamless blending!    I have mixed feelings about this product.   It definitely was a LOT easier to blend the shadows once dry but I don’t think it had to staying power of my beloved Duraline by Inglot.   At $10 it’s a great deal as you get 2oz so it should last forever.  Would I purchase again?   Most likely not.

Ingredients:  Surprise, surprise…none on the site, but there is a list on the product.  Distilled water, aloe vera extract, chamomile extract, jojoba protein, cucumber extract, polyaminopropyl biguanide.

Atomic Cosmetics Magic Mixxx Shadow Setting Potion
Atomic Cosmetics Magic Mixxx Shadow Setting Potion
Atomic Cosmetics Magic Mixxx Shadow Setting Potion

All in all I was pretty disappointed in the products that I ordered.   At over $80 there is nothing that I loved and nothing that would make me go back for more.  What do you guys think?

Arcana Coast Of Cascadia And Sale At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hotties!   The Arcanas have landed, the Arcanas have landed at The Rhinestone Housewife!  Thank you so much for your patience while we posted up the new Arcana collection, Coast of Cascadia.  This collection is beautiful with some really lovely soaps that I know you’re going to go ga-ga over.  Without further ado, we present Coast of Cascadia:


Goofy Foot Soap: An ode to surf culture. Fresh coconut and cardamom with green notes of spearmint, fresh basil, and one drop of vetiver grass. Made with scrubbing pumice, finely ground organic oats, and organic coconut milk.

Pink Saltwater Taffy Soap: A candy pink blend of cherry, sugarberry, black and gold raspberry, vanilla fondant, white sugar, and a grounding touch of patchouli. Made with French pink clay, Tussah noil silk, and organic coconut milk.

Sea Glass Soap: Gifts from the sea. A delicate blend of violet petals, bee balm, translucent honey, neroli, tuberose, narcissus, and skin musk. Made with Tussah noil peace silk, organic light cream, and pure wildflower honey.

Yurt Soap: The scent of sleeping in a rustic yurt surrounded by old growth forests. Glowing dragonsblood resin and cedarwood with hemlock, fir needle, juniper, and bonfire smoke. Made with ivory clay, Tussah peace silk, and organic coconut milk.

420 Soap: Not a replica scent, but more a compliment to summery bath and bong afternoons. Herbal holy grass, clover flowers, water mint, fir needle, and clove bud. Made with organic coconut milk and light green clay. Legalize it.

Perfume Oils:

Echolocation: How whales find one other. Ambergris and amber resin with ruby grapefruit, sweet guava, saltwater, vanilla pods, and the merest hints of patchouli and vetiver.

Goofy Foot: An ode to surf culture. Fresh coconut and cardamom with green notes of spearmint, fresh basil, and one drop of vetiver grass.

Nacre: The pearlescent sheen found inside certain shells. A mix of the prettiest vanilla with a plenitude of tropical white blossoms, pearl musk, a tiny hint of pineapple, and a quick squeeze of lime.

Pink Saltwater Taffy: A candy pink blend of cherry, sugarberry, black and gold raspberry, vanilla fondant, white sugar, and a grounding touch of patchouli.

Sand in Your Tail: Summer nights are fun while they last. Musky black vanilla beans and sultry orange blossoms with smoky tree resin, ambergris, pink pepper, tabac, and rich incense.

Sea Glass: Gifts from the sea. A delicate blend of violet petals, bee balm, translucent honey, neroli, tuberose, narcissus, and skin musk.

Yurt: The scent of sleeping in a rustic yurt surrounded by old growth forests. Glowing dragonsblood resin and cedarwood with hemlock, fir needle, juniper, and bonfire smoke.

And we have bonus items as well, Grasshopper perfume oil and Grasshopper soap!  Oh!  And we also have Swashbuckler soap back in stock, pick it up while you can!

 Enter coupon code SUMMERSALE2014 for $5 off any purchase of $0-$25 and $10 off any purchase of $25.01 and up before shipping.  This coupon will be good until midnight 7/10/14.


Spring Sale At The Rhinestone Housewife!

Are you ready for the giant spring sale at The Rhinestone Housewife? We are! We’ve marked down our cosmetics a ridiculous amount and we are also offering the ever popular free shipping bonus!

Go ahead and check out as usual and we will refund your shipping within 24 hours for domestic orders. International orders can enjoy $10 off the total of shipping that will be refunded within 24 hours of ordering. This offer is good until midnight PST 5/11/14.

We were so busy getting ready for spring here that we forgot our one year anniversary! So here it is, the super mega ultra lightning sale. We have marked down all of our cosmetics by 50%! That’s right, 50%! The prices are already marked down so feel free to shop away. Cosmetics can be found in the Cosmetics category as well as in the Exclusives category.

While you’re there be sure to check out the cult popular Arcana soaps and perfume oils. We’ve got a ton of soap on hand as well as most of the Limited Editions as well as General Catalog scents.

For Father’s Day, we have the amazingly fun Manly Man section. Here you will be able to pick up everything that you need for that special fella in your life. And feel free to pick out a little something for yourself…you deserve it.

Want to pay via Paypal? Feel free to email us at and we are more than happy to send a Paypal invoice your way.

Would you like cheaper interstional shipping? Feel free to email us and we are more than happy to check and see if there’s a cheaper option to get something to you. We are here for you!



Virus Insanity True Blood Collection Swatches

Hotties!   Today I bring to you a lovely collection of swatches from the Virus Insanity collection inspired by True Blood.   Can I just tell you…..I am *in love* with this collection.

These were swatched over Detrivore primer and photographed with no flash under a bright light.

First we have Alcide, Vampire Bill (well, technically it’s just BILL but come on…..I just can’t NOT say VAMPIRE BILL) and Eric.   These are all gorgeous but my favorite is Alcide.  Although I don’t mind have Eric on my face, either.   *wink, nudge*






The next set is Fangtasia, Lafayette and Sookie.    Fangtasia…..FANGTASIA!!  Yes, I screamed it.  It’s because it’s my newest obsession and my favorite shadow hands down right now.  It’s a gorgeous and wearable red and red eyeshadow can be tricky.  If it’s not done right then you just look like you have cholera. Fangtasia is a great, warm red with golden flash and red glitter.










I totally forgot to include Merlotte’s in the original swatching so here it is all by itself:





Combinations that I’m looking forward to trying are Fangtasia/Vampire Bill (weird but it might just look amazeballs!), Sookie/Eric and Lafayette/Eric.



Darling Girl Swatch Post

Hello hotties!

I was lucky enough to get my Darling GIrl package this week so I put together a swatch post for you.   The swatches aren’t from  any one collection so I’ve put them in alphabetical order just for shits and giggles.

These were all swatched over Detrivore primer and photographed inside under a bright light with no flash.

First up are Beach Blanket Bingo, Black Hole Sun, Borrowed Underpants and Bubbles.   I had a hard time with Beach Blanket Bingo as it’s a matte and didn’t want to apply evenly over the primer.   My favorite of this bunch is Black Hole Sun.




Now we’ve got Dirty Limerick, Emagherd!, Fireworks and Heatwave.   How excited am I to try Fireworks and Dirty Limerick together?   Very excited.








Now we have Paper Planes, Red Butler and Sakura Season (free GWP).   Paper Planes and Red Butler were instant favorites for me.  Red Butler is a gorgeous brow bone highlighter.





And last we have Sexxy Girlfriend!, Tank Taupe, and Cheeks Like Roses blush.   Tank Taupe was hard to work with over the primer as it’s a matte.   Cheeks Like Roses is my new instant favorite blush!



So those are the swatches!  Look for some FOTD posts coming up soon featuring these colors!



FOTD with Groovy and Forever

Hello hotties!  It’s been so long since I’ve brought you a FOTD post that I thought you were due one.  Also, I have new hair!   We bleached it out twice to a golden apricot color and then toned it with 7OR and 5 vol.  I love it!

Face-Brazen Triple Threat primer on face, custom mix of UD Naked 1.0/Benefit Hello Flawless in Petal.   Finished with custom powder.   Concealer in Alabaster by Dinair.

Cheeks-Aromaleigh blush in Corset.

Lips-Brazen Sparkly Lady lip gloss Rhinestone Housewife exclusive.

Eyes-TFSI under Tick Tock primer in Milky Way.  Morgana Groovy applied to outer corner with Brazen Forever applied to entire lid up to brow bone.  Brazen Scorching applied just under brow.   One coat of black mascara and Brazen brow powder in Jane applied to brows.





Hottie’s Hot Pick Of The Week Brazen Smartmouth

Hello hotties!  It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am addicted to lip balm.  I’m happy to report that in my lifetime of looking, I have found the most perfect of lip balms ever, Brazen Smartmouth and it’s available at The Rhinestone Housewife.  This little beauty bombshell comes in all sorts of flavors such as Chai Tea, Pina Colada, Rum & Cola, Minty Mojito, Chocolate Cupcake and Vanilla Cupcake.

With beneficial ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and aloe butter your lips will never know what hit them.  I keep these every where (and I *do* mean every where), in my desk drawer, in my purse, on my night stand next to my bed…..well you get the idea.  Is has the right amount of slip without being too greasy and it’s not too sweet and doesn’t have too much fragrance.  In other words, perfect.  Just like Leeloo in The Fifth Element.

Brazen Smartmouth
Brazen Smartmouth
Minty Mojito Smartmouth
Minty Mojito Smartmouth


Full ingredients:  Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Butter, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Comfrey Extract.

Brazen Cosmetics also has a ton of other makeup products available at The Rhinestone Housewife.  If you haven’t checked out the eye shadow colors yet, well you’re missing out!

Hottie’s Hot Product Pick Of The Week!

Hello hotties!    Starting with the new year, I’ve pledged to bring you a hot product of the week review post.  I will be highlighting products that I use daily and love personally.   These are my holy grail products that I would be bereft if I had to live without.

For my first spotlight product, I’m choose Beauty Sleep by Brazen Cosmetics.  Beauty Sleep is described as an overnight mineral treatment and I can tell you that I love this product.

I was introduced to overnight mineral treatments a couple of  years ago.  I was VERY skeptical as not only do I have sensitive skin, but I also tend to have dry skin.  How could a *powder* work for that?   Honestly, I have no idea…maybe it’s magic.   All I know is that I can use this treatment once or twice weekly and my skin always looked refreshed and renewed.

This product comes with a little tiny powder puff for application but I prefer to use a nice fluffy kabuki brush.  I recommend tighly closing eyes and mouth when you’re applying….it’s powdery and I recommend you try not to inhale it.

There are some folks that have more oily skin that prefer to use this product on bare skin underneath their mineral foundation.  It’s reported to help control oil and extend the life of their mineral makeup.  However you choose to use this product, just USE IT or at least give it a try… won’t be disappointed.  Just look how radiant my skin is after using this magical product:


P1140559 P1140561

This product and many other amazingly effective skin care and makeup items can be found at The Rhinestone Housewife!

Arcana Queens Of Snow and Air and Returning Favorites

Arcana Holiday 2013





 The Queens of Snow and Air Perfume Collection

 Little Lully:  Our heroine. Innocent, gentle, rosy-cheeked. Tender new blossoms of lily of the valley and honeysuckle are kissed with coconut milk, copaiba balsam, and butter CO2 extract.

Small Cottage in a Clearing:  The cozy scent of milky coffee with white sugar, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and a faint undercurrent of dangerous black musk.

The Old Forest:  Smoky resins with Bourbon vanilla bean, wild honey, dragonsblood, dark musk, kush, a hint of fir needle, and a drop of antique vetiver.

Gehern the Troll:  He lives high in the mountains in his frozen cave. Fresh gingerroot, warm gingerbread, nectarine, bergamot, sweet orange.

7 Apples Grow in Ice:  Honeyed winesaps and green apples with pearl musk, skin musk, white pepper, and a tiny hint of frozen grapefruit.

Astrid the Cold:  The mystical, enigmatic queen of air. Neroli, chilled vodka, rich amber, oak moss, coconut husks, lavender.

Sigrid the Wise:  The beautiful, merciful queen of snow. Labdanum absolute, smoky frankincense, myrrh, and glorious, golden vanilla.

Necklace Made of Tears:  Poor Lully. Sticky spun sugar with frankincense tears, peach nectar, violets, lacrima water, and cardamom.

The Sighing Bridge:  Dark, sweet pipe tobacco with 3 precious ambers.

Snowflake Palace:  At last. White tea leaves, white amber, silvery soft musk, and a swirl of wood smoke.




 Returning Arcana Yule Classics

Arctic Bear:  Cave in to shivery pleasures with this festively icy blend straight from the North Pole. A playful mix of aromatic Northern bayberry, frosted Siberian fir needle oil and the dry freshness of snowy woods. Hail the Great Arctic Bear!

 Black Maria:  Abandoned remedies, emptied tobacco tins, and the intangible essence of impending trouble. Ginger syrup, apothecary honey, golden Cavendish, vanilla, tonka, and Dutch caraway.


“I have met with women whom I really think would like to be married to a poem, and to be given away by a novel.” —John Keats
Lavender, warm milk, rich vanilla, white heather, yuzu, petitgrain, and a smattering of sunflowers.

Comfort 2013:  The sugarcoated balm of holiday solace. Bright pomegranate and fluffy snow lift the soul while splashes of citrus, tonka, and rum warm the heart.

 Frozen Heart:  The essence of a snow queen’s glacial affections. An enchanted concoction of spiky black pepper, cold peppermint, icy watermelon, pale vanilla, and pearl musk. Beware of glittering women in sleighs who promise you the world.

 La Befana:  Notes of ripe apricot, Sicilian blood orange, dark chocolate, smoked vanilla, and toasted biscotti combine to evoke la Befana, the Christmas witch of Italy who slides down chimneys to leave sweets for very good children and lumps of coal for the very bad.

Old Year’s Night:  And in with the new. Black coconut, fresh ginger, champagne, vanilla, massoia bark, skin musk, peru balsam, sugarcane, ecru musk, and the merest whiffs of icy bergamot and frozen pear.

Pax Mundi : A prayerful ode to world peace. Smoky frankincense, bay laurel, myrtle pepper, peach nectar, myrrh, balsam of peru, Atlas cedar wood, and gentle copaiba.

Snug:  The scent of staying in to watch the snow fall: dark honey amber, marshmallow, and the glow of beeswax candles.

Solstice Sugar: Rejoice in the return of the sweet sun-child throughout all the jolly festivals of the Winter Solstice. The scent of warmest celebrations and Yuletide feasts with notes of toasty almonds, apple cakes, baking spices, and honeyed mead.

Tinderbox:  The essence of a baroque case filled with tempered firesteel, flint, and linen charcloth: resinous black amber, woodsmoke, sweet mallow root, frankincense, cubeb, and sandalwood.

 The Ulda: The elusive fairy folk of the Nordic Sapmi region are said to live underneath the Earth and travel in reindeer-drawn sleighs tinkling with silver bells. With white almond, resinous Baltic amber, crisp bayberry, warm cardamom, and pink pepper.

Winter Malaise:  Sigh. A carb-laden base of syrupy sweet mango and thick, rich vanilla is prodded with cinnamon, clove, black anise, and iron-distilled patchouli. Perfect for that date with your light box.

Winter Mirth:  The scent of favorite scarves, gleeful snow days, and a lighthearted whirl of holiday parties: green coconut, baked pumpkin, nutmeg, red patchouli, and brightest lemongrass.


 Professor T.S. Goodfellow’s Winter Correctives:  Professor T.S. Goodfellow’s now-obscure scientific preparations originated in the 1930’s in the workshop of a small midwest university. Often found wild-eyed at all hours in front of his bubbling beakers with an illegible stack of notes at his side, Goodfellow was called everything from mad scientist to astounding, unprecedented genius. Here are a few of the formulae he devised specifically to alleviate winter’s dark days. May they blast and soothe your doldrums and bring you whatever you seek.

Laughter:  Giggly raspberry with sparks of pink and black pepper, and what Goodfellow himself described as “a gay tangle of euphoric herbs” which combine to bear a strange olfactory resemblance to rich cheesecake.

Ooomph:  For those late afternoons when eyelids begin to inexorably droop. Coffee, coffee, more coffee, cream, and a brew of stimulative herbs which combine to bear a strange olfactory resemblance to rich cheesecake.

Prosperity:  It’s always good to keep one’s coffers filled. Golden pumpkin, lime, amber, almond, a pinch of cardamom, and a pastiche of herbs which combine to bear a strange olfactory resemblance to rich cheesecake.

Tranquility:  A palliative mix of apricot, peach, cream, sweet clove, and a union of calming herbs which combine to bear a strange olfactory resemblance to rich cheesecake.