FOTD With Deviled Egg and Rabbits Foot (& day 57!)

Because I really enjoy the springy look of these colors I decided to use shadows from My Pretty Zombie.    This was also my third and final look for the complimentary color makeup challenge. Face:  MAC foundie and concealer in NC15.   Evil Shades matte powder. Cheeks:   Meow blush in  Twisted. Lips:   MAC magenta liner withContinue reading “FOTD With Deviled Egg and Rabbits Foot (& day 57!)”

FOTD with Triforce and Hearts (& day 81!)

I chose to feature Shiro Cosmetics today and I did a look with Triforce and Hearts.  I was lazy and didn’t do any brows.  I went back to my mineral foundation (which I haven’t used in a while) and I’m not happy with the results.  It looks too dark now.   I’m liking the BB CreamContinue reading “FOTD with Triforce and Hearts (& day 81!)”

Wonder Beauty Products Review (& Day 82!)

Last week I bought a couple of jars of nail polish from Etsy.  The colors looked super amazingly glittery and pretty and very lush.    I bought two polishes from Wonder Beauty Products, Liam’s Galaxy and Cherries Jubilee.   The shipping was very fast as I ordered on 3/28/12 and received my order on 4/3/12.   Everything wasContinue reading “Wonder Beauty Products Review (& Day 82!)”

90 Days Of Beauty Blogging Challenge

Ok, I’ve done it.   I’ve tried to commit myself to 90 days of beauty blogging.    It might not all be makeup or nails but it will always involve something I find beauty in.    This challenge came up in a Facebook makeup group I’m in and I wanted  to give a shout out to the otherContinue reading “90 Days Of Beauty Blogging Challenge”