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Filthy Farmgirl Now Available At The Rhinestone Housewife

Sometimes you find a product that just know you want to showcase at The Rhinestone Housewife. That’s definitely what happened when I stumbled upon Filthy Farmgirl and their hilarious bevy of body care.  Everything about this company and their products appealed to me from their irreverent style to the affordable price point. The bar soap is a generous 7oz and sells for $8. There are too many to list them all out on the blog, but I’ve featured a few of my favorites. You can see the rest of them here.

Filthy Pussy Soap – Rose Mint scented the label is just adorable. I know it’s definitely leaning to the, ahem…naughty side but with a kitty face that adorable, how could you resist? $8

filthy pussy soap

Filthy Monkey Soap – Captain Banana Pants scented and I’m sure you’re wondering, “what does that mean?”. I’m a sucker for banana and this hits all the right buttons. Plus it’s a luxurious lather and made my entire bathroom smell delicious.

filthy monkey soap

There is also a nice selection of limited edition holiday Filthy soaps available while supplies last.  You can see the selection here, and they are $8.

filthy elf cinnamon soap

Filthy fruitcake soap

filthy balls eggnog soap

We also picked up a nice little selection of lip balm in various flavors (I’m addicted!), check them out here:

creamy coconut smoochie

And last but not least, body lotion!  I don’t know about  you, but I am a scaly girl right about this time of year. I would describe this lotion as light but full coverage.  In other words, it glides on easily and not greasy but does seem to fully hydrate your skin. There are several scents to choose from located here.  They sell for $18 for 8oz.

My current favorite is the Tiger Chai. It’s delicious but not overpowering and kept my skin smooth and soft all day.

Tiger Chai Lotion

tiger chai lotion

New Nocturne Alchemy Velvet Butters Available!

You guys begged and pleaded so Seth and I delivered.   Nocturne Alchemy Velvet Butters are amazing…..very emollient and now available in a couple of lovely summer scents at The Rhinestone Housewife.  These limited edition scents are only available until they’re gone so pick it up while you can!

From the Nocturne Alchemy site:  Ancient Egyptians believed in taking care of their skin, so we created a butter to honor the Ancients and for the supple care of our skin. Each Velvet Butter is perfumed with Nocturne Alchemy Perfume Oil in a blue 4oz jar. These are limited for summer and once sold out will be no more.

Summer Peach: A natural peach oil direct from peach skin and peach pit, created just for this summer in a soft sublime scent of freshly picked peaches right off the tree.

Summer Peach Velvet Butter
Summer Peach Velvet Butter

Sleepy Summer Lavender: Imported French Lavender essential oil 40/42 steam distilled – permeates a very soft and beautiful scent on the skin.

Sleepy Summer Lavender Velvet Butter
Sleepy Summer Lavender Velvet Butter

Each perfumed Velvet Butter is lightly scented and created not only to quench the skin and provide Vitamin E and natural nutrients, but also to invoke an Ancient time and purposeful time for the self to reflect or simply wrap yourself up in a beautiful, complimenting scent.

A drop of perfume on top of the butter (once butter is softly absorbed into the skin), and inhale (recommended in Bastet’s Garden Egyptian Peach Blossom and Lavender Santalum). Perfect for dry skin and wonderful through the summer months.

Velvet Butter Ingredients: Cacao Seeed Butter, 2x Shea Butter, Camellia Sinensis (Japanese Green Tea)Leaf Extract, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), De-Ionized Aque, Veg. Stearic Acid, Veg. Caprylic Tryglyceride, Veg. Glycerol Stearate, Allantoin of Comfrey, Disodium EDTA and NA Perfume.


New Blooddrop LE Exclusives Available!

Hello hotties!  Well, the weather is starting to turn chilly, the nights and getting longer and delicious and delightful things are arriving at The Rhinestone Housewife.

Fresh into the shop we’ve got some super limited edition *exclusive* goodies from Blooddrop Fineries.   The following items are available now for a limited time.  Once they are sold out, they will go *poof* forever!

Pumpkin Diamond Perfume Oil

The Pumpkin Diamond is a one of a kind stone in a brilliant, bold pumpkin color. This perfume is warm pumpkin cake with nutmeg, vanilla, sweet orange, dried apricots, fresh ginger, aged patchouli, and African myrrh. It also mimics the Pumpkin Diamond’s color!


Pumpkin Cuticle Charm:  

Your favorite cuticle treatment recreated just for the Autumn season! I’ve swapped out the sweet almond oil for ultra nourishing pumpkin seed oil and created a delightfully, delicious fragrance of pumpkin spices (vanilla, nutmeg, allspice, clove and rum) to accompany the oils and butters!


Apple, Woods & Tea Linen Spray

This linen spray is the charming scent of walking through an apple orchard in the morning; crisp, fresh apples, the scent of sweet, dew-damp bark and leaves, and warm black tea sweetened with honey.    Available in 2oz and 4 oz


Vanilla Nutmeg Flutter

Warm, spicy nutmeg softened with vanilla.


Cloven Rose Flutter

Gorgeous rose absolute deepened and darkened with clove.