Brazen Grab Bag Sale!

To celebrate their reopening, Brazen is offering some really cool summer grab bags filled with limited edition colors that aren’t currently available on their site.   Some are colors that were available, some are colors that will be available and some are one offs.    Take a chance, these *will* sell out fast!   As always, you canContinue reading “Brazen Grab Bag Sale!”

Brazen FOTD with Scorching & Karma (& day 62!)

I had fun with another Brazen look today.   I’ve been loving playing with the bright spring colors that I don’t normally wear. Face:  BB cream and Defy Gravity  with F&F finishing powder. Cheeks: Abandon Lips:   Make Out gloss Eyes:  MAC Untitled, Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way.   Scorching applied to entire eye area, KarmaContinue reading “Brazen FOTD with Scorching & Karma (& day 62!)”

Brazen FOTD w/ Tease & Karma (& day 63!)

I did another Brazen FOTD and was so happy with the results! Face:  BB cream and Good Bye To You over Defy Gravity.   F&F finishing powder. Cheeks:  Perfect 10 Lips:  Burlesque Eyes:  MAC Untitled under Tick: Tock infinity in Milky Way.    Immaculate applied to entire lid, with Tease applied to outer corner and under eyeContinue reading “Brazen FOTD w/ Tease & Karma (& day 63!)”

Brazen FOTD (& day 64!)

Today I used all Brazen colors.   I’m super into the bronze/orange/gold pigments right now so I did a bright gold eye today.  As always, if you are interested in any of hte Brazen products, simple click the banner in my side bar to go check out the goodies! Face:  Defy Gravity primer with Holika BabyContinue reading “Brazen FOTD (& day 64!)”

Brazen Swatches and FOTD (& post 70!)

Lovelies!    I got the most amazing Brazen haul ever and I thought I would share the sparklies.   If you’re interested in any of the goodies that you see, you can simply click the Brazen banner in my sidebar to go directly to the site.  They’ve got some fun new stuff coming up so don’t missContinue reading “Brazen Swatches and FOTD (& post 70!)”

FOTD with Triforce and Hearts (& day 81!)

I chose to feature Shiro Cosmetics today and I did a look with Triforce and Hearts.  I was lazy and didn’t do any brows.  I went back to my mineral foundation (which I haven’t used in a while) and I’m not happy with the results.  It looks too dark now.   I’m liking the BB CreamContinue reading “FOTD with Triforce and Hearts (& day 81!)”

FOTD with Brazen Tree Hugger and Vague (& Day 87!)

I’m still trying out my Brazen pigments and today I used two new ones.  I have pretty much only tried  the neutrals from Brazen but I’m really digging them right now.  I have some brighter colors on order but for now I’m enjoying a super neutral smokey eye type look. I’m pretty happy with howContinue reading “FOTD with Brazen Tree Hugger and Vague (& Day 87!)”

Brazen Fast & Loose and Felt Up FOTD (& Day 88!)

Today I tried the eye shadow combination suggested to me by Sandi; Fast & Loose paired with Felt Up both of which she sent along in my last order.   I forget how much color pay off you get with Brazen pigments and this ended up being a bit more dramatic than I’d normally wear forContinue reading “Brazen Fast & Loose and Felt Up FOTD (& Day 88!)”

Brazen Cosmetics Swatches, FOTD and News! (& day 89!)

This is post #89 of my 90 days of beauty challenge! This post is going to be filled with Brazen goodness!   I was lucky enough to receive a recently placed order today and I couldn’t wait to share the sparkly goods with you.   I also have some other really exciting news-I’ve been chosen to beContinue reading “Brazen Cosmetics Swatches, FOTD and News! (& day 89!)”

FOTD-Darling Girl Chemical Warfare

I have been wanting to try Chemical Warfare for a while so I whipped it out this morning. Face:  Mac foundation and concealer in NC 15.   Custom finishing powder. Cheeks:  Darling GirlFantasia Lips:  Allechant Minerals Ready 4D Night Eyes:  Darling Girl Haystacks watercolor paint pot as base, then DG Chemical Warfare on outer lid withContinue reading “FOTD-Darling Girl Chemical Warfare”


I wanted to match my Captain shirt today so I chose some cool toned eye shadows.   I picked some of my new Tick: Tock pigments to play with and am pretty happy with the results. Face:  Holika Holika Baby Bloom BB cream, MAC concealer in NC15, custom finishing powder. Cheeks: Meow blush in Forest Flame.Continue reading “FOTD”

Brazen Cosmetics Swatches And Review

I had never heard of Brazen Cosmetics until I joined a group called Never Too Much Sparkle on Facebook.  I took advantage of a 30 minute Leap Day sale and placed a small order on 2/29/12.   I panicked while having only 30 minutes to peruse and shop and missed several pages of products.   Oh noes!   Continue reading “Brazen Cosmetics Swatches And Review”