Tacky Ornament Swap Photos!

Happy holiday’s, hotties! Every year I participate in a tacky ornament swap.  This year the goods were too tacky to keep to myself AND my swap partner was supremely generous.   Behold the tack: My swap partner was very generous and added some amazing extras in my package as well and included a lot ofContinue reading “Tacky Ornament Swap Photos!”

Arcana Yule 2014 Reviews

Hello hotties!  I know you’ve been waiting for this so here it is, the Arcana Yule 2014 review post of DOOM!  These Arcana limited edition scents are available only while supplies last at The Rhinestone Housewife so grab them while you can! Come to Krampus:  An intoxicating invitation to the underworld. Blackest musk, charred vanillaContinue reading “Arcana Yule 2014 Reviews”

2014 Arcana Yule Collection At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hello hotties!   Are you ready for the holidays?  We are!    And The Rhinestone Housewife is so excited to be bringing to you the new Arcana 2014 Yule collection.  This collection will have something for everyone; whether you like sweet, spicy, naughty or nice there will be something just for you.  This collection is availableContinue reading “2014 Arcana Yule Collection At The Rhinestone Housewife”

Conjure Oils Yule Update-The Naughty List

There were several reasons that I was excited to see the Conjure Oils Yule update.  I’m a Christmas baby so I do love the holidays in any way, shape and form and for the most part I’ve struck out with other companies Yule collections.   I was instantly inspired when I heard that Conjure Oils wasContinue reading “Conjure Oils Yule Update-The Naughty List”