Arcana The Old Forest Review

Next to last in our reviews of the Arcana collection, Queens Of Snow And Air we have The Old Forest at The Rhinestone Housewife. The Old Forest:  Smoky resins with Bourbon vanilla bean, wild honey, dragonsblood, dark musk, kush, a hint of fir needle, and a drop of antique vetiver. In bottle-Soft pine and honey. WetContinue reading “Arcana The Old Forest Review”

Hottie’s Hot Pick Of The Week-Filthy Viking Soap

Hello hotties! For my hot pick of the week this week I have picked a cult favorite, the hardest soap to keep in stock at The Rhinestone Housewife, Filthy Viking soap by Arcana. When I first opened the shop, I got one lonely bar of Filthy Viking soap, that’s all there was.  I decided insteadContinue reading “Hottie’s Hot Pick Of The Week-Filthy Viking Soap”

Happy Holidays From The Rhinestone Housewife-Coupon Code Included

Happy holidays from The Rhinestone Housewife!  We want to celebrate our first holiday shopping season by giving back to you, our customers.  It’s you that keep us going by letting us enable you with wonderfully delicious products.   Without you, we couldn’t do what we love….so thank you! From now until Saturday 12/7 at midnight PST,Continue reading “Happy Holidays From The Rhinestone Housewife-Coupon Code Included”

How To Spot An Indie Crash And Burn

Once a year without fail it seems that we’ll all witness an indie crash and burn.  Some are more spectacular than others, the burn seeming as bright as the sun itself.    I had a couple of people ask me how to spot when an indie company is heading into crash and burn territory so IContinue reading “How To Spot An Indie Crash And Burn”

Conjure Oils

I’ve been branching out and trying some different perfume oils lately and the newest that I’ve tried is Conjure Oils. Somewhat local for me in Portland, OR they are known as the ‘little perfume house that could.’ I’ve placed three or four orders so far and have some new top ten oils! Notes that don’tContinue reading “Conjure Oils”

Beauty Marked

Been seeing all the hype about mineral makeup and have no idea where to start?   Have you wanted to order from indie makeup companies online but want to see swatches or reviews of products first?   Are you concerned about ingredient and FDA compliance due to sensitivities or allergies?     Beauty Marked might be your answer. BeautyContinue reading “Beauty Marked”