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Conjure Oils LE’s Available At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hello hotties!   We are so excited to announce that The Rhinestone Housewife will be stocking one of our favorite perfume houses limited editions collections.   We are very happy that Conjure Oils is now part of The Rhinestone Housewife family and we are thrilled to offer their highly sought after LE’s.   We will also be expanding the selection of general catalog scents available.   Interested in seeing a particular blend in the shop?  Leave a comment and let us know!


We are launching our new partnership with the Render The Veil collection. This collection is dedicated to Fabienne Christenson of Posset’s Perfume.  The perfume world lost a bright light with Fabienne’s passing and Conjure Oils is graciously donating a portion of all proceeds to the Oregon Humane Society. We at The Rhinestone Housewife are pleased to match that donation as Fabienne’s dedication to animal charities was well known and we are happy to pay her generosity forward.

Limited Edition collections will be available to purchase directly from Conjure Oils at release, then will be presented by The Rhinestone Housewife in the following weeks. Stay tuned as these should be available soon!  Can’t wait?  Pick them up directly from Conjure Oils now!

Les Fleurs de Mal – The corrupted blood of ancient dragons is infused with patchouli black. The midnight musk petals from les Fleurs du Mal are caramelized cauldron bound with black opium, black fig and dark muscavadao sugar. Defiled deeply by the scent of smoke of crimson red leaves and Scandinavian churches ablaze, filling the crisp autumn air with sweet despair. Nema!

AYAO – Ayao is the Yoruban Orisha of the wind. She is the eye of the storm and sister to the mighty Oya, Ayao wields the power of witchcraft and magical knowledge. Her companion is the snake and her weapon is the crossbow. Find her in the forest where the leaves swirl like a cyclone.

A whirling cyclone of crisp fall leaves fills the air coupled with slithering wisps of wood smoke, tonka bean and black plum.

CAER IBORMEITH – Caer Ibormeith, bride of Angus Mac Og, the Irish Lord of Love is a shape shifter, swan and beautiful woman. She is also a goddess of death, as her name means yew berry, the toxic fruit from the yew tree. Offer her mead on Samhain to celebrate the beauty of love and the agony of death.

The joy and pain of true love and inevitable death: yew berry accord infused black patchouli, swan feather soft vanilla musk, red amber and stout clove.

CHARON – Charon is the infamous ferryman that grants passage to Hades across the river Styx. Cantankerous and cold, he only accepts passengers with proper funeral rites that have the fare of a coin to pay him. If you don’t you’re doomed to find your own perilous way to Hades. Good luck. Offer him coins for payment at the cemetery gates.

An ancient memory of Tunisian opium, precious oudh, aged tobacco and chthonic rhus khus.

HEKATE’S TORCH – She holds the keys to all domains, passing freely between the realms of the dead and the living. She is the beloved Queen of the Witches, waiting at the crossroads with her beloved dog. She is mistress of the poison path cultivating plants that can be used to cure, kill or stir the souls of the witches that venerate her. Invoke her on the dark moon at the crossroads at midnight, walk away and don’t look back.

Often depicted with two torches that allow her safe passage between the worlds, allow Hekate’s Torch to guide you along your path. A light in the darkness: earthen patchouli, apotropaic clove, spiritually uplifting frankincense, Persephone’s pomegranate and illuminated bergamot.

KING OF TERRORS – He’s the man who comes and does the job with no illusions – this is death hit man style! The crowned, weapon wielding skeleton can appear as the Grim Reaper or Holy Death and his haunting images is on many tombstones and churches, reminding the viewer Memento Mori! Call his frightening visage with his symbols of scythe, spear and arrow.

The musty shadows of the cemetery, haunted loam and moss, metal sting and arterial spray.

LA MADAMA – If you think about what Aunt Jemima looks like you’ll have a pretty good idea of La Madama’s appearance. Not a singular spirit, per se, but a vast network of spirits who oftentimes are the spirits of deceased Lucumi priestesses from Cuba and Puerto Rico. Everyone who has their own unique Madama can tell you her name and how she lived her life. This information is gleaned via spiritual masses, quiet reflection and other spiritual work. She is a teacher and mentor spirit who favors diviners, spiritual workers, healers, mediums and the like. A powerful partner for magic, cleansings and protection. Offer her flowers and cigars while staring into her eyes in a candlelit room to get her to speak her secrets to you.

Offerings of warm vanilla infused bourbon, juicy mangoes, star jasmine blossoms, cigar smoke and a pinch of blessed salt.

LES MORTS  – Les Morts is what those in the Voudoun tradition call The Dead. The belief in the Voudon religion is when someone passes away they really don’t die, but go to a spiritual land of their blood and spiritual ancestors called Ginen and are never really far from their living loved ones. Les Morts are spirits to consult with when you have questions about the afterlife, a fear of death or if you would like to have an elevated conversation, as they tend to wax philosophical. Speak to them through scrying with water or mirrors. Gaze in candlelit basins of water to meet with them on the other side.

Still waters, crystal musk, beeswax candles, water lilies, white amber and sweet offerings of coffee and beignets.

LIBITINA – Lady Death, Holy Death. She is the goddess of decay, of death, corpses and funerals. Her Roman temples were where grieving loved ones would report deaths or make funeral arrangements. It is said she appears shrouded in a black winged robe with an obscured face. She will accept offerings of coins and cemetery cleaning and upkeep.

A wistful and somber meditation on eternity: smoked amber, dragon’s blood, aged black patchouli, rose hips, cypress, white myrrh and black storax.

SIMBI – Simbi is the Vodoun snake spirit that originated in the Congo. It is the greatest of all magicians and is the guardian of magicians and occultists. He is also a master healer and diagnostician. Being a freshwater serpent, Simbi loves water, moisture, rain and waterfalls. He is in charge of flow – water, electricity, air currents and therefore manages the energetic exchange involved with moments of sacred possession. Simbi also protects electrical devices such as computers and televisions. Keep an image of a snake on your electronics and offer Simbi some water and rum from time to time to keep him moist and happy to assist.

African green musk and violets, falling water, the spark of ozone and lightning struck sandalwood.

THANATOS & LETHE – Thanatos is lord of the peaceful death who guides the dead over to his sister, the river Lethe. The waters of Lethe have amnesiac properties and help the dead forget their former lives and attachments. There is no greater pair to petition for a peaceful death, to forget past pains and torments or to instill deep peace. Offer Thanatos black candles, poppies, snakes and butterfly images. Petition Lethe during the dark of night, preferably by a stream or a river.

Black opium, poppy flower, kush, vanilla flower, cannabis accord, blue lotus attar, aged patchouli and mimosa.

VALKYRIE – Norse goddesses of varying tasks: magic, life, battle and death. They ferry the dead warriors to Valhalla or Freya’s hall, where they host the fallen. In the beginning they were the daughters of Odin and Herta but over time their numbers grew as it opened up to include the deified priestesses of Odin. Some say they also may be deified shamans with erotic leanings who will fight and protect their human lovers. See them in the swans and crows in the sky with offerings of mead

Honey mead from the halls of Valhalla, the smoke of oak and juniper fires from the battlefield and the magnificent golden musk of eternal glory.

WANYUDO – Manifesting as a disembodied head at the hub of a flaming ox-cart wheel, Wanyudo is a yokai that patrols the line between the living and the dead with violent precision. It is said that a raging fever is produced just by getting a glimpse of Wanyudo. Woe be to the person Wanyudo catches peeking at him as he will roll over them with his wheel ablaze, scorching them to nothing but a crisp shadow on the road! He has also been known to cart gawkers straight to Hell.

An infernal and damned philtre of ginger root, red patchouli, tonka bean, cinnamon sticks and burnt marshmallow.

WASHERS AT THE FORD – Hailing from the British Isles, the Washers at the Ford are the spirits of women in varying degrees of haggardness with ghostly pale skin and disheveled hair. They crouch at the ford of the river where they wail and keen as they furiously launder any number of gristly and bloody items in the murky water: from cloth to armor to severed limbs and heads! In mourning, she continues to cry and shriek as she washes and if she happens to lock eyes with you as you innocently stroll by, it is your impending death that she is mourning! The Washers are not bringers of death as one might assume, but ancient harbingers. It is said when people of great status are to die the Washer presented will not be the typical washer woman, but a goddess such as Badbh or the Morrigan and make herself available for many to see so the cold shiver of a death omen will travel long and far.

A Victorian mourning fougere: bog moss, heather, pitcher plant, water poppy and emerald ferns under a slate gray sky that threatens torrential rain.

Which of these special blends are you most interested in trying?

Sugar Skull


Select Conjure Oils GC Scents At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hello hotties!   We are so happy to welcome Conjure Oils into The Rhinestone Housewife family.   Known for complex and lovely blends, this is the little perfume house that could! “Expertly blended perfumes & ritual oils both sacred and profane; dark magick and light.” From florals to rich resins to hoodoo, Conjure not only does them, they do them impeccably.   We will be stocking more general catalog scents in teh coming months, but wanted to start with the ten most beloved ones.

Cyanide Crumpets & Jam – Toasted crumpets slathered in almond butter and seeded blackberry and nightshade berry jam.

Cyanide Crumpets & Jam
Cyanide Crumpets & Jam

Durga – Sacred, powerful and commanding, yet brightly festive: Daring Indian patchouli wrapped in graceful bergamot blossom and enlivened with tonka bean.

Durga Perfume Oil
Durga Perfume Oil

Eleggua – This scent is a blend of everything that he loves: a puff on a good cigar, a spray of white rum and a hand full of chocolates and other candies. Maferefun Eleggua every day!

Eleggua Perfume Oil
Eleggua Perfume Oil

Flapper – Smoky, sexy vanilla suede, hootch and a trail of Oriental sandalwood make this scent not only the bee’s knees, but quite possibly the cat’s pajamas as well!


Guardian Angel – Thirteen vanillas, butter cream, angel food cake and layers of heavenly coconut cream.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Jamila – Shreds of toasted coconut and a gentle touch of almond are enhanced with champa musk attar, sweet incense, Night Queen blooms and the barely-there impression of dried rosebuds.


Nyx – Egyptian myrrh, amber resin, opium tar, antique patchouli, moonflower, black tea and tonka bean.


Oshun – Tahitian vanilla honey is drizzled slowly over spiced pumpkins filled with brown sugar and fresh orange slices. Maferefun Oshun everyday!


Tahia – An earthen vase of resplendent blood-red roses heavy with morning dew perfume the incense-filled air. Queenly, elegant and drop-dead sexy!


Whore Of Babylon – A wanton blend of a fallen starlet: scorched vanilla, champagne and pink diamonds.

Whore Of Babylon
Whore Of Babylon

STOD Review Conjure Oils – El Diabolito

While I post a lot of SOTD’s (scent of the day) on The Rhinestone Housewife FB page, I haven’t posted them a lot here so  I thought I’d give it a shot!  Today, I am wearing El Diabolito by Conjure Oils.

El Diabolito by Conjure Oils
El Diabolito by Conjure Oils

El Diabolito: flick the angel off of your shoulder and indulge the devilish side. Smoke, chocolate and warm spices conspire to make debauchery a divine pastime.

In bottle: Bittersweet chocolate powder.

Wet on skin: At first it’s all hot and spicy with just a hint of some earthy chocolate swirling in the background.

Dry on skin: The sweetness really starts to emerge in the dry down with the smokiness as the perfect balance. The spicyness is absolutely perfection here…..rich and deep.

Verdict:  I smell like a sexy mocha. It’s easy for perfume oils to veer into craft store territory with any sort of cinnamon or spice note but El Diabolito manages to avoid that completely.  This is spicy, warm and rich.  Perfect for those who love chocolate but don’t necessarily want to smell like cake.


Solstice Scents Perfume Oils Available at The Rhinestone Housewife

Hello hotties!  Along with the wonderful Solstice Scents EDP’s that we’ve got stocked at The Rhinestone Housewife, we also have a large collection of perfume oils available.

solstice scents perfume oil

Labdanum, Vanilla, Frankincense, Rosewood, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Galbanum

Oud, Nagarmotha EO, Tobacco Absolute, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Absolute, Maraschino Cherries, Black Cherries, Hay Absolute, Sandalwood EO, Whipped Cream & a drop of Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil

Vanilla Waffle Bowl, Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Creams, Sliced Bananas Smothered In Caramel Sauce & Topped With Whipped Cream

Brown Sugar, Cardamom EO, Moroccan Rose and Bulgarian Rose

Damp Earth and Stone, Wooden Casks, Cool Fall Air, Crisp Apple, Pear and Broom Corn

Pure Chocolate

A Magical Blend of Vanilla, Amber, Cedar, Spices & Cauldron Smoke
Amber, Frankincense, Sweet Incense Smoke, Dried Rose Petals, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Woods, Oud, Vanilla

Apple Pastries, Caramel Apples, Fresh Apples, Warm Apple Cider, Vanilla, Apple Pie, Apple Cream Cheese Danish

Woods, Moss, Leaves, Wood Smoke, Dirt, Ozone, Fir Absolute
Black Vanilla, Soft Spices, Red Musk, Chypre Base

Sandalwood, Ginger, Clove, Orange, Amber, Wood Smoke, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Edge of the Night Base*

Cotton Candy, Cream Soda, Vanilla Taffy, Funnel Cakes, Powdered Sugar, Crisp Fall Air, Wood Smoke & a Tendril of Incense

Dusty Wooden Desks, Paper, Carefully Hidden Tobacco Pouch, Dying Fire, Dried Leaves, Leather Chairs, Autumn Breeze

Smoked Cocoa, Cedar, Embers, Black Musk, Copal Bark, Tobacco, Spice
Shake well before each use to help distribute the cocoa absolute.

Moroccan Rose absolute, Bulgarian Rose absolute, Sugar, Chocolate, Vanilla, Edge of the Night Base*

Amber, Frankincense, Palo Santo, Myrrh, Spices, Attars, Oud, Vetiver & more

A Dark Resinous Blend of Leather, Labdanum, Beeswax, Frankincense, Benzoin, Palo Santo, Vetiver & Fire

Pumpkin, Sugar Cookies, Peach Preserves, Spice Breads, Danishes, Caramel, Vanilla & Sweet Wood Smoke

White Chocolate, French Lavender, Bulgarian Lavender, Tonka, Cocoa Absolute, Raspberry

Leather Bound Books, A Carved Rosewood Mantle, Dying Fireplace Embers, Wood Wainscoting, Cedar Shelving and Aged Paper

Crisp Fall Air, Wood Smoke, Leather Seats & Concessions of Root Beer, Popcorn & Chocolate Covered Caramels

Woody-Vanilla Musk, Vanilla & Agarwood

Manor, Smoke, Charred Wood, Melted Beeswax, Wood Resin, Dry Wood, Burning Leaves, Worn Leather
Maple, Woods, Amber, Benzoin, A Roaring Fire & A Hot Cup of Frothy Vanilla Chai

Soft Musk, Sandalwood EO, Amber, Clove EO, Myrrh EO, Vanilla, Aged Patchouli EO, Champaca Absolute & Aged Sandalwood Attar

Sandalwood, Amber, Cassia, Elemi, Sweet Smoke & Somalian Frankincense

Rich Red Musk, Fir, Juniper, Cedar, Frankincense, Labdanum, Moss

Vanilla, White Chocolate, Tuberose & Tiare Flowers


Forest Floor, Tree Tops, Bark, Mountain Air, Fir Balsam, Juniper, Moss, Oud, Dried Herbs, Cedar Tips


Tobacco, Woods, Spices, Sea Mist, Lime

Sticky English Toffee Pudding, Blackburn’s Parlor Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel, Toasted Coconut & Hazelnut, Sugared Pumpkin Cream Stout

Chocolate, Pinyon Pine, Pinyon Resin, Swiss Stone Pine, Tonka, Vanilla

Cocoa Absolute, Myrrh EO, Pink Pepper EO, Black Pepper EO, Tonka absolute, Buddha Wood, Tobacco absolute, Coffee EO, Guiacwood, Rosewood EO, etc.

Moist Dirt, White Carnations, Fallen Leaves, Bare Branches, Hay & a Hint of Pressed Apples Carried on the Breeze from Corvin’s Apple Orchard

Moroccan Rose absolute, Bulgarian Rose absolute, Marshmallow Fluff, Strawberry Nectar, White Chocolate, Vanilla, White Musk

White Amber, Fir, Somalian Frankincense, Elemi, Bayberry, Spruce, Amber, Peppermint, A Puff Of Incense, Edge of the Night Base*

Smoked Honey, Creamed Honey, Beeswax, Amber, Wooden Frames, Ginger & Vanilla

Wood Smoke, Fossilized Amber Resin, Lapsang Souchong CO2, Guaiacwood, Labdanum, Nutmeg EO, Marshmallow

Vanilla Chai Tea & A Ginger-Pumpkin Roll Filled With Marshmallow Creme

Caramelized Pear Tarts, Banana Apple Muffins, Spice Cakes With Rum Glaze, Cream Puffs & Maple Walnut Pastries

Sugared Blackberries, Amber, Oud, Guaiacwood, Oakmoss

Chewy Unlit Vanilla Pipe Tobacco Blend & Light Fragrant Pipe Smoke

Vanilla Musk, White Fur, Wood Blend, Frozen Dirt, Snow

Vanilla Crystals, Spicy Carnation, Nutmeg, Cream

Desert Sage, Pinyon Pine & Resin, Conifers, Cedar, Vetiver, Palo Santo, Soft Incense, Frankincense, Fur & Juniper

Arcana Stars + Flowers Collection At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hello hotties!  I just love it when a new collection just suddenly pops up with a quickness and that’s exactly what happened with this Arcana collection.  Available for pre-sale at The Rhinestone Housewife while supplies last!

Flowers + Stars

“What a desolate place would be a world without flowers. It would be a
face without a smile, a feast without a welcome. Are not flowers the stars
of the earth? And are not our stars the flowers of heaven?” -Clara Balfour

Adhara: The maidens. Vanilla cream, tangerine, clementine, Nagami peel,
black coconut, and a touch of sweet violet.

Bellatrix: The lady warrior. Sweet, jammy fir absolute with 3 honeys,
honeysuckle, tiny strawberries, and blood orange.

Betelgeuse: Orion’s hand. Atlas cedarwood and blood cedar with smoldering
oudh, osmanthus, brown musk, bacon, and vetiver.

Electra: The lost Pleiad. Pink carnation petal ice cream, Mexican bakery
vanilla, eggnog, sweet cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Miaplacidus: Gentle waters. Sea air, spring water, cucumber, juniper,
hyacinth, lavender, China musk, and 1 drop of hyssop.

Mira: The amazing. Tiare blossoms dipped in milk chocolate with coconut,
sugared rum, French cocoa absolute, marshmallows, and white chocolate.

Sirius: The brilliant. Bright white grapefruit, golden amber, linden
flowers, tart red currant, cassis, and pomegranate.

Stay tuned for reviews!

Arcana Prynne Collection Part II

Surprise!  Julia at Arcana has gifted us with a couple complimentary and completely surprise scents to add to the lovely and lusty Prynne Collection.   These will be available at The Rhinestone Housewife shortly and are available for pre-sale in case you don’t want to wait.


Prynne Collection Part II

Why is thye lord so sluttish? –Geoffrey Chaucer

Coquette: A flirty blend of honeyed strawberries, pink cotton candy, Tahitian vanilla, French cognac absolute, and balsam of Peru.

Fancy Boy: So indulged! A slice of warm bread smothered in golden honey, white chocolate, almond bits, and rich vanilla.

Floozy: Silky opium smoked with boozy amber, dark vanilla, and sandalwood.

Tramp: Red roses, worn leather, blood cedar, oudh, and 3 trampy musks.

Arcana The Prynne Collection Reviews – Valentine ’16

Hotties!  You are going to love this new Arcana collection.  Available in limited release at The Rhinestone Housewife, Valentine’s Day has never been more bawdy, sexy or fun!   This is a soft release  with a limited number of bottles, but don’t worry!  More will be made available by pre-sale.  Don’t worry, they will be worth the wait.

The Prynne Collection

It hath evermore been the notorious badge of prostituted Strumpets and the lewdest Harlots, to ramble abroad to Plays, to Playhouses; whither no honest, chaste or sober Girls or Women, but only branded Whores and infamous Adulteresses, did usually resort in ancient times.  –William Prynne, Militant Puritan

That girl, she holds her head up so high! –Bikini Kill
Bawd:  Bright red cherry, brassy tobacco, Anjou pear, and white amber.

In bottle – Cherry cough drop!

Wet on skin – The cherry is upfront followed closely by the succulent pear and they are delicious!

Dry on skin – The cherry has settled nicely into the background and the tobacco has arrived, mingling with the pear it’s gorgeous!   The white amber is the perfect, soft finisher.

Verdict – I don’t think it’s going to be a huge to anyone that I love this.  Cherry and I have had a long and successful relationship together.   I never thought to combine cherry and pear but this is amazing.    The cherry won’t be too ‘cherry’ for those that might not love it.  It’s rich and surprisingly subtle with the complimenting notes.  If this were a woman, it would be a sassy, smart and foul mouthed redhead.  Sound familiar?



Demimondaine:  Sugary milk, Venezuelan coffee CO2 extract, espresso, and rich gateau.

In bottle – Mmmm….espresso.

Wet on skin – Oh sweet glorious espresso, swirling with the warm coffee CO2 extract.

Dry on skin – On the dry down, this blend oozes with the sugary milk and finishes gloriously with the gatues (rich cake).

Verdict – Another hit for me.  Coffee is my kryptonite, I live in Seattle after all.  This is so much more that just a straight up coffee blend.  It’s warm, rich, thick and oh so, so satisfying.  Do you love great coffee?  Then you will LOVE this.  This would be a tall, glorious chocolate eyed beauty.



Harlot:  Three bittersweet chocolates, French cocoa absolute, and caramelized vanilla bean.

In bottle – Rich chocolaty goodness.

Wet on skin – The bittersweet chocolates are the first note, right up in your face with the caramelized vanilla bean giving it a great big hug.

Dry on skin – This has settled into a rich cocoa-y vanilla cloud of yum.

Verdict – A beautiful chocolate perfume that’s not foodie or too precious in any way.  It’s grown up, rich and very adult.  And sexy.  So very sexy.   This woman would love expensive shoes, dark chocolate and would be fluent in four languages.



Jezebel:  Tiare, gardenia, jasmine, tuberose, and stephanotis are suffused with white musk, pearl musk, and citron.

In bottle – Soft white florals.

Wet on skin – This all floral right up front with a soft musk chaser.

Dry on skin – The gardenia is soft and succulent with the tuberose wafting delicately around it.   The jasmine is quite soft and subtle here and it’s all blooming beautifully with the musks and just a whiff of citron.

Verdict – Do you love soft and feminine florals with a pearly white musk?  Then you will absolutely love this.  It’s pretty without being precious or girly.   This woman would be accomplished at setting the perfect table and would also stay up for days at a time writing erotic poetry.


Odalisque:  Thick vanilla syrup, golden musk, black musk, kyphi, and spikenard.

In bottle – Soft rooty musk.

Wet on skin – The kyphi is boldly dancing with the black musk spikenard.

Dry on skin –  This blend really blooms with dry down as the syrup and golden musk warm up and soften this blend.

Verdict – The scent reminds me of a dark and mysterious woman.  She’s beautiful and an enigma and possibly quite dangerous.  But you’re still fascinated by her.



Qedesha:  Neroli petals dripping with honey, bee nectar, warm musk, and pearl musk.

In bottle – Soft neroli musk.

Wet on skin – The neroli is all up in your face, and you can’t help but love it.  The musks are just starting to peek out at dry down.

Dry on skin – Honey, neroli, and musks are all rolling around in lovely, lovely be nectar.

Verdict – It’s warm. It’s rich.  It’s golden.  Do you love honey?  Then you’ll love this glorious scent.  This woman would be lush and have a dirty sense of humor with a devilish grin.



Strumpet:  Plush, rich vanilla, tart cassis, brown sugar, and green cognac absolute.

In bottle – Tart cassis.

Wet on skin – The brown sugar is so sexy and warm and it’s followed closely by the plush vanilla.

Dry on skin – The green cognac absolute is giving this an almost fruity vibe, but not cloying.  It’s almost magical with the plush vanilla and dark sugar.

Verdict – So very succulent, and sweet but rich and deep at the same time.   This woman would enjoy her liquor and laugh in a husky fashion.



Tart:  Sweet lemon cakes, fluffy coconut frosting, and a dash of bergamot.

In bottle – Tart frosting!

Wet on skin – Yum………sweet lemon and coconutty  frosting.

Dry on skin –  The bergamot really blossoms on dry down and it’s the perfect compliment to confectionary goodness of the sweet lemon and coconut.

Verdict – This is lovely and would be so, so delightful on a sultry summer night.   If you like lemon, coconut and a bright burst of bergamot then you’ll love this.  This lady would be bubbly and blond and have an infectious bright laugh with a wild party streak.



Trollop:  Vintage patchouli, resinous amber, boozy apple rum, and vodka.

In bottle – It smells like apple jack!

Wet on skin – The amber and patchouli are ready to party!  Pretty soon, the apple booze shows up.

Dry on skin – The apple rum is amazing and it’s luxurious and so yummy.   It’s absolutely perfect with the patchouli and amber and the light shot of vodka is a perfect, grounding note.

Verdict – Oh, this is good and so right up my alley.   If you’re into patchouli and apple then grab this while you can!    This lady would know how to throw a party, with expensive booze, beatnik music and a LOT of cool friends.



Arcana Yule 2015 – The Rhinestone Housewife

Hello hotties!   I hope you all had a great holiday season, no matter how you celebrate it!  I know this post is rather later but oh well, you can only do so much in a day, right?

Arcana released some really gorgeous perfume oils for the Yule season and while Yule is over, winter certainly isn’t at The Rhinestone Housewife!   Several scent are sold out but there is plenty left in the shop and there’s sure to be something for everyone.

In Norse mythology, the sky was made from the giant Ymir’s skull and held up by Nordri, Sudri, Austri, and Vestri.

Austri – Peach, creme brulee, rain on green leaves, caramelized milk, clover, bergamot, China musk, and basil.

Nordri – White amber, almond, coconut, vanilla, pearl musk, and French cognac absolute.

Sudri – Sheer rose over sparkling grapefruit, yuzu, champagne, nectarine, blood orange, and a faint fougere.

Vestri – Cedar, snow, hay, dragonsblood resin, citron, patchouli, and 1 drop of earth.


Thundersnow! – Black amber, dark caramel, swirling snow, sugary frosting, white cake, and cognac.


Frost Quake – A fresh blend of juniper, rosemary, light woods, cardamom, bayberry, elemi, and Siberian fir needle.

Frost Quake
Frost Quake

Vanilla Craves Bread – Vanilla bean, soft brown bread, a drizzle of honey, and a hint of bakery yeast.

Vanilla Craves Bread
Vanilla Craves Bread

Santa’s Minions: Insolence – Some young merrymakers really walk a tightrope with Santa. Sticky marshmallow, cocoa, sweet cream, cardamom, lavender, and a tiny lump of coal.

Santa's Minions: Insolence
Santa’s Minions: Insolence

And we’ve also got some returning favorites:

The Ulda – The elusive fairy folk of the Nordic Sapmi region are said to live underneath the Earth and travel in reindeer-drawn sleighs tinkling with silver bells. With white almond, resinous Baltic amber, crisp bayberry, warm cardamom, and pink pepper.

Tinderbox – The essence of a baroque case filled with tempered firesteel, flint, and linen charcloth: resinous black amber, woodsmoke, sweet mallow root, frankincense, cubeb, and sandalwood.

Winter Malaise – Sigh. A carb-laden base of syrupy sweet mango and thick, rich vanilla is prodded with cinnamon, clove, black anise, and iron-distilled patchouli. Perfect for that date with your light box.

Winter Mirth – The scent of favorite scarves, gleeful snow days, and a lighthearted whirl of holiday parties: green coconut, baked pumpkin, nutmeg, red patchouli, and brightest lemongrass.

Arcana Lady Justice Collection

Helllllllloooooo hotties!      The Rhinestone Housewife is happy to present a really lovely little mini collection from Arcana, the Lady Justice collection.    Here is the inspiration for this collection in Julia’s words:


When I was little, my ever-restless dad bailed out of his career in Political Science to announce he would become a lawyer. It couldn’t last and didn’t: he quit law school in his final year. But what I remember from this period is begging for (and getting!) kittens. Miranda was a soft grey kitten named after Miranda v. Arizona, and Gideon was an orange tabby named after Gideon v. Wainwright. These 2 legal cases relate to the rights of the accused, rights my dad held very dearly. As he said, we’re all a heartbeat away from needing them.

Then, this summer, an Ecuadoran friend was arrested in our tiny, 99% white town over a conversation about marijuana. In the ensuing comedy of errors, the police seized a bottle of pure, triple-distilled peppermint oil and labeled it, “Suspected LSD: Sent to Lab for analysis.” (Peppermint Candyflip HAD to happen!)

The Lady Justice Collection is a benefit for our innocent friend. 100% of the profits are being donated to his cause.”

These are presented in 5ml amber bottles and are available while quantities last!  Photos courtesy of Hpy from Arcana:

De Minimis Non Curat Lex:  The law does not concern itself with trifles.
AKA Circus by the Sea. A cool blend of saltwater, ocean air, rain-soaked
blackberries, neroli, coconut, and a hint of green cognac absolute.


Gideon:  Inspired by a spunky orange tabby kitten named after Gideon v.
Wainwright. Apricot, golden amber, and a saucerful of cream.


Miranda:  Inspired by a soft grey kitten named after Miranda v. Arizona.
Pink tuberose petals, Monoi de Tahiti, pearl musk, strawberries, and
sugary watermelon.


Peppermint Candyflip:  A psychedelic blast of cold peppermint dries down
to a trippy candy center of blue frosting, sugar cookies, pink musk,
blueberry candy, bakery vanilla, bergamot syrup, and lemondrops.


Arcana Summer Constellation Reviews!

Hello hotties!  We have a lovely new Arcana collection that is perfect for those magical sultry summer nights.   Summer Constellations will be available in the shop on July 1st but we wanted to make sure you had some reviews to check put so you can decide what’s on your hot list.   These will be available while supplies last so if you see something you can’t live without, get it while you can!

These will be available at The Rhinestone Housewife, Arcana’s Ebay shop and also at Pretty Indulgent.

Summer Constellations

Cygnus: The Swan. Of all the myths surrounding Cygnus, our favorite is that he is vain Queen Cassiopeia’s pampered pet. Soft, antique amber, rose petal syrup, rose-infused cupcakes, and fluffy white frosting.

In bottle: Rose candy.

Wet on skin:  The amber and rose are soft and delicate yet warm and snuggly.  It’s very sweet and wholly lady like.

Dry on skin:  The rose really blooms towards the end but it’s not a sharp floral at all.  The amber and frosted cupcakes really take the edge off of what can be a sharp floral.

Verdict:  It’s rose!  And foodie!  But not too rose!  And not too foodie!


Delphinus: This matchmaking dolphin convinced beautiful sea-nymph Amphitrite to marry Poseidon. Peach sorbet, sugared coconut milk, and a tiny drop of Key lime.

In bottle:  Sugared lime!

Wet on skin:  It’s like peach sorbet with lime squeezed over the top right at first.  The lime fades a bit and the peach really shines!

Dry on skin:  The peach and coconut milk have combined to give it a bit of a vanilla vibe.   Definitely a sweet peach sorbet scent.

Verdict:  Perfect if you love peach and are looking for the perfect warm weather scent!


Draco: The bold dragon who stood sentry over Hera’s golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides. Crisp apples, black amber resin, pineapple, black tea, and cognac absolute.

In bottle:  Apple tea.

Wet on skin:  The black amber resin is super in your face right at first. Then the apples and tea swirl around with just the briefest hint of pineapple at the edges.

Dry on skin:  Apple and pineapple black tea with a shot of cognac to richen everything up.  The resin is the perfect note to ground it.

Verdict:  This is a gorgeous apple scent.  It’s not foodie at all, and not spicy either.  It’s a lovely new way to showcase the apple note!


Lacerta: The Lizard. Ancient Greeks identified no constellation in this spot, but Native American Chumash astronomers saw a lizard, while Chinese astronomers recognized Tengshe, the flying dragon-snake. Cassis, strawberry, watermelon, blackcurrant, opium, white musk, and a hint of luminous green scales.

In bottle: Watermelon!

Wet on skin:  It’s very freshly fruity right at first with the watermelon and strawberry right up front.  The musk and cassis are very subtle in the background at this point.  The white musk is creeping around and it’s really pretty with all the fruits.  The blackcurrant is also adding just a bit of a spicy note.

Dry on skin:  Ahh, the green scales are curling around now….and the fruits have taken a back seat to the musk and soft opium.

Verdict:  This turned out much different than I expected!   It’s less fruity and more grounded and grown up than I thought it would be.  Very soft and appropriate for work.


Lyra: Containing the bright star Vega, Lyra represents the enchanted lyre of gifted, tragic Orpheus. Smoky oudh with cool vanilla, caramelized apricot, golden woods, rich musk, and honeyed osmanthus.

In bottle:  Cold, smoky oudh.

Wet on skin:  Woodsy but in a wearable soft way….not masculine.  The smokiness of the oudh softened right away and now I’m getting just a bit of the caramelized apricot.

Dry on skin:  The musk has shown up and it’s a sexy one but not too swarthy and it’s *perfect* with the cool vanilla.   The osmanthus is just barely there, peeking in.

Verdict:  This is lovely and warm and rich, but not cloying in any way.  Just the right amount of dark and light.


Ophiuchus: The snake-handler holds the constellation Serpens in the night sky. Blackest vanilla, sweet cream, and patchouli wind around mandarin, tangerine, petitgrain, ginger, citron, and bright frankincense tears.

In bottle:  Citron and patchouli.

Wet on skin:  The sweet cream and petitgrain start this off warm and creamy.  Then the patchouli and citrus just barely start wafting around.

Dry on skin:  The patchouli steps up and it’s a nice, creamy patchouli and a nice balance with the black vanilla.

Verdict:  This is gorgeous and my favorite of the collection. If you like patchouli then you need this and if you’re hesitant about citrus, then this will be perfect for you because it’s not in your face citrus but soft and creamy.  Not gonna lie, keeping one of these for myself.


Piscis Australis: The Southern Fish gulps water flowing from the urn of Aquarius. A clean, airy handful of acacia blossoms, neroli, tuberose, asphodel, and native gardenia petals are scattered over banana fruit and white amber.

In bottle: Gardenia and just a hint of banana.

Wet on skin:  Gardenia and banana and ohmygodiloveit!  I actually really enjoy the smell of gardenia but it tends to be a note that I can’t wear.   It’s very airy as the banana fades out a bit and the tuberose blossom.

Dry on skin:    The gardenia is lush and creamy and it’s so unexpected with the banana!   It’s not green or sharp in any way…..very succulent.

Verdict:  A beautiful floral without the green herbal note that you often get with florals.  It’s lovely!


Arcana Peaches Crave Reviews

Hello hotties!   Well, here’s the next round of reviews of the new Arcana collection Peaches Crave available at The Rhinestone Housewife.
Peaches Crave Beaches:  Green bamboo, coconut, vanilla musk, citron, lemongrass, bergamot, and dewy peach flesh.

In bottle:  Bamboo and lemongrass.

Wet on skin:  Lemongrass!   With the green bamboo and citron following closely.  The peach flesh is indeed dewy and it’s very pretty with the bergamot which very soft right now.

Dry on skin:  It’s still very green like a freshly picked peach glistening in morning dew with the green leaves still attached.  The vanilla musk has shown up but it’s very subtle as is the coconut.

Verdict:   Have you ever sipped a Bellini on the beach served on a bed of banana leaves surrounded by lush tropical greenery?  Well, this is that scent in a bottle.

Peaches Crave Chthon:  Smoked amber, black musk, terrestrial musk, oudh, rich spikenard, and subterranean peach.

In bottle:  Rich syrupy peach.

Wet on skin:  Peachy spikenard is the first thing I notice.  It’s closely followed by the musks and smoky amber.  The oudh and subterranean peach are hovering adding a nice fruity wood vibe.

Dry on skin:  This has dried down nicely and it’s really a lovely woodsy peach. It’s rich and earthy, with a peach wood and slightly smoky vibe.

Verdict:  If you had a peach wood box made and then held rich incense in it, this is what it would smell like when you opened the lid.


Peaches Crave Dolci:  Peach gelato and pistachio gelato with 3 golden bakery cakes.

In bottle:  Fruity cake.

Wet on skin:  Pistachio is mouth watering and it’s lovely with a whiff of golden cake.   The cake really richens up and the fruitiness of of the frozen peach dessert.

Dry on skin:  This blend doesn’t morph too much.  It’s sweet frozen desserts drizzled with peaches, pistachios and poured on top of rich golden cake.

Verdict:  If you love rich gourmands then this will be right up your alley!


Peaches Crave Forests:  Sweet woodsmoke, juniper, Douglas fir, cedar, wild peachwood, and a few drops of 10 year old patchouli.

In bottle: Mellow fir.

Wet on skin:  It’s all fir all the time right at first.  Like walking onto a Christmas tree lot, it’s making me excited for the holidays!  lol  The woodsmoke makes an appearance and it’s very woodsy and bracing.   Like standing in a forest of fresh pines with someone burning a fire in the distance.

Dry on skin:  This has morphed a whole lot but the bit of patchouli does make an appearance and it’s really nice.

Verdict:  If you like woodsy, piney or less traditionally feminine scents then you’ll love this.  This will be perfection on boys as well.  So sexy.  And I think with a little age on it, it’s going to get better. Ridiculous throw, sillage and lasting power.

Peaches Crave Mambo:  Cuban tobacco, dark vanilla, sweet rum, tonka, white musk, and sun-warmed peaches.

In bottle:  Vanilla tobacco.

Wet on skin:  The vanilla is lovely and it’s dirty dancing with the white musk and tonka.   Very soft and sultry sun warmed peaches are holding up the wall, ready to bust a move on the dance floor.

Dry on skin:  This oil is warm, lush and very sultry.  The tobacco and peaches are the stars with the vanilla, rum and tonka swirling around with the white musk.

Verdict:  If sweet but not foodie is your thing then you’ll like this one.  This would be perfect for that humid summer night, sitting on the porch and sipping mojitos.


Peaches Crave Paws:  Our Puppy Kisses blend ( A batter of rich cream, soft coconut milk, rice syrup, copaiba balsam, massoia bark and milky pearl musk is gently licked with sweet peppermint, sugared bayberry, and the tiniest smooches of Oregon lavender and Dalmatian sage) with peach skin and peach blossoms.

In bottle:  Peachy musk.

Wet on skin:  Peach blossoms and pearl musk are greeting me at the door with the sweet peppermint and sugared bayberry prancing around.  There’s just a hint of lavender floating around the background.

Dry on skin:  The lavender has come out to play and it’s super pretty with the sage.  The peach skin and balsam and barks are the perfect playmates with the musk and soft creamy coconut.  The peppermint is refreshing and very soft.

Verdict:  Soft, playful and comforting….just like a cuddly puppy.  If you like peaches and puppies (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll love this.

Peaches Crave Pirates:  Arcana’s Queen Crossbones (creamy Egyptian musk, wild honey, sweet coconut and exotic resins) with plenty of peach and an extra shot of Egyptian musk.

In bottle:  Wild honey and musk.

Wet on skin:  It’s alllll honey and peach right now, with some resins and Egyptian musk trying to stow away on the peach honey ship of piracy.

Dry on skin:  This doesn’t morph a whole lot as it dries down.   Perhaps is gets a bit muskier and warmer.

Verdict:  If you love that deep rich honey with a bit of skanky (in a good way!) musk and you’re not opposed to peaches then you’ll like this.   It’s Arcana’s lovely Queen Crossbones with a punch of peach and some extra musk to keep it from being precious or cloying.


Peaches Crave Trance:  Peach creme with honeyed red musk.

In bottle: Peach gelato.

Wet on skin:  Creamy peach, sugary but not too sweet with just a hint of the hot musk, spicing up the relationship up a bit.

Dry on skin:  The red musk is perfect with the creamy peach….it’s rich and soft with just a hint of nice earthiness.

Verdict:  A rich but not too sweet peach.   If you like fruity that not gourmand, then this is might me your jam!

Peaches Crave True Love:  Resinous black amber, caramelized sugar, vanilla bean, peach nectar, and a tiny hint of pear.

In bottle:  Vanilla bean and peach.

Wet on skin:  The black amber is most noticeable but it’s pretty soft and not too pungent.  It’s the peach nectar that I pick up next and it’s really lovely, like fresh peach juice and the pear is just perfection.

Dry on skin:  Ugh the caramelized sugar and vanilla bean are mouthwatering!  And it’s perfect with the peach and pear and the whole thing is grounded by the soft black amber.

Verdict:  I wasn’t very interested in this blend but it’s just gorgeous!   Succulent and warm and rich….just like love, twue love.

Peaches Crave Vanilla:  Sugared peach, glorious vanilla, marshmallows, sweet milk, and sheer musk.

In bottle:  Sweet cream.

Wet on skin:  The musk and sugared peach are giving it a bit of a honey vibe.  The sweet milk is very sweet at this point.  The marshmallows  are a cloud of sweet puffiness at this point.

Dry on skin:  The musk and peach are the stars and the sweetness of the vanilla, marshmallows and sweet milk are softly tempered by the sheer musk.

Verdict:  This blend is exactly what it sounds like, sweet vanilla peach goodness topped with a healthy dollop of marshmallow sweet cream.    Delightful.


Arcana Strawberries Crave Reviews

Well the Arcana Cravings collection has finally landed at The Rhinestone Housewife and I’m super excited to review them for you.   I’m going to start by saying that I love strawberry anything so a whole line of strawberry perfume oils is right up my alley.   I’ll start with the Strawberries Crave and then work on the Peaches Crave collection.

Strawberries Crave Botanicus:  Fresh strawberry, guava, galbanum, basil, green hemp, bayberry, and ruby grapefruit.

In bottle:  Guava and a bit of hemp!

Wet on skin:  The grapefruit is the first thing I noticed followed closely by the grapefruit and guava. The ‘green’ notes follow closely and kind of waft around in the background.

Dry on skin:  The strawberry is now the star and it’s being supported beautifully by the various greens but those green notes have softened quite a bit.  The citrus and guava really even this blend out.

Verdict:  Do you like greenery? Strawberries?  Citrus scents?  Then you will really like this one.


Strawberries Crave Cacao:  Chocolate, French cocoa absolute, creamy strawberry, golden amber, brown musk, vodka, and strawberry roots.

In bottle:  Powdery chocolate.

Wet on skin:  The chocolate is right up front with a bit of golden amber peeking out.

Dry on skin:  The French cocoa absolute adds a nice richness as the creamy strawberry  and brown musk round out the scent.   The vodka and strawberry roots add a nice earthy-ness.

Verdict:  This isn’t an overly saccharine chocolate covered strawberry scent.  It’s a sophisticated grown up blend, perfect if you’re into gourmand with a twist.


Strawberries Crave Helios:  Strawberry jam with juicy blackberries, lemonade, limeade, and pure white amber.

In bottle:  Limey sweetness.

Wet on skin:  I’m picking up the limeade and white amber first.  It’s refreshing and the amber is a bright amber.  It’s smells like fresh fruit limeade.

Dry on skin:  As it’s settled down the fruits are more prominent and they are bight  and sugary.  It’s a perfect blend with the lime and lemonade.  The amber is perfect here and keeps this from becoming sickly sweet.

Verdict:  This will be THE perfect hot weather scent of the season.  I imagine myself wearing a bright sundress, sitting in the sultry heat and sipping a French 75 while wearing this oil.

Strawberries Crave Incense:  Burning frankincense and myrrh, rich red musk, and fraises des bois.

In bottle: Fruity incense!

Wet on skin:  It’s definitely all the frankincense and myrrh right up front.  It softens a bit as it dries down and the red musk makes an appearance.

Dry On Skin:  This is still mostly incense and rich and earthy.  The red musk and fraises des bois (fancy strawberries!) are perfect to lighten this up.

Verdict:  If you’re into incense blends then this is for you.  It’s not gross gas station fruity incense smelling though….it’s more like an expensive custom blend incense.

Strawberries Crave Kink:  Worn leather, black coconut, black musk, skin musk, and wild strawberry.

In bottle:  Soft musk and leather.

Wet on skin:  All leather, all the time right away.  The skin musk shows up after a bit as does the wild strawberry and we’ve still got the black coconut that just lightly in the background.

Dry on skin:  The leather is still the star and the musks and coconut are prefect to pair with it.   The strawberry note is soft and fresh in this blend and not too noticeable.

Verdict:  If leather is your thing then you’ll most likely love this.  The musk and coconut keep it from being too stringent and the strawberry  perfectly balances it.


Strawberries Crave Lucy:  Our own Surfers on Acid blend (Sweet coconut milk, pineapple, and absinthe) with pink strawberry.

In bottle:  A pineapple pop.

Wet on skin:  Super creamy pineapple which I think is the coconut milk and pineapple together.  There is a bit of bite from the absinthe and strawberry.

Dry on skin:  This hasn’t morphed a whole lot other than the strawberry becoming more prominent and bright.

Verdict:  I LOVE this but I’m a sucker for pineapple.  It’s sweet and bright and pretty while being sexy and succulent.

Strawberries Crave Nyx:  Drunken honey, lavender-laced mallow, soft amber, night musk, and hints of strawberry and nectarine.

In bottle: Sweet lavender candy.

Wet on skin:  I’m actually picking up the drunken honey and nectarine with a dash of lavender mallow.

Dry on skin:  Now it’s all soft lavender marshmallow with the strawberry and nectarine.   The musk and amber are working well here to keep it from being to precious.   They lend a soft depth.

Verdict:  This is pretty and sweet without being to young or cute.  It’s hard to quantify this one but it’s very pretty and might be a good sleep time scent for some people.


Strawberries Crave Rhinestones (exclusive to The Rhinestone Housewife): Sparkle strawberry with pink frosting, white musk, black raspberry, black cherry, pink pepper, and a drop of champagne.

In bottle:  Pink champagne filled strawberries.

Wet on skin:  The pink pepper is delightful!  It’s really nice with the black cherry and effervescent champagne.  The pink frosting is making a grand entrance now.

Dry on skin:  The white musk has swooped in and softened a bit of the sweetness.  It’s perfect with all the pinks and berries;

Verdict:  The blend is sweet, bright, effervescent and bubbly.  I love it.


Strawberries Crave Rococo:  Tiny strawberries with Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, apricot, white musk, and skin musk.

In bottle:  Vanilla and sugar musk.

Wet on skin:  The musks are the first thing I can pick out….soft and pearly. The Tahitian vanilla and apricot and slowly emerging.

Dry on skin:  The musks are still the stars and the strawberry is a great supporting character. The vanillas are delightful and so tasty with the apricot.

Verdict:  It no wonder this is a big seller of the collection.  It’s got everything; sophistication, vanilla and couture musks.


Strawberries Crave Summer:  Tropical blossoms of tiare, tuberose petals, star jasmine, and neroli over melty pistachio and strawberry sherbets.

In bottle:  Floral sherbet.

Wet on skin:  OMG, it smells like sugared tuberose, it’s amazing!  There is definitely some jasmine happening here and it’s all swirly with the strawberry sherbet.

Dry on skin:  Gah, I can’t get enough…it’s intoxicating.  The florals are the stars for sure but they are so darn succulent with the sugary notes of the pistachio ice cream and strawberry sherbet.

Verdict: Ok, here’s the deal….I don’t like florals.   Especially white florals.    I have fallen for this blend.  It’s just so sexy and lush and absolutely tropical.   Amazing.  This should be your signature summer scent.


Strawberries Crave Waterfalls:  Rain, woodland strawberries, fresh water, petitgrain, osmanthus, clover, and smooth amber.

In bottle:  Fresh and springy.

Wet on skin:  It’s warm and fresh right at first, then it brightens up with the rain and fresh water.

Dry on skin:  Very aquatic with some lovely florals and greens floating around with just a touch of the velvety osmanthus and wild strawberries.

Verdict:  If you like fresh and aquatics, then you’ll love this!  The aquatics and floras are so well blended.  Refreshing, clean and luminescent.


Arcana Cravings Satisfied Collection Up!

Hello hotties!

You begged and you pleaded so I’ve put the new Arcana collection up at The Rhinestone Housewife for pre-orders. What you see is what I have for now. Apples Crave Apples, Peaches Crave Pirates and Strawberries Crave Waterfalls cannot be re-stocked. I might be able to get more of the others but no promises. Please note that these should be shipping to me some time this week and then I will try to get them out to you ASAP but it might be two weeks or so before they ship. These are retailing at $18 (up from $17-I know it sucks but I had to do it) so to take the sting out please use coupon code CRAVING for 10% off your entire order. This code will run through the first of June and is good for anything in the shop.

Enjoy you guys! We are SO sorry for the limited availability of some of these oils but we greatly underestimated the demand for this collection!22188_517351175072830_636719846645407515_n

Cravings Satisfied Arcana Preview

Ah, the update is finally here!   These are not quite available in the shop yet but they will be going up in the next couple of days so stay tuned.  In the meantime, I’m just going to leave this here so you can decide what you can’t lived without.  🙂


Apples Crave Apples:  A special request from the ladies of Reddit IMAM! Notes of golden apple, green apple, Winesap, Fuji, fresh apple, baked apple, spiced apple, apple cider, and a hint of apple.

Peaches Crave Beaches:  Green bamboo, coconut, vanilla musk, citron, lemongrass, bergamot, and dewy peach flesh.

Peaches Crave Chthon:  Smoked amber, black musk, terrestrial musk, oudh, rich spikenard, and subterranean peach.

Peaches Crave Dolci:  Peach gelato and pistachio gelato with 3 golden bakery cakes.

Peaches Crave Forests:  Sweet woodsmoke, juniper, Douglas fir, cedar, wild peachwood, and a few drops of 10 year old patchouli.

Peaches Crave Mambo:  Cuban tobacco, dark vanilla, sweet rum, tonka, white musk, and sun-warmed peaches.

Peaches Crave Paws:  Our Puppy Kisses blend with peach skin and peach blossoms.

Peaches Crave Pirates:  Arcana’s Queen Crossbones with plenty of peach and an extra shot of Egyptian musk.

Peaches Crave Trance:  Peach creme with honeyed red musk.

Peaches Crave True Love:  Resinous black amber, caramelized sugar, vanilla bean, peach nectar, and a tiny hint of pear.

Peaches Crave Vanilla:  Sugared peach, glorious vanilla, marshmallows, sweet milk, and sheer musk.

Strawberries Crave Botanicus:  Fresh strawberry, guava, galbanum, basil, green hemp, bayberry, and ruby grapefruit.

Strawberries Crave Cacao:  Chocolate, French cocoa absolute, creamy strawberry, golden amber, brown musk, vodka, and strawberry roots.

Strawberries Crave Kink:  Worn leather, black coconut, black musk, skin musk, and wild strawberry.

Strawberries Crave Lucy:  Our own Surfers on Acid blend with pink strawberry.

Strawberries Crave Helios:  Strawberry jam with juicy blackberries, lemonade, limeade, and pure white amber.

Strawberries Crave Incense:  Burning frankincense and myrrh, rich red musk, and fraises des bois.

Strawberries Crave Nyx:  Drunken honey, lavender-laced mallow, soft amber, night musk, and hints of strawberry and nectarine.

Strawberries Crave Rococo:  Tiny strawberries with Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, apricot, white musk, and skin musk.

Strawberries Crave Summer:  Tropical blossoms of tiare, tuberose petals, star jasmine, and neroli over melty pistachio and strawberry sherbets.

Strawberries Crave Waterfalls:  Rain, woodland strawberries, fresh water, petitgrain, osmanthus, clover, and smooth amber.

Exclusive to The Rhinestone Housewife

Strawberries Crave Rhinestones:  Sparkle strawberry with pink frosting, white musk, black raspberry, black cherry, pink pepper, and a drop of champagne.

Arcana Contest At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hello hotties!   Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest spring is in the air and we are excited to bring you a really amazing contest hosted by Arcana and The Rhinestone Housewife.   There will be five winners and each winner will receive two 5 ml perfume bottles.   This contest will start at 5pm 3/17/15 and will run until 5pm on 3/24/15.    We will start picking winners on 3/20/15 and will draw one winner a day until the end of the contest.  This contest is open to international folks!

We are giving away:

Apples Crave The Tropics

Astrid’s Diadem

Bonfires at Dusk

Dia de los Muertos

Fluffing the Bunny


Pumpkins Crave Quietude


Surfers on Acid


How do you enter, you ask?  There are several ways to enter including following us on Twitter, following Arcana Soaps on Twitter, liking our Facebook fan page or Tweeting a message about the contest.  Now, wordpress apparently hates contests, so we did have to run this contest through Facebook.  I was trying to avoid that for the folks that don’t like to Facebook…….to those of you, sorry!

To enter the contest, hit up our Facebook page and click on the “Contest” tab at the top and all your glorious entry options will be available to you.   If you’d like, leave a comment about what your dream Peaches Crave ….?  perfume oil would be.  This won’t be made into a blend but we’d like to hear what you dream about.   Mine would be Peaches Crave Whiskey because……well, whiskey!

We are happy to announce that this contest will run consecutively with same contest from Pretty Indulgent.  We love our neighbor to the north, Maggie, and you should go check out Pretty Indulgent……they have some amazing products!