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First Carves Of The Season!

Jack O Lanterns.  Pumpkin Carving.  Grinning  Jacks.  I don’t care what you call them, I just love doing it each year!   This year we picked up over a 1,000lbs of pumpkins and I’m not even kidding.  They made us drive over to the truck scale and weigh everything.  lol  The folks at Schuh Farm were awesome as always, and gave me a generous discount because I’m a pumpkin junkie.


And here they are, all lined up on the porch, just waiting to be sacrificed:


I picked the pumpkin with the super long stem because he had a little spot that I was worried might turn into rot.


Carve #1 Business Cat


Carve #2-a classic grinning jack, Demi


Carve #3-Another jack, the puking pumpkin (sans guts!)


And all three all lit up on the porch:


Halloween 2011 Carves #18-24



Sirius Black


Carve #20 Frankie Stein


Carve #21 Frankenstein


Carve #22 Dumbledore


Carve #23 Mr. Hyde


Carve #24 Dr. Jeckyll

Halloween 2011 Carves #14-17

Carve #14 Dobby

Carve #15 Scraps


Carve #16 The Rancor


Carve #17 Jaws

Halloween 2011 Carves #10-12

Carve #10 Beware The Raptor!


Carve #11 Root Of All Evil


Carve #12 Blood Diamond


The Current Lot

Halloween 2011 Carves 1-6!

Well it’s that time of year again…..pumpkin carving!   I picked up 620lbs of pumpkins at Schuh Farms and boy there are some awesome kins in my haul.

Carve #1 Sugar Skull

Carve #2 Kermit



Carve #3  Zero



Carve #4  The Guy

The Guy


Carve #5  Mad Eye Moody

Alastor Mad Eye Moody


Carve #6  The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf


And a couple of group photos:

Halloween 2010 Carves Numbers 3-7

Carve #3, Stay Puft!   I carved this last year as well but I wanted it on a foamie so I can use it every year.  Zombie Pumpkin pattern.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Carve #4, Scream!   Carved on an orange foamie with pattern by Zombie Pumpkins:


Carve #5, Oogie Boogie on an orange foamie, pattern by Zombie Pumpkins:

Oogie Boogie

Carve #6, Blood Drive on an orange foamie, pattern by Zombie Pumpkins:

Blood Drive

Carve #7, Window Treatment on an orange foamie, pattern by JP’s Jammin’ Pumpkins.

Window Treatment

First Two Carves Of The Season!

First, “It’s the claw!”   Pattern by Zombie Pumpkins:

Toy Story's the claw aliens on a foam pumpkin

Mad Moster Party's The Invisible Man on a foam pumpkin.

Invisible Man patterns by JP’s.
Stay tuned for many more carves this Halloween season!

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