Beauty From The Earth (BFTE) Swatches

After I placed my first order, I almost immediately placed a second order.   Well, that order came today so I couldn’t wait to swatch them.  I purchased the COTW which is Secret Garden and for my three free samples I chose: Carrot Cake, Snake Oil and Misquoted.  I also ordered full sizes of Colorado’s FrontContinue reading “Beauty From The Earth (BFTE) Swatches”

Darling Girl Nerdvana Swtaches (& day 40!)

Darling Girl recently released a collection of colors called Nerdvana, inspired by The Big Bang Theory.   As usual, these pigments were a joy to work with and some of the colors were hard to show how gorgeous they really are.    If you are interested in any of these colors then you can check them outContinue reading “Darling Girl Nerdvana Swtaches (& day 40!)”

New My Pretty Zombie Swatches (& day 42!)

I placed another order with My Pretty Zombie.   I’ve really been enjoying playing with the pigments and MPZ has some really amazing spring colors.   I purchased full sizes of Thundernuts, Unicorn Pee, Lulu Cupcake, Disquiet and Miasma.   I didn’t swatch Miasma because I’d already included that in a previous post.    No. 996 andContinue reading “New My Pretty Zombie Swatches (& day 42!)”

FOTD with Conjurer and Leopard Print Galaxy (& day 48)

Today I decided to play with some Fyrinnae colors that I haven’t touched in a while.    I’ve been into that brown/taupe/green smokey eye look so I continued with that for this FOTD. Face:  Defy Gravity primer with Meow’s Frisky Angora.   Brazen’s F&F powder. Cheeks:  Intrigued by Fyrinnae Lips:  Nude pencil with MAC Dazzleglass Eyes:  MACContinue reading “FOTD with Conjurer and Leopard Print Galaxy (& day 48)”

Venomous Cosmetics Swatches (& day 55!)

I really enjoy all the bright, vibrant colors from Venomous Cosmetics so I decided to make one last order before they went on maternity hiatus.  Venomous is currently closed for maternity leave but you should check them out in a couple of months when they open back up.   The lip glosses are some of theContinue reading “Venomous Cosmetics Swatches (& day 55!)”

FOTD With Deviled Egg and Rabbits Foot (& day 57!)

Because I really enjoy the springy look of these colors I decided to use shadows from My Pretty Zombie.    This was also my third and final look for the complimentary color makeup challenge. Face:  MAC foundie and concealer in NC15.   Evil Shades matte powder. Cheeks:   Meow blush in  Twisted. Lips:   MAC magenta liner withContinue reading “FOTD With Deviled Egg and Rabbits Foot (& day 57!)”

FOTD With Poison And Tree (& day 60!)

Today I chose colors by Chinovi Cosmetics.   I’ve been stepping outside of my comfort zone and using more greens and these green from Chinovi were a joy to work with.    Very pretty and nice blendability. Face:  Brazens Defy Gravity, Holika BB cream in Baby Bloom and Evil Shades powder. Cheeks:  Brazens Perfect 10. Lips:  BrazenContinue reading “FOTD With Poison And Tree (& day 60!)”

FOTD With The Naughty List and The Arena (& day 61!)

I wanted to play with some more of my Evil Shades colors the other day and decided to use a The Naughty List and The Arena.   I just love how easily these color blend….super creamy and nice to use! Face:  Defy Gravity under Holika BB cream in Baby Bloom.    Evil Shades finishing powder. Lips:  CagedContinue reading “FOTD With The Naughty List and The Arena (& day 61!)”

FOTD with Kettle and Punkins (& day 65!)

I played around with my Chinovi pigments today and boy was I happy with the result!   I wanted to play with the warm colors so I chose a couple of orange colors and went to work. Face:  Holika BB cream in Baby Bloom.   Brazen F&F finishing powder. Cheeks:   Brazen’s Perfect 10 blush Lips:  Brazen’s lipContinue reading “FOTD with Kettle and Punkins (& day 65!)”

FOTD with Rave and Dead Weight (& day 66!)

I wanted to play with a couple of new Altered Ego colors I got.  I decided in honor of the nice weather that I would do a bright eye AND bright liner look.   Normally I choose one or the other but I was really wanting to do something fun and springy.  Besides, I knew weContinue reading “FOTD with Rave and Dead Weight (& day 66!)”

FOTD with Regifted Xmas Sweater and Misfit Toys (& day 67!)

I did a quick FOTD.  Sorry about the bandana but I had just deep conditioned my hair and wanted to let it air dry.   Just call me Cinderella! Face:  I was being super lazy so just moisturizer and sunscreen on my face.   Brazen Goodbye To Use as concealer and Evil Shades matte finishing powder. Cheeks: Continue reading “FOTD with Regifted Xmas Sweater and Misfit Toys (& day 67!)”

RockABetty Beauty Swatches (& day 74!)

I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate from RockABetty Beauty last week and got my goodies today!   I figured I’d swatch them for you guys since I got samples of the “Not A Hunger Games” collection.   There are a couple of really pretty stand out colors for me.  I got samples of allContinue reading “RockABetty Beauty Swatches (& day 74!)”

FOTD with Half Past Crazy and Atomic Clock (& day 76)

Lat night Chris and I went out to dinner at La Condesa and it was amazing!  We had the best gourmet tacos and fresh salsa you could imagine! Face: BB cream and Face Time finishing powder. Cheeks:  Ginger Torch by Meow Lips: Nude liner with MAC Dazzleglass over the top. Eyes:  MAC paint in untitledContinue reading “FOTD with Half Past Crazy and Atomic Clock (& day 76)”

Tick: Tock Swatches (& day 80!)

I had a really nice opportunity to to try out a new eye shadow base color for Tick:Tock.   It’s a nudish color in the same formula of the other Infinity bases.    I decided ot swatch the new shadows I got over the new tester base.

FOTD with Leap Year and Cuckoo (& day 85!)

I wanted to do something really bright and pretty for Easter!   Today I chose to feature colors from Tick: Tock Cosmetics. Face:  Mac foundie and concealer in NC15 with a custom finishing powder. Cheeks:  Dolly blush by Aromaleigh. Lips: Hypnotize by Venomous Cosmetics. Eyes:  ALl Tick: Tock-Infinity base in Milky Way.  Cuckoo applied all overContinue reading “FOTD with Leap Year and Cuckoo (& day 85!)”