FOTD with Brazen Tree Hugger and Vague (& Day 87!)

I’m still trying out my Brazen pigments and today I used two new ones.  I have pretty much only tried  the neutrals from Brazen but I’m really digging them right now.  I have some brighter colors on order but for now I’m enjoying a super neutral smokey eye type look. I’m pretty happy with howContinue reading “FOTD with Brazen Tree Hugger and Vague (& Day 87!)”

Brazen Fast & Loose and Felt Up FOTD (& Day 88!)

Today I tried the eye shadow combination suggested to me by Sandi; Fast & Loose paired with Felt Up both of which she sent along in my last order.   I forget how much color pay off you get with Brazen pigments and this ended up being a bit more dramatic than I’d normally wear forContinue reading “Brazen Fast & Loose and Felt Up FOTD (& Day 88!)”

Brazen Cosmetics Swatches, FOTD and News! (& day 89!)

This is post #89 of my 90 days of beauty challenge! This post is going to be filled with Brazen goodness!   I was lucky enough to receive a recently placed order today and I couldn’t wait to share the sparkly goods with you.   I also have some other really exciting news-I’ve been chosen to beContinue reading “Brazen Cosmetics Swatches, FOTD and News! (& day 89!)”

Tick: Tock Cosmetics Swatch Post of DOOM!

I can’t say I’ve been *patiently* waiting my Tick: Tock Cosmetics orders so I was super excited when I received it in the mail!  I placed my order on 2/26/12 and received it on 3/16/12.  I placed a fairly mega order that included the original sample set of 51 colors.  The giant sample set alsoContinue reading “Tick: Tock Cosmetics Swatch Post of DOOM!”

Shiro Cosmetics Swatches Part Deux

I had a chance to swatch the rest of the Shiro samples that I got.     These are all swatched over Pixie Epoxy and photographed with no flash but under a bright light.   If you like any of these colors, you should totally go and check out the site here:

Brazen Cosmetics Swatches And Review

I had never heard of Brazen Cosmetics until I joined a group called Never Too Much Sparkle on Facebook.  I took advantage of a 30 minute Leap Day sale and placed a small order on 2/29/12.   I panicked while having only 30 minutes to peruse and shop and missed several pages of products.   Oh noes!   Continue reading “Brazen Cosmetics Swatches And Review”

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics Review And Swatches

I was very excited to be able to try a brand new indie makeup company, Moon Rabbit Cosmetics.   Jess was running a special for Groundhog Day and I couldn’t resist trying the colors in her new spring collection.   I purchased the entire sample set on 2/21/12 and received my order on 3/3/12.   Everything came inContinue reading “Moon Rabbit Cosmetics Review And Swatches”

FOTD with My Pretty Zombie Easter Colors!

I’m just loving all the My Pretty Zombie colors that I’ve tried.   The limited edition Easter set has become a particular favorite of mine.   Normally I have trouble with green colors so I decided to keep the green color concentrated on the lid and used other colors above the lid. Face:  MAC concealer in NW15,Continue reading “FOTD with My Pretty Zombie Easter Colors!”

My Pretty Zombie LE Easter Swatches & WTF

As usual, I got lightning fast shipping from My Pretty Zombie.   I just couldn’t resist the limited edition Easter colors and once I read the story behind the WTF set I had to get those too.  Plus, I think it’s always good to have a set of beautiful neutrals.   I also received three free samplesContinue reading “My Pretty Zombie LE Easter Swatches & WTF”

Darling Girl Swatches And Review

I’ve ordered from Darling Girl a couple of times and have been impressed each time.   I’ve collected a stupid amount of DG lip products but I’m pretty strict about tossing them after six months or so.  Or a dog eats them, or the cats bat them onto the rings of Saturn.  I don’t knowContinue reading “Darling Girl Swatches And Review”