FOTD With Santa’s Mistress and Naughty List (& day 25!)

Yesterday I was thinking about all the holiday lights that I want to put up and it kind of inspired this FOTD.   I decided to use all colors from the Humbuggery collection from Evil Shades.  I really like how this came out and I’m particularly loving the lippie here….it’s just the texture and finish IContinue reading “FOTD With Santa’s Mistress and Naughty List (& day 25!)”

FOTD Sleek Palette and (& day 30!)

I bring to you the first FOTD using my sleek palette!    This time I went with a cool toned eye.  I found the shadows easy to work with and they well wore throughout the day. Face:  MAC concealer and foundation in NC15.  Evil Shades matte powder. Cheeks:  Physician’s Formula pH Matchmaker blush. Lips:  Nude pencilContinue reading “FOTD Sleek Palette and (& day 30!)”

FOTD Shenanigans (& day 31!)

I played with the Virus Insanity shadows that I got, today I used my personal favorite, Shenanigans.  I got quite a few compliments on it. Face:  Holika Holika BB cream, Evil Shades matte powder Cheeks:  Meow Anana Lips:  Nude liner with Evil Shades Caged Gypsy Eyes:  MAC Untitled under Tick: Tock Infininy base in MilkyContinue reading “FOTD Shenanigans (& day 31!)”

FOTD With Mi Vida Loca Palette(& day 35!)

I played around with the Kat Von D palette and decided to use the pink and purple.  I found the colors easy to work with and while not neon by any means they are bright.  The surprise hit for me was actually the liner that came with it.  It’s bold and bright and applied easilyContinue reading “FOTD With Mi Vida Loca Palette(& day 35!)”

Anniversary FOTD (& day 46!)

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary and we went out to dinner.   I got my sample of Jeweled Taupe in the mail so I wanted to used that.   It’s so pretty! Face:  MAC foundie and concealer in NC15, Brazen F&F powder. Cheeks:  Hot by Meow Lips:  Nude liner with Brazen’s balm stick in Snazzy Eyes:  MACContinue reading “Anniversary FOTD (& day 46!)”

FOTD With Diesel and Pineapple (& day 50!)

I chose to do yet another version of a smoky eye of sorts with lighter, more neutral colors and today I used two colors from Altered Ego. Face:  Defy Gravity primer with Meow foundation in frisky angora.  Evil Shades matte powder. Cheeks:  Meow’s Ginger Torch Lips:  Nude liner under More Synth by Evil Shades Eyes: Continue reading “FOTD With Diesel and Pineapple (& day 50!)”

FOTD With Mayor’s Daughter & Fire Inside (& day 52!)

I wanted to use a red and gold combo today so here’s my FOTD! Face:  Baby Bloom BB Cream, Brazen Defy Gravity, Evil Shades matte powder. Cheeks:   Brazen’s Abandon Lips:  TGIF by Venomous Eyes:  MAC Untitled, Tick: Tock nude Infinity base.   Darling Girls Mayor’s Daughter  on lid and middle of lower lid and Fire InsideContinue reading “FOTD With Mayor’s Daughter & Fire Inside (& day 52!)”

FOTD Brown Barbaloots & Doubt Trout Live In Rover River (& day 56!)

Face: MAC foundie and concealer in NC15.   Evil Shades matte powder. Cheeks:  Brazen blush in Abandon. Lips:  Venomous glosses in TGIF and Let U Go Eyes:  MAC Untitled under T: T Infinity base in Milky Way.  Venomous colors: Brown Barbaloots in outer corner upper and lover lid with Doubt Trout Live In Rover River onContinue reading “FOTD Brown Barbaloots & Doubt Trout Live In Rover River (& day 56!)”

FOTD with Kettle and Punkins (& day 65!)

I played around with my Chinovi pigments today and boy was I happy with the result!   I wanted to play with the warm colors so I chose a couple of orange colors and went to work. Face:  Holika BB cream in Baby Bloom.   Brazen F&F finishing powder. Cheeks:   Brazen’s Perfect 10 blush Lips:  Brazen’s lipContinue reading “FOTD with Kettle and Punkins (& day 65!)”

FOTD with Half Past Crazy and Atomic Clock (& day 76)

Lat night Chris and I went out to dinner at La Condesa and it was amazing!  We had the best gourmet tacos and fresh salsa you could imagine! Face: BB cream and Face Time finishing powder. Cheeks:  Ginger Torch by Meow Lips: Nude liner with MAC Dazzleglass over the top. Eyes:  MAC paint in untitledContinue reading “FOTD with Half Past Crazy and Atomic Clock (& day 76)”


I wanted to match my Captain shirt today so I chose some cool toned eye shadows.   I picked some of my new Tick: Tock pigments to play with and am pretty happy with the results. Face:  Holika Holika Baby Bloom BB cream, MAC concealer in NC15, custom finishing powder. Cheeks: Meow blush in Forest Flame.Continue reading “FOTD”

Tock: Tock Cosmetics FOTD

I just need a quick and natural FOTD today but I still really like how it came out. Face: Meow foundation in Frisky Angora, MAC concealer in NC15.   Custom finishing powder. Cheeks: Meow  blush in SNarky. Lips:   Brazen Cherry Gummie Glaze over Darling Girl The Pumpkin King. Eyes:  Tick: Tock Infinity in Milky Way primerContinue reading “Tock: Tock Cosmetics FOTD”

Disney Challenge for NTMS

My favorite makeup group had a new challenge this week…..Disney inspiration!   My two favorite colors are pink and orange so I chose as my inspiration the Cheshire Cat.    He’s cheerfully unhelpful and I just love him.  Now I know that traditionally the Cheshire Cat is purple and pink but I really like the purplish pinkContinue reading “Disney Challenge for NTMS”

Morgana Cryptoria FOTD

I really like the blendability of Morgana Cryptoria eye shadows.  Some indie eye shadows are really delicate and you have to ‘pat’ them gently into place or it will separate the base color from the sparkles.  Not these, you can blend away until you’ve got exactly the look you want. Face:  MAC concealer in NCContinue reading “Morgana Cryptoria FOTD”

FOTD-Blood Orange & Baby Girl

This didn’t quite come out the way I was expecting but I still liked it! Face:  MAC Pro Longwear in NC15, with matching concealer and pressed powder.  I also use a a custom blend glow powder as well. Cheeks:  Fyrinnae’s Intrigue Eyes:  MAC Paint in Untitled, with Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.  Meow’s Blood Orange in outerContinue reading “FOTD-Blood Orange & Baby Girl”