Taupe Challenge FOTD (& day 49!)

The challenge this week in Never Too Much Sparkle was to use tapue in any way you chose.  I’m not a big fan of taupe simple because I find it mysterious and confusing.   Is it brown?   Is it grey?    It confuzzles my head.  Anyhoo, I dig around in the Book Of Shadows and found LordContinue reading “Taupe Challenge FOTD (& day 49!)”

Disney Challenge for NTMS

My favorite makeup group had a new challenge this week…..Disney inspiration!   My two favorite colors are pink and orange so I chose as my inspiration the Cheshire Cat.    He’s cheerfully unhelpful and I just love him.  Now I know that traditionally the Cheshire Cat is purple and pink but I really like the purplish pinkContinue reading “Disney Challenge for NTMS”

Mellow Yellow Makeup Challenge!

So this weeks makeup challenge was titled Mellow Yellow.  Yellow could be used in any way that you wanted it to be.   I chose to do a really simple eye in a super bright yellow and decided to keep the lips simple.  I also did a nebula nail manicure last night and since it includesContinue reading “Mellow Yellow Makeup Challenge!”