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Bear-ly Naked Cabaret-A Charity Show Benefiting PAWS

Jet City Burlesque is excited to present some of Seattle’s finest performing artists while we come to together to support The Progressive Animal Welfare Society.

PAWS is a champion for animals—rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating people to make a better world for animals and people.

PAWS has taken in at least eight bear cubs this year and it costs $70 per wee…k, per cub just to feed them. Bear cubs are much like teenage boys…they really will eat you out of house and home!


With an array of wonderful talent to pull from in Seattle and surrounding areas, Jet City Burlesque often sets out to show you the comical, the sultry, the beautiful and the bawdy with their performance selections. Always looking to help out the community, JCB produces shows that benefit an array of very worthy causes, all while delighting the audience.

Seattle has two great things going for it: A vibrant performing arts community as well as a generous community dedicated to animal welfare. Isn’t it time those two come together for an extraordinary night of fun and philanthropy?

Bear-ly Naked Cabaret
A Charity Cabaret Show Benefiting The Progressive Animal Welfare Society


Our hostess for the evening:
Sydni Deveraux

Our illustrious performers:
Lily Verlaine
Fuchsia FoXXX
Belle Cozette
Iva Handfull
Paris Original

Hottie McNaughty will be on hand to keep it tidy and Pinky Shines and Ruby Whiines will be our raffle mavens for the evening.

Saturday, January 15th, doors at 8pm, show at 9pm

The Baltic Room
1207 Pine Street
Seattle, WA


Tickets will be $27 in advance or $30 at the door. There are a very limited number of couches that are available for $99. Please email Hottie at hottiemcnaughty@comcast.net for details! All other seating is first come, first serve. Everyone receives a door prize ticket and raffle prizes will include a complimentary 3 night stay at Roscoe’s Ranch, two art prints by Matt The Photographer, two Jet City Burlesque party packs and more to be announced!

Bear-ly Naked Cabaret is sponsored by:
Roscoe’s Ranch

The Baltic Room

Northwest Auto Salon


Bear-ly Naked Cabaret
Bear-ly Naked Cabaret Performers

New Orleans 2010!

Just got back from New Orleans where we went for the New Orleans Burlesque Festival.  I love that city so much.  The food was divine, the liquor flowed freely and the entertainment was fabulous!   Wed spent our days between Harrah’s and the Hilton.  Both were nice but I preferred Harrah’s.   Their bathrooms were pretty epic and the hotel itself was beautiful.

Thursday night was the VIP pre party.   Matt and I went and met quite a few fun people.

Lula Houp-Garou, Lady Jack, Vicky Sin and Hottie Mcnaughty
Matt and Spooky Lestrange

Later that night Matt and I hit one of the bars at Harrah’s.   I thought the bartender had the hots for me because he kept giving me free drinks all night but then I found out it was ladies night.  Haha!   The actual bar was made out of ice, nice for keeping your drinks frosty cold.

Matt getting his drink on at Masquerade in Harrah's

Not one of my finest moments.  Heh.

Hottie completely sauced at Masquerade in Harrah's

That pretty much summed up my night.     I went back to the hotel  and Matt and Chris went out and foraged the wilds of the French Quarter for food.  They ended up at Yo Mamma’s for burgers.    At this point Matt was what will always be called “Double Rainbow” drunk.    He was quite content with life.

The next day we headed back down to the French Quarter for lunch.  We ended up at Stanley’s which was awesome!  I had an eggs benedict poor boy.  Yum, yum, yum.

Matt and the Mr. in the French Quarter
Random apartment building in the French Quarter
For some reason Matt and I were highly amused by the packaging on the popsicles.

I have no idea why, but we some some of the coolest vintage bicycles in New Orleans.   Here are just two:

Beautiful blue and green bike
I would so ride this bike. It's so "Hottie"!
Look at the seat and fender! How groovy is that?

Friday night we went out to dinner with Bob and Shanna who were nice enough to hook us up with a hotel room for our entire stay!   We ate at Besh in Harrah’s and the martini’s were flowing!

Bob, Shanna and Matt at Besh in Harrah's

Late Friday night was the Risque Soiree at the House Of Blues.  What a fun night!   The show ran really well and I got to see a ton of new performers.

Lydia DeCarllo and Hottie McNaughty at House Of Blues
Matt and Hottie at House Of Blues
The legendary Satan's Angel. She's done so many fabulous things I can't begin to tell you.

Saturday morning brought beignets and coffee from Cafe Du Monde:

Heaven in a bag.
Would you like some beignet with your powdered sugar?

Saturday night brought Ready, Set Strip! at The Parrish in the House Of Blues.   It was a fabulous show and we got a chance to get some snap shots back stage.

Lula Houp-Garou, Hottie McNaughty and Lady Ginger backstage at House Of Blues.
Hottie McNaughty and Tomahawk Tassels. This was our second festival together!
Lady Jack and Hottie McNaughty backstage at House Of Blues

After the show on Saturday we went and walked down Bourbon Street.   The only way I could think to describe it was a line from one of my favorite movies, “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.  We must be cautions.”   And to make things even more fun I was still dressed as Hottie.

Sunday the Mr. and I got out and did some touristy stuff.   First we went to the Aquarium  of the Americas.  It was actually a lot of fun! And air conditioned!   Then we got to ride down the Mississippi on a riverboat.  It was pretty cool and we got to see some things you only get to see from the water.

A friendly albino Oscar.
Some flashy orange fish.
Yes, I climbed into the aneome.
Albino alligator at the aquarium
A pretty skate or ray of some kind.
And the random raptor at the aquarium....a Barred Owl. He slept the whole time we were there.
Sea turtle.....she was a big one!
I'm pretty proud of my jellyfish photo.

Later that day we rode a riverboat up and down the Mississippi River!  It was actually really cool and I’m super glad we did it.  It was an authentic  steamboat with the huge paddle and everything.    The paddle was easily 25 feet in diameter.   The whistle was super cool and they even had a lady playing a calliope!

I loved watching the barges get pushed around.
Ah.....the mighty Mississippi.
That's a big wheel!
It churned up a lot of water.

Later that night we went catting around.   We ended up at the Carousel Bar where we had the worst waiter in the history of drink serving.   Next was Daisy Duke’s where we had crawdads, fried green tomatoes, jalapeno poppers and gumbo.  Dang that was the perfect finish to a booze filled night.   I love New Orleans….strolling around the French Quarter with a frosty cold hurricane in my hand and my honey by my side.

Sorry little guys. From what I hear you were delicious.
What's that....an adult super store?!?
I have no recollection of these events.

The next day the Mr. and I walked around the French Quarter some more, ate more delicious food and sweat.  A lot.  It was 90 degrees every day and killer  humidity.     Monday night we went on our Haunted History tour.  It was so much fun!   I admit that I’d already had a margarita and a hurricane so I don’t remember the names of all the places that we visited.

The first was a house where a mistress had died of exposure on the roof.   Supposedly on very cold stormy nights you can see her naked form, exposed by the chimney.

The chimney in the middle is where she is often seen on cold, stormy nights. This is our tour guide, Raven.

The Andrew Jackson Hotel was our next stop.  There was a family tragedy there and the building was turned into a boys school.  All kinds of mischievous things happen there like people’s cameras taking pics from the ceiling while they are sleeping at night.

Andrew Jackson Hotel, haunted by the spirits of little boys.

The next stop on the tour was Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar.   Jean Lafitte was  a pretty successful pirate who helped Andrew Jackson defeat the English army at the Battle Of New Orleans.   Being a pirate, he had all the ammo and brought together people of all cultures to defeat the British.    No one really knows for sure if this was his house, but it has been a bar or tavern for quite a while so many nefarious things have happened there.

Lafitte Blacksmith Bar in black and white.....because that's *spooky*! Actually it's because it was starting to get dark.
Me taking a picture of Matt taking a picture of me. Notice the door behind Matt, that is important later.
This is the same area that Matt was shooting, towards the men's room.

Something happened right as I was taking this photo.  I’m going to preface this with   Very clearly to my right I heard a woman ask me to open the door.   There was a woman that was also taking the tour standing to my right so I asked her to repeat what she’d said and she looked at me completely blank and stated she hadn’t said anything.  I whipped around to Matt who was on my left told him what I’d heard.  He said he didn’t hear anything and that the other lady definitely hadn’t said anything.   I have no idea what it was but I definitely heard a ladies voice clearly asking me to open the door.  No clue but it was a new experience for me.

Things sort of when down hill from here!

We next went to an old house known as the LaLaurie House.   The rich woman was suspected of torturing her slaves in unspeakable ways.  The rich lady had an odd habit of leaving during the middle of her parties and she would always return wearing a new dress.  A slave jumped to her death during a party and they found a torture chamber hidden in the house.   She changed her dress because she would go torture slaves in the middle of her own party and would have stained her dress with blood and gore.

The LaLaurie House which has remained mostly vacant for the past 100 years or so.
Tour's over. Where the hell are we?
While you guys are figuring out where we are, I'm going to take an artsy farty pic of your shoes.

We grabbed something to eat and then ended up back at Lafittes for (more) hurricane’s.  I didn’t hear any more whispering but by this time a lot people were there and the game had started.

One more round!
Mr. McNaughty hasn't been drunk in 15 years so Matt and I got hom *trashed* on hurricane's. How fun!
It's a bromance!

Our last night in NOLA led us to Saint Louis Cathedral at the end of the evening.

I love this pic of Matt in the darkened foreground with the lit cathedral in the back.

We had lunch at Cafe Adelaide before we left on Tuesday.   We all wore orange and I have no idea why.

The orange shirt society.

Came home to a great little tidbit about the show and Hottie was mentioned…..go Seattle burlesque!


Prowling For PAWS

Last night Discontinued Trim Productions presented the first of two shows benefiting Cat City at PAWS, Prowling For PAWS at the Re Bar.   What a huge success it was!    A stellar cast led by one of my favorite hosts, Maggie!    The fantastic line up included:

Debora Spencer
Hottie McNaughty
Iva Handfull
Jacqueline Hyde
Kitty Baby
Lydia McLane
Man Johnson
Minetta Lane & Violet Tendencies
Moorea Malatt, The Naked Folksinger
Randy Andy
Renten w/Gale Force

There were some really cool raffle  prizes and lots of peeps I know came out  to see the show.  Eleanor from PAWS was there to represent and more importantly Ruckus was there with her.    I’ll post what photos I have and add more later.  If you didn’t make last night and still want to see the show, you should head down tonight for the redux!

Re-bar, 1114 Howell Street, Seattle WA

All photos courtesy of Matt The Photographer


Iva Handfull at Prowling For PAWS
Hottie McNaughty at Prowling For PAWS
Lydia McLane at Prowling For PAWS
Serafina at Prowling For PAWS

One of the raffle prizes was a poster by Matt The Photographer

Prowling for PAWS raffle prize.

Then, you can head over to the Pink Door for Burlesque Behind The Pink Door, hosted by Kaleb Hagan-Kerr.    I won’t be performing at Prowling tonight but will be at the Pink Door.  Hope to see you out tonight!

Good Byes And New Beginnings

I really should be cleaning right now but felt a bit of the Little Miss Posty Pants syndrome coming on.

On the good-bye front, Jenna of Stardust Cosmetics has decided not to return to the mineral makeup world for the foreseeable future.  This makes me sad because I loved her makeup and I felt confident that Jenna was looking out for her clients best interests, regarding ingredients and such.   Kristen of Aromaleigh has decided to stop making her foundations and lippies which makes me sad because they are so many people’s holy grail products and it’s daunting to start the task of finding a new one.   Kind of like losing a favorite hair dresser.   It’s scary finding a new one!

I wish both of these women the best life has to offer and I selfishly hope both of them continue to craft cosmetics because they are both extraordinary at it.

On the new beginnings front, I’ve got a new photo to share!    A bit of history first though.    All my wedding photos suck because Mr. McNaughty passed a kidney stone on our wedding day.  That’s right, a freaking kidney stone.    We spent almost six hours at the emergency room and he refused to let me cancel the wedding.  The doctor loaded him up with Dilauded and he toughed it out.  In fact, the very moment he said, “I do”, he passed the stone.  True story.

The reason he wouldn’t let me cancel the ceremony was because the date we picked was very special.    We chose the date because it was his mom’s parents 55th wedding anniversary and they were there to attend the wedding.   Any other day just wouldn’t have been the same and we were so very fortunate to have our family there to celebrate with us.    Looking back, the date was more important than we ever could have known because both Grandma and Grandpa were gone the next year.   We get to celebrate their lives each time we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Anyhoo, needless to say all the wedding photos sucked donkey balls.  Poor Mr.McNaughty was in terrible pain and we had to position his brother, who was his best man behind him so he could catch him in case he fell down.  He made it through the ceremony but the photos are actually really funny to look at now!   One of my bestest friends, Matt The Photographer took a photo of us at his house warming and I love it.  I wish our wedding photos had been this beautiful!