FOTD Using BFTE Fall Collection

Face:  Holika BB cream in Peachy Girl.   Evil Shades matte powder and Brazen Fierce & Flawless to finish. Cheeks:  Meow’s Iced Watermelon Lips:  Make Up Forever red Aqua liner under Geek Chic’s Once Bitten. Eyes:   TFSI under T:T Infinity base in Milky Way.  BFTE colors used:  Sassafras on lid with Silver Maple in outer VContinue reading “FOTD Using BFTE Fall Collection”

BFTE Swatches & FOTD with Isis, Addicted and Tangerine

Aren’t those colors beautiful?  I finally caved and placed an order from BFTE (Beauty From The Earth).  I’m not  surewhy I hadn’t purchased from them before.  I ordered the Rainbow Collection, Mix & Fix, two sets of lashes (one set that I didn’t mean to order!) and the Color Of The Week which was Splash. Continue reading “BFTE Swatches & FOTD with Isis, Addicted and Tangerine”

Meow Carnival FOTD (& day 12!)

Face:  MAC primer, concealer and foundation in NC15.   Brazen’s Fierce & Flawless as finishing powder. Cheeks:  Meow’s Frozen Grapefruit Lips:  Nude liner with Brazen’s Burlesque lip gloss. Eyes:  MAC Untitled with Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way.  Meow’s Carni on lid and inner lower lid with Midnight Madness on outer V.   Brazen’s Immaculate onContinue reading “Meow Carnival FOTD (& day 12!)”

Green Lip Challenge (& day 28!)

We had a challenge in my FB makeup group.  It was an on the spot quick ninja challenge……green lips!  Now, unless it’s for a costume I’m not a huge fan of darker, off color lips.   BUT I also think it’s good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and experiment. ForContinue reading “Green Lip Challenge (& day 28!)”

FOTD Pinch Me and Dance Dance (& day 29!)

Today I used a couple of the Virus Insanity colors.   These shadows wear really well and seem to wear for a long time.    I came home and touched them up and they looked good as new! Face:  MAC concealer and foundation in NC15.   Custom finishing powder. Cheeks:  Meow custom blush blend.  (basically I took aContinue reading “FOTD Pinch Me and Dance Dance (& day 29!)”

FOTD with Thunderpants and High Noon (& day 75!)

Super tired but putting it out there anyhoo! Face:  BB Cream and Face Time powder. Cheeks: Meow Ginger Torch Lips: Rimmel mystery gloss Eyes: MAC paint in Untitled and tester primer from Tick: Tock.   My Pretty Zombie Thunderpants applied all over lid and up into crease.  Tick: Tock High Noon applied above crease and Tick:Continue reading “FOTD with Thunderpants and High Noon (& day 75!)”

Stage FOTD With Darling Girl Ruby Soho

I had a show last night so I decided to do a drag face with a couple of new Darling Girl colors that I hadn’t had a chance to try yet.   Let me just say that the DG Water Color pain pots are amazing as an eye shadow primer.   They wear like iron on meContinue reading “Stage FOTD With Darling Girl Ruby Soho”

Tock: Tock Cosmetics FOTD

I just need a quick and natural FOTD today but I still really like how it came out. Face: Meow foundation in Frisky Angora, MAC concealer in NC15.   Custom finishing powder. Cheeks: Meow  blush in SNarky. Lips:   Brazen Cherry Gummie Glaze over Darling Girl The Pumpkin King. Eyes:  Tick: Tock Infinity in Milky Way primerContinue reading “Tock: Tock Cosmetics FOTD”

Mellow Yellow Makeup Challenge!

So this weeks makeup challenge was titled Mellow Yellow.  Yellow could be used in any way that you wanted it to be.   I chose to do a really simple eye in a super bright yellow and decided to keep the lips simple.  I also did a nebula nail manicure last night and since it includesContinue reading “Mellow Yellow Makeup Challenge!”

FOTD-Blood Orange & Baby Girl

This didn’t quite come out the way I was expecting but I still liked it! Face:  MAC Pro Longwear in NC15, with matching concealer and pressed powder.  I also use a a custom blend glow powder as well. Cheeks:  Fyrinnae’s Intrigue Eyes:  MAC Paint in Untitled, with Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.  Meow’s Blood Orange in outerContinue reading “FOTD-Blood Orange & Baby Girl”

EOTD-Green Eye

I have experimenting with a new shadow technique taught by Blix of Eyes: MAC paint in Untitled on lid with Fyrinnae’s Pixie Eopxy over.   Stardust Goddess Green blended in outer V and up above crease a bit.   Meow’s Four Horsemen in Pestilence on outer lid and blended just a bit into crease and alsoContinue reading “EOTD-Green Eye”

Meow Lost Rainforest and Caribbean Escape Order

Ugh, I was so happy to see these in my mailbox last night!   It was nice out today so I went ahead and swatched everything I got.  I ordered on 6/25/10 and received my order 7/6/10.   I paid a total of $16.   Look at all the pretties: Caribbean Escape Eye Shadows: Atlantis Beach Blood OrangeContinue reading “Meow Lost Rainforest and Caribbean Escape Order”