FOTD With Geek Chic’s Portal Orange and All The Rage

It’s been so long since I’ve done a FOTD, I hope I remember how! Face:  MOI primer under UD NAKED 1.0 and Addiction NV foundation in Michael, set with a custom finishing powder.   MAC concealer in NW15 under eyes. Cheeks:  My Pretty Zombie blush in MDA Lips:  Brazen Lola gloss Eyes: UDPP under Tick:TockContinue reading “FOTD With Geek Chic’s Portal Orange and All The Rage”

Green Lip Challenge (& day 28!)

We had a challenge in my FB makeup group.  It was an on the spot quick ninja challenge……green lips!  Now, unless it’s for a costume I’m not a huge fan of darker, off color lips.   BUT I also think it’s good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and experiment. ForContinue reading “Green Lip Challenge (& day 28!)”

New My Pretty Zombie Swatches (& day 42!)

I placed another order with My Pretty Zombie.   I’ve really been enjoying playing with the pigments and MPZ has some really amazing spring colors.   I purchased full sizes of Thundernuts, Unicorn Pee, Lulu Cupcake, Disquiet and Miasma.   I didn’t swatch Miasma because I’d already included that in a previous post.    No. 996 andContinue reading “New My Pretty Zombie Swatches (& day 42!)”

FOTD With Diesel and Pineapple (& day 50!)

I chose to do yet another version of a smoky eye of sorts with lighter, more neutral colors and today I used two colors from Altered Ego. Face:  Defy Gravity primer with Meow foundation in frisky angora.  Evil Shades matte powder. Cheeks:  Meow’s Ginger Torch Lips:  Nude liner under More Synth by Evil Shades Eyes: Continue reading “FOTD With Diesel and Pineapple (& day 50!)”

FOTD With Deviled Egg and Rabbits Foot (& day 57!)

Because I really enjoy the springy look of these colors I decided to use shadows from My Pretty Zombie.    This was also my third and final look for the complimentary color makeup challenge. Face:  MAC foundie and concealer in NC15.   Evil Shades matte powder. Cheeks:   Meow blush in  Twisted. Lips:   MAC magenta liner withContinue reading “FOTD With Deviled Egg and Rabbits Foot (& day 57!)”

FOTD With Basket Case and The Arena (& day 58!)

Today I wanted to do another version of the complimentary colors challenge but I chose red and green this time.  I also tried a new color application and I’m not sure I love it.  I think this technique would be better suited with softer colors for day time. Face:   Defy Gravity, then BB cream inContinue reading “FOTD With Basket Case and The Arena (& day 58!)”

FOTD with Thunderpants and High Noon (& day 75!)

Super tired but putting it out there anyhoo! Face:  BB Cream and Face Time powder. Cheeks: Meow Ginger Torch Lips: Rimmel mystery gloss Eyes: MAC paint in Untitled and tester primer from Tick: Tock.   My Pretty Zombie Thunderpants applied all over lid and up into crease.  Tick: Tock High Noon applied above crease and Tick:Continue reading “FOTD with Thunderpants and High Noon (& day 75!)”

FOTD with My Pretty Zombie Easter Colors!

I’m just loving all the My Pretty Zombie colors that I’ve tried.   The limited edition Easter set has become a particular favorite of mine.   Normally I have trouble with green colors so I decided to keep the green color concentrated on the lid and used other colors above the lid. Face:  MAC concealer in NW15,Continue reading “FOTD with My Pretty Zombie Easter Colors!”

My Pretty Zombie LE Easter Swatches & WTF

As usual, I got lightning fast shipping from My Pretty Zombie.   I just couldn’t resist the limited edition Easter colors and once I read the story behind the WTF set I had to get those too.  Plus, I think it’s always good to have a set of beautiful neutrals.   I also received three free samplesContinue reading “My Pretty Zombie LE Easter Swatches & WTF”

My Pretty Zombie Swatches

I am super happy to have tried My Pretty Zombie, a new makeup company for me.  I ordered on 2/6/12 and had my package in my greedy little hands on 2/10/12!   I purchased: MDMA Blush 5 Eyeshadow set: Moist, Murder, Thunderpants, Scurvy and Bride I received three free samples in My Pretty Zombie and InfirmityContinue reading “My Pretty Zombie Swatches”