New Nocturne Alchemy Velvet Butters Available!

You guys begged and pleaded so Seth and I delivered.   Nocturne Alchemy Velvet Butters are amazing…..very emollient and now available in a couple of lovely summer scents at The Rhinestone Housewife.  These limited edition scents are only available until they’re gone so pick it up while you can! From the Nocturne Alchemy site:  AncientContinue reading “New Nocturne Alchemy Velvet Butters Available!”

White Star Velvet Butter & Rhinestone Mummy White Star Perfume Oil

Hello hotties! We’ve got two new exclusive product available at The Rhinestone Housewife, White Star Velvet Butter and Rhinestone Mummy White Star perfume oil. White Star Velvet Butter-**EXCLUSIVE**White Star Velvet Body Butter-Empyreal White Chocolate Cocoa with hints of White Raspberry and rich Mallow Root Absolute. Ingredients-Cacao Seed Butter, 2x Shea Butter, Camellia Sinensis (Japanese GreenContinue reading “White Star Velvet Butter & Rhinestone Mummy White Star Perfume Oil”

New Nocturne Alchemy LE’s At The Rhinestone Housewife

It’s me again, hotties!  Now that I’ve quit my day job, you’ll never be able to get rid of me.  lol  Today I had the pleasure of unpacking the new delicious goodies from Nocturne Alchemy.   We’ve got LE Velvet Butters and a new *very* LE perfume oil.   As always these butters and the oil andContinue reading “New Nocturne Alchemy LE’s At The Rhinestone Housewife”

Shop Updates

Hello hotties!  We’ve got some great new stuff available in the shop and I thought I’d let you know about it. Domestic Goddess bath salts have landed! We also have a whole new line of Two Timing Tarts wax tarts based on embarrassing things we do whilst drinking.   Drunk Tweeting, Drunk Texting, Drunk StatusContinue reading “Shop Updates”

Nocturne Alchemy Reviews

Nokturne: Blue Topaz Kobalt:  What is Blue Topaz? It was requested within the Pyramid that a Blue Musk be offered as a Nokturne. We have been searching all over the world for the perfect single note of Blue Topaz and we found a few but none stood up to the Nokturne name until one dayContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy Reviews”

NA New Bastet’s Garden Reviews

I had a chance to review the Bastet’s Garden scents…..Rose Sapphire was the surprise hit for me! Rose Sapphire-Precious Resin of Black and Blood Rose Essential Oil, Nokturne: Sapphire (Amber Musk); an evening perfume blend for an evening out, for another, in gratitude of something we have achieved or simply sharing with yourself and aContinue reading “NA New Bastet’s Garden Reviews”

Nocturne Alchemy Reviews Part 1 (& day 1!)

I ordered an embarrassingly large amount of perfume with this last update as they all sounded so good!   There were some that I just knew I would regret if I passed on them.    I figured I would break the review posts up three to four reviews per post.  Hope this works for you guys.  IContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy Reviews Part 1 (& day 1!)”

Noctune Alchemy Reviews (& day 22!)

Today I received a lovely smelling package in the mail.   It was a veritable treasure trove of perfume oils from Nocturne Alchemy and VApothecary. Serpentine Ankh: Egyptian Musk of the original Nokturne single note, ether of Egyptian Sandalwood and far east wind arising and exhaling from the Nile and slumbering into the subtle spice of Nokturne:CrimsonContinue reading “Noctune Alchemy Reviews (& day 22!)”

Nocturne Alchemy Reviews (& day 45-half way there!)

Whoo-hooo, I hit the half way point for the 90 Days Of Beauty Challenge.    I decided to dedicate this post to the new Nocturne Alchemy reviews!   These are limited editions so get them while you can! Cherry Santalum Special Edition-Rich Egyptian Cherry Essence, creme of Vanilla Bean, Nokturne:Santalum (Sandalwood) and a soft stirring of exoticContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy Reviews (& day 45-half way there!)”

Nocturne Alchemy Reviews (& day 71!)

I received my most recent order and wanted to post up some reviews for those of you who might be on the fence about ordering! BASTET’S GARDEN: Apricot Kobalt Special Edition-African Apricot, Apricot Cream, Vanilla Cream, Nokturne:Kobalt. A delicious way to spend an afternoon. Purrrrrrrrrr. In bottle: Spicy musky fruit. Wet on skin: Spicy apricotContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy Reviews (& day 71!)”

Nocturne Alchemy & FEx Reviews

I was lucky enough to receive my NA/VA package today…yay!   There are a *lot* of really delicious smelling oils in this package and I’m not sure I’ll be able to pick a favorite.  Heck, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to decide which one to wear tomorrow!   What follows is a giant review postContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy & FEx Reviews”

Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary NAalentine Reviews

I received my NA/VA oils from their last update.  Yay!  I had some time to sit down and review most of them so I thought I’d share them with you before they sell out.   I guarantee many of them will!  We’ll start with the NAlentine’s reviews first:   Bastet’s Choco Cherry X:  Black Cherry, CherryContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary NAalentine Reviews”

Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Reveiws

I got my decant package (minus one oil) and went to town reviewing them last night whilst waiting for the update.  They are running pretty low on most of these oils so don’t hesitate if you want any of them! Night Over Cheops Blue Egyptian Lavender, Purple Indian Lavender, Amber Musk Resin, Limestone Amber, WhiteContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Reveiws”

Peek Behind The Curtain With Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary

Recently I have been branching out and trying some new perfume oil companies.  I had heard a ton of good things about Nocturne Alchemy and decided to finally give them a try.   The first couple of samples I tried had me hooked and I’ve been knee deep in luscious smells ever since!    One thing ledContinue reading “Peek Behind The Curtain With Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary”