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Magnetic Nail Polish (& day 72!)

I had my first foray into magnetic nail polish with mixed success! Four of my nails look amazing and the other six are varying degrees of fail.    It takes a little bit to get the hang of the magnetic but once you’ve practiced a bit I think anyone could do it.  I purchased a magnetic that can do three different patterns.  I used two coats of China Glaze Magnetix in You Move Me with Seche Vite base and top coat.

Wonder Beauty Products Review (& Day 82!)

Last week I bought a couple of jars of nail polish from Etsy.  The colors looked super amazingly glittery and pretty and very lush.    I bought two polishes from Wonder Beauty Products, Liam’s Galaxy and Cherries Jubilee.   The shipping was very fast as I ordered on 3/28/12 and received my order on 4/3/12.   Everything was packaged nicely with no spills or messes.   Along with the jar of polish I also received a stirring stick, and a top coat of sorts which were all wrapped up in an organza bag.


Immediately that night I whipped out Cherries Jubilee and got ready to do some nails.  The first thing I did was watch the YouTube tutorial.   The tutorial didn’t actually show you how to use the product, it basically just talked about how wonderful the products were and explained the components of the kit that you’d receive.   Hmmmm.  I decided to give it a whirl and messy madness ensued!

In order to use these polishes you have to stir the jar with the little stick provided, then quickly dip the brush from the clear coat into the colored glitter polish and apply.   I found you had to do this with each nail you polished and it was messy and time consuming for sure.  I hadn’t applied a base coat and only did two coats of the Cherries Jubilee.   Because it was so lumpy I applied two coats of the clear polish provided and found it not to be very shiny at all.


After my less than stellar experience using the product I went and checked the etsy feedback for Wonder Beauty Products and found a few neutral reviews that were similar to mine.   Basically the same issues, colors not the same, hard to use, difficulty getting opaque color etc.   The reviews were fair and I was vindicated in my difficulty in using the products…..I wasn’t totally inept!  Ha!

Yesterday I decided to try the next color, Liam’s Galaxy.   I went back to Etsy to check the feedback I’d seen about this polish and I couldn’t find it.   WTF?  I know I’d read a neutral feedback about how it wasn’t the same color at all and didn’t look like the photos and was difficult to use but now I couldn’t find that feedback.   Hmmmmmm.


I got to work on my nails but this time I used Seche Vite base coat, three coats of the actual color and Seche Vite top coat.   The results were marginally better but still nothing like the photos.  The blue color is completely different than the photos and much darker in person.

I’m pretty sure that I’d never purchase any more of these polishes but I’m willing to give them a couple more shots and see if I can get the application down.    The part that really bothers me is the disappearing feedback.   Where did it go?  I KNOW I read it as I remember specifically some of the issues the buyer had.   I chose not to leave negative feedback as I hadn’t contacted the seller at all about the issues I’d had.  I guess I could have gotten my money back but in light of the disappearing feedback I decided to leave neutral but honest feedback.   Apparently the seller was not happy and in turn left me slightly snarky feedback.    I thought it would be more useful for people to be able to read the feedback.   My experience wasn’t negative per se, the customer service and shipping were great.    I just felt the product didn’t meet expectations.

4/9/12 6:54pm Edited to add that the seller has offered me a full refund in which both of our neutral feedback will be removed and I have accepted.